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Suspected Serial Killer Slain By Potential Victim


In a surprising turn of events, police now believe that a man killed by a West Virginia woman last week may have been a serial killer. The woman, an admitted sex worker, wished to only be identified as Heather and told the police that she had been expecting the man as they made an arrangement… Read more »

Medicare Fraud: 243 People Charged With $712 Million In False Billings

Medicare Fraud

After a nationwide sweep, the government has charged 243 people for Medicare fraud, which involved $712 million in false billings. At a press conference on Thursday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell made the announcement. Lynch described the arrests as the largest criminal health care fraud… Read more »

DNA Data Errors Detected In The FBI National Database

DNA Data Errors

DNA data errors have been recently detected in the FBI national database. Crime labs using the bureau’s DNA software known as “Pop stats” are warned some of the data contains flaws. According to a report by the Washington Post, the FBI said they found the errors after they commissioned a study to retest DNA samples… Read more »

Cyber-Attack Attempted By Former Nuclear Regulatory Commission Employee

FBI Stops A Cyber-Attack By Charles Harvey Eccleston

A cyber attack was launched to steal files from the Department of Energy. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) conducted an undercover investigation on a former U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NEC) and U.S. Department of Energy employee, Charles Harvey Eccleston. On May 8, the FBI submitted a press release claiming they performed an official investigation… Read more »

FBI Begins Investigation Of Congressman Aaron Schock Over Corruption Allegations

Congressman Aaron Schock

Embattled and soon-to-be-former congressman Aaron Schock is now the subject of a probe from the Federal Bureau of Invesigation. Schock has come under heavy criticism for his spending habits, and faces allegations of corruption and misuse of taxpayer funds. Schock has been accused of misusing campaign resources, accepting improper gifts from donors, and using taxpayer… Read more »

Anthem Faces Class-Action Lawsuit After Security Breach

Anthem Class action

Anthem faces a class-action lawsuit after its security breach. The Inquisitr reported on the massive cyber attack that took place on Wednesday, affecting over 80 million of Anthem’s personal records. While the FBI continues to investigate the security breach of the nation’s second largest insurance company, the Indianapolis law firm. Cohen and Malad are already… Read more »

Anthem Cyber Attack: 80 Million Personal Records Burglarized

Anthem Cyber Attack Affects 80 Million Members

Anthem, Inc., customers and employees became victim of a massive cyber attack this Wednesday. Close to 80 million clients and workers of the second largest U.S. insurance company are at risk of their personal information being exploited and compromised. Federal official told NBC News the FBI is investigating this enormous cyber attack. Kristin Binns, a… Read more »

Terrorist Attacks Prompt The U.S. To Issue Worldwide Travel Alert


The recent terrorist attacks in France, Australia, and Canada have prompted the United States to issue a worldwide travel alert, as of Friday night. The travel alert came on the heels of French police killing three hostage-takers. In one of these instances, police were reported to have killed two of the men responsible for the… Read more »

Hundreds Of Police Killings Go Unaccounted For According To FBI Data

Ferguson police

Last year, the United States was rocked by the incident in Ferguson, Missouri between Darren Wilson and Michael Brown. The situation picked up more steam thanks to figureheads such as Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan utilizing the race card. Eventually, the situation became the linchpin for most people to see all police conflicts as a… Read more »

North Korea Culpability In Sony Attack Supported By Classified Intelligence

North Korea-Troops March In Parade

North Korea is responsible for the cyber attack on Sony, and the American government has classified intelligence to support this assessment, according to media reports based on official and unofficial government statements. The Daily Beast reported, “The FBI and U.S. intelligence agencies for years have been tracking the hackers who they believe to be behind… Read more »

New ‘Criminal Minds’ Spinoff Pilot In The Works

CBS will be attempting another Criminal Minds spinoff.

CBS is planning to attempt another Criminal Minds spinoff. The first attempt did not go as well as planned. Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior had a decent cast but couldn’t last beyond 13 episodes. Among the cast members were Forest Whitaker (Platoon, Phone Booth), Janeane Garofalo (Dogma, Mystery Men), Michael Kelly (Now You See Me, Changeling),… Read more »

Sony Pictures Hack: FBI Investigating Threatening Emails Sent To Employees

Graphics of GOP, the group claiming responsibility of the Sony Pictures hack

The Sony Pictures hackers are now threatening the safety of employees and their families. The “Guardians of Peace,” or GOP, began the massive cyberattack against Sony on November 24, releasing confidential company data and saying they plan to eradicate all of Sony Pictures Entertainment. According to Today, employees discovered the hack after logging on to… Read more »