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FBI’s New Facial Recognition System: Breach Of Rights Or National Security?


The FBI has launched a fully operational biometric identification system that includes facial recognition technology in over 18,000 bureaus across the country. The new facial recognition database was announced yesterday, and will use the Next Generation Identification system (NGI) by compiling more than 8 million mug shots from across the country. The facial recognition system… Read more »

Michael Brown Shooting Investigation Taken Over By FBI

ferguson riots

The Michael Brown shooting which prompted the Ferguson riots in Missouri are being taken over for investigation by the FBI. The shooting death of the unarmed black man sparked the destruction of private property and nationwide headlines over the weekend. Why the rioters and looters chose to attack parked cars and stores without any ties… Read more »

Murrieta Protesters Deemed Terrorists By Amnesty Group Calling On DOJ To Prosecute

somos independents

The Department of Justice and the FBI have been asked to investigate and prosecute the Murrieta residents protesting illegal immigrants, as terrorists. The Tequila Party, a pro-amnesty group, reportedly formed in opposition to the Tea Party. The group is reportedly leading the effort against residents of the California town that blocked busloads of illegal immigrants… Read more »

Prepper Manhunt In Florida: FBI Says Suspect Making Homemade Bombs

prepper manhunt

A Florida prepper is the subject of a manhunt after the FBI received a tip that he could be crafting homemade bombs on his property. Valrico prepper Martin Winters is a member of the River Otter Preppers group. The federal gun investigation turned into a statewide manhunt on Monday when FBI agents attempted to arrest… Read more »

Are Cliven Bundy’s Racist Remarks Just More Media Glitter?

Cliven Bundy Racist

Cliven Bundy has had quite a romp in the media lately, first in his fight against the FBI who claimed his cattle were feasting on land they shouldn’t be, and then by waxing gleefully about the days of slavery. Bundy came out to say his words had been taken out of context, but then shoved… Read more »

FBI Accused Of Visiting Gun Stores To Investigate Customers Talking About ‘Big Government’

fbi agent gun stores

FBI counterterrorism agents are touring gun stores in search of customers talking about “big government,” according to a report published after a weapons customer’s alleged encounter. FBI agents at South Carolina gun shops are reportedly investigating individuals uttering such a phrase and making “suspicious purchases.” Report author Brandon Turbeville said an individual from Columbia, South… Read more »

John Doe 28 Photo: FBI Asks For Help Identifying Child Predator

Child Predator John Doe 28

‘John Doe 28′ appears in an online video engaging a minor in sexually explicit activity. Now the FBI is asking for your help identifying the unknown child predator, known only as John Doe 28. Pictured here is a shot of the man’s face and the logo on the shirt he was wearing. Officials hope these… Read more »

Islamic Village In Texas Has Supposed Ties To Terrorist Group In Pakistan

texas islamic village

An Islamic village in Texas is reportedly a “jihadist enclave” and was investigated for possible links to terrorism by the FBI. Ryan Mauro, the journalist who broke the national security story, discussed the information released in FBI declassified during a Fox News interview this morning. According to Mauro’s research, the Texas Islamic village is operated… Read more »

California Power Station Attack: Snipers Take Out 17 Transformers

power grid

The California power station attack was not a drunken act by a few locals out for an evening of destructive behavior as first thought. A new report on the incident in the Wall Street Journal now indicates that snipers took down 17 transformers in about 52 minutes. The revealing report has prompted increased concerns about… Read more »

The FBI Might Consider You A Terrorist If …

how to spot a terrorist

Terrorism remains a major threat to national security in the United States. While citizens may appreciate the diligent efforts of the FBI to thwart more terrorism on American soil, many citizens might be astounded by the list of common activities the federal agency considers possible terrorism indicators. Many of the items on the FBI’s “What… Read more »

FBI Terrorism Screening Center On Hiring Spree

Terrorism Screening Center

The FBI is hiring nearly 120 new staffers at the Terrorism Screening Center (TSC) in order to enhance scrutiny, and perhaps data mining.The individuals identified by President Barack Obama’s administration as possible terrorists has reportedly surged over the past two years. The federal agency hiring spree involves employing full-time private contractors to “amass and screen… Read more »

FBI Malware Can Secretly Turn On Webcams, Track Web Use

FBI Malware Turns On User's PC Webcam Secretly

FBI malware can be used in criminal investigations to track potentially dangerous suspects. However, such software toes the line of Constitutionality — the malware can follow your web use, track the physical location of your PC, and, perhaps creepiest of all, it can turn on your PC’s webcam without you knowing. That’s right: FBI malware… Read more »

DHS And FBI Memo Claims Stockpiling Ammo Might Indicate Terrorist Activity

FBi terrorism memo

A Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and FBI memo sent to state and local law enforcement agencies that included a warning about individuals who possess “large amounts” of ammo. According to joint Roll Call notice, citizens who buy or own significant amounts of bullets and guns could be potential terrorists. The joint agency bulletin urged… Read more »