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‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Season 2 Cancelled? ‘Captain America 2’ Ending May Affect Agent Coulson

'Agents Of SHIELD' Season 2 Cancelled? 'Captain America 2' Ending May Affect Agent Coulson

Could we see Agents Of SHIELD cancelled? Agents Of SHIELD Season 2 has not yet been given the go-ahead but Joss Whedon has already hinted that episode 22, airing on May 13, will not wrap everything “up in a little bow.” Whedon also says that if ABC cancels the show they’ll try and get a Kickstarter going for a special movie to wrap things up. But anyone who has seen the Captain America 2 ending knows that the continuing adventures of Agent Coulson may have a little problem now that a major titular plot element is out of the picture.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the Captain America 2 secret ending gave us hints about the Avengers 2 characters and how the Winter Soldier may end up replacing Steve Rogers.

At this point you should know there will be spoilers since I have to reference some of the events of the movie in order to continue. So with that warning out of the way…

In the past it’s been made obvious that the Agents of SHIELD plot will mirror the movies. When Thor 2 came out an episode showed the aftermath of the climatic ending and how the agents were cleaning up after the super heroes. In this case, the events of Agents Of SHIELD directly gave us hints about what was to come in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Agent Sitwell, played by Maximiliano Hernandez, was in both the movie and the TV series and gave us hints that something not quite right lurked within the halls of the Hub. Sitwell was also apparently killed in the movie, but you know how comic book characters always manage to survive horrible deaths. While TV watchers were lead to believe it was just the Clairvoyant at work, as it turns out many agents and much of the leadership had been taken over by Hydra. It’s even possible that Agent Melinda May be part of Hydra, although personally I’d hope she was a mere dupe acting under the direction of Agent Hand.

Still, the one thing made plain by the Captain America 2 ending is that SHIELD as an organization may be finished. Nick Fury has hung up his eye patch as the director of SHIELD and he’s letting most everyone think he’s dead while going rogue as a spy. The Black Widow also purposefully dumped all the secrets of the organization onto the internet, and many of the characters were behaving as if SHIELD should be dissolved.

So where does that leave the Agents of SHIELD TV show? Since Fury will not be around to pick up the gauntlet it seems likely that Agent Coulson may resurrect the organization. Otherwise, the TV show may as well be renamed The Agents Formerly Known As SHIELD for Season 2. But actor Clark Gregg, who plays as Coulson, has teased he “might not be the only one” that wants to bring Coulson back into the limelight within the movies:

“My personal door is much more open now that I’m no longer dead. It’s much more open than it was. I think that so far our show keeps us all very busy, but I think in the right time and place, it’s the logical progression to see some crossover back in that direction. As of now, what’s exciting is there’s a great deal of crossover between the films and the show. Maybe not as much the superheroes that people are after, but I wouldn’t rule that out either.”

If SHIELD were to be reconstructed from the ground up, Elizabeth Henstridge, who plays Agent Simmons, says he’s the man for the job:

“I think it’s definitely a conversation about the people that protect you — we give them a lot of power, and is that the right thing to do and what the dangers of that is a really interesting social question to pose. Coulson’s been through a lot, and he’s starting to question it, which I feel like is natural for the type of position he’s in right now. I think he’s questioning it because he cares so much about us, his team. He wants to protect us, whereas when it was just himself as a solo agent, you sacrifice yourself more than you would your team. We’re his children now, so he’s questioning whether or not we’re safe.”

The movie also revealed that Emily VanCamp is Sharon Carter aka Agent 13, who is a niece of Peggy Carter, the 1940’s girlfriend of Captain America. In the comic books we know that this character and Steve Rogers fall in love, so it’s possible the movies and TV show may carry on this theme. So could Agent 13 somehow find her way into the Agents of SHIELD TV show?

There’s also been rumors about an Agent Carter TV show debuting in 2015. Hayley Atwell, who plays as Peggy Carter, has hinted another TV spinoff may be in the works:

“I might be. I would [do it] if I was asked. That’s all I can say, really.”

Regardless of future plans, Agents Of SHIELD Season 1 is only up to episode 16, so it’s highly likely that the remaining six episodes will tell us what happens in the aftermath of the Captain America 2 ending. Would you be upset if ABC had Agents Of SHIELD cancelled because of the recent movie-based plot twist?

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26 Responses to “‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Season 2 Cancelled? ‘Captain America 2’ Ending May Affect Agent Coulson”

  1. Magdalena OrCj Good

    They also did the true reveal of the clairvoyant. The computer who was talking was the clairvoyant who through algorythims can predict the future. Very interesting for the show as well, since Hydra can still live through that.
    I think ABC brings it back next season how Fox did 24, after the new year starts and run new episodes weekly. Allowing it to set up the Avengers before and after, plus kick off phase three for new titles like Dr. Strange and Ant man

  2. Shamikul Amin

    Killing of the clairvoyant in the movie makes no sense at all since there was no mention of a clairvoyant. The talking "computer" was Dr. Zola from Cap America 1, and he wasn't predicting the future he was just more discrete about running Hydra within Shield. And the algorithm they were talking about was just to track potential threats to Shield (Hydra) and eliminate them. Like Sitwell was saying it was originally created to track abnormal threats to Hydra from people like Stephen Strange (Dr. Strange) and it expanded to regular people that could possibly create a resistance (which was the initial problem with Hydra that Schmidt – Red Skull) and foil Hydra's plan, which is why they wanted to capture/kill the Cap since it was him who took down the original Hydra.

  3. Mark Rock

    It made sense to me. That's why everybody was turning on Coulson and the gang. SHIELD was compromised. Everything will be explained this Tuesday.

  4. DeSean Blackwell

    In the comics the WInter Soldier replaces Captain America after Cap dies in the events of the "Civil War" Bucky becomes a member of the Avengers as Captain America. But that's the comic and Marvel has no qualms slightly changing storylines from the comics. Agent Sitwell was never a villain in the comics and neither was Pierce ever in HYDRA.

  5. Holla Atchaboiy

    DeSean Blackwell I'm familiar with the comics but the author states that the film itself hinted at Bucky replacing Cap…I don't recall any type of "hints" toward that in the film… In fact, [SPOILERS] Bucky is still a "bad guy" at the end and is only slightly aware of his past…

  6. Brendan Gallagher

    He's referencing the scene at the museum after the credits and the fact that Sebastian Stan signed a NINE movie deal.

  7. Damien Gorski

    The post credits scene is exclusively bucky starting to look at his past and possible redemption. Evans is on the way out of acting, bucky becomes cap in the comics so it adds up

  8. Holla Atchaboiy

    Brendan Gallagher The scene at the end is about Bucky discovering himself and his contract is so that he can't re-negotiate if Marvel asks him back… none of that hints at him putting on the stars and stripes..

  9. Brendan Gallagher

    I don't disagree. I am very aware of what's happening in that scene. Obviously the author is inferring from the WS and Dark avengers story lines mixed with the redemptive nature of Captain America that this is where it's headed. I agree with him on that. My prediction is cap dies in Avengers 3 and Bucky takes the mantle.

  10. Lisa Evans

    Brendan Gallagher – so? Originally ALL the actors were asked to sign a nine movie contract. Some did, some didn't. Downey was supposed to be in four but signed an extension, while Evans (who was originally asked to do nine but bargained them down to six) has said that he'd be happy to extend his contract.. I don't see any hint at all beyond the length of Stan's contract to indicate that he'll be replacing Evans – and sorry, but when was a CONTRACT that isn't mentioned during the actual film hint at anything?

  11. Ella Charisse Worley

    I thought the foreshadowing was when the Winter Soldier was holding Captain America's shield for a brief minute.

  12. Anonymous

    It's interesting that Skye was part of the solution before Coulson knew SHIELD was the problem. Skye's probably the ONLY agent Coulson can trust right now – she has no other connection to SHIELD other than Phil and, like him, she has every reason to doubt everything Fury SHIELD ever said.

  13. Anonymous

    Will Skye find out she's alien after browsing the SHIELD data webdump?

  14. Anonymous

    Although I like the show, I have to admit it's as much an ad for the Marvel movieverse as it is a TV show. It probably won't be cancelled if a case can be made that it's helping sell the movies without hurting the brand. But "not hurting the brand" means taking very few chances and I think that's AOS's biggest limitation. Hopefully TWS has changed that and we will have a Red Wedding this week in AOS.

  15. Chris Blanchard

    Why lie like there isn't going to be a second season. It got the green light after the first couple of episodes. Sad we all played into your sad little attempt to get views

  16. Tannen Tannen Tannen

    Id love to see American Government terminating agents of shield for knowing too many secrets and because of the confusion who's loyal and who's hydra. And Colsun and his team on the run. Rebooting a New SHEILD at maybe an old shield location that time had forgotten. Under director Colsun's supervision the building of the new shield has to recruit some actual superheroes to keep up with new threats. The story writes it self. There is no reason to get rid of shield. But instead of an intelligence let it become a protection agency. Protecting the innocent against all odds. B4 it was secret this and secret that… how about something is happening town town send shield out to protect.
    Some times twist and turns get you dizzy.

  17. Ryan Parker

    shield isn't an American organization. it's international that's why in the movies director fury meets with the "WORLD defense council", there fore if shield were to dissipate it would be due to a lack of someone to take up the torch of leadership, which also seems unlikely due to the amount of "good" agents that are still around

  18. Louie Ramos

    Does the writer understand that these projects are planned years in advance? This article has been written as if the show staff didn't know what was going to happen. How could they have shot the last few episodes months ago if they didn't?

  19. Carmela Rheea G Turo

    It was H.A.M.M.E.R that tore S.H.I.E.L.D apart in the Dark Avenger comics, and apparently it's HYDRA that does so in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tonight's episode 17 just blew everything away. If you expect 'Turn, Turn, Turn' to end in five episodes, I think you might need a new job. Marvel is better than that…

  20. Daniel Daemon

    Skye is actually a product of the Tesseract and the adoptive daughter of the Red Skull. MWAHAHAHAHHAA>.. I'm lieing… i hope. here's to Sky not being Sin.

  21. Renata Azevedo

    Holla Atchaboiy it has been rumors that Evans dont want to keep playn Cap. so thats why people are assuming that Bucky will be the new Cap.

  22. Holla Atchaboiy

    People "assuming" pretty much makes it "fan fiction".. There is absolutely nothing in the film (as the article states) to hint at Bucky taking over. Also, Evans has more recently stated that he would re-sign but it doesn't really matter what he wants to do as he's not the one writing the stories..

  23. Jon Allen

    Lisa Evans Chris Evans doesn't want to extend his contract, he wants to retire from acting completely. He has a couple other movies (non Captain America related) coming out this year, but after that he is only going to do the Marvel movies left on his contract and then he is retiring (whether that will actually be permanent is a whole different story).

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