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‘God’s Not Dead’ Star Kevin Sorbo Slams Hollywood Blacklist

Kevin Sorbo slams Hollywood blacklist

Kevin Sorbo, the star of the Christian-oriented film God’s Not Dead, is pushing back against employment retaliation for those who don’t automatically toe the politically liberal line in Hollywood.

God’s Not Dead surprisingly broke into the top ten of the North American box office this weekend, earning in the range of $8.6 to 8.9 million, which was good enough for either fourth or fifth place, depending on which sources you consult.

Much has already been written about the reverse McCarthyism or a reverse blacklist in show business, i.e., how publicly differing even slightly with the Democrat Party agenda in overwhelmingly liberal Hollywood and elsewhere is a career-killer for those who lean conservative or libertarian in the entertainment industry — both in front and behind the camera/stage.

Perhaps best known as TV’s Hercules, Sorbo portrays an atheist professor in the new film, which is the opposite of his belief system in real life. In an interview, Sorbo acknowledged that some of his views boomeranged against him in the entertainment community in terms of getting gigs.

Said Sorbo:

Oh, sure. I mean I’m an independent in Hollywood. I’ve voted Democratic in my live, I’ve voted Republican in my life. I’m one of the few people I think in Hollywood who actually comes out and says ‘Hey, you know what, I vote for who I think is the best person, period.’ I’m not a party guy. There are people on both sides of the political fence that I don’t agree with. To me, I look to see who I honestly think is going to be the best person. So, that, in itself, is enough to get me blacklisted in Hollywood …They scream for tolerance, They scream for freedom of speech but it you disagree at all with what they’re saying then they can blacklist you. They have the power to do that.”

Continued Sorbo about Hollywood hypocrisy and political correctness when it comes to the industry’s lack of tolerance for different views:

I mean Hollywood doesn’t owe me anything. I get it. I understand that but, on the same side, it’s like ‘Okay, why can’t I have an opinion? Why does that cost me jobs?’ I mean there’s so much anger…in Hollywood. It’s weird. Their arguments aren’t logical. They aren’t based on fact. If you hit people up with facts, they just say you’re wrong and they don’t give reasons why you’re wrong. Their whole idea is that they say they care so much more. What do you mean you care so much more? Here’s the reality. Here are the statistics that will back me up with the things I’m saying. They don’t want to hear that. They don’t want to see it. They don’t care. They just have an anger.”

As The Inquisitr has previously reported, actress Maria Conchita Alonso lost a part in The Vagina Monologues merely for cutting a (quirky) commercial for Tea Party candidate for California governor Tim Donnelly.

Do you think it’s time for Hollywood to start celebrating diversity and therefore stop denying jobs based on a person’s faith-based views or political leanings, if any?

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27 Responses to “‘God’s Not Dead’ Star Kevin Sorbo Slams Hollywood Blacklist”

  1. Billy DaMota

    You say:

    "Kevin Sorbo, the star of the Christian-oriented film God’s Not Dead, is pushing back against employment retaliation for those who don’t automatically tow the politically liberal line in Hollywood."

    You probably mean "toe".

    And Maria Conchita doesn't NOT get hired because she's a wingnut. It's because she's a bad actress and a wingnut.

  2. Jerry Newman

    When leftists don't have an argument, they just become grammar nazis and correct grammar. Then you call her wingnut anyways showing you're a Christian bigot.

  3. Billy DaMota

    Jerry Newman – Please. I agree with Kevin, I wasn't making an "argument". I was making a joke about a word. I just think that a journalist should embrace spellcheck before he writes an article.

    As a matter of fact, I like Kevin a lot. I was the guy who cast him in the movie GOD'S NOT DEAD.

    And I don't know how calling Maria a wingnut is derogatory when it's true. I am not a Christian bigot. I believe in the message and mission of Christ. And I'm not a "leftist". But I'm also not a Newsmax bonehead. I deal in facts, not in Tea Party fantasies and conspiracy theories.

    And sorry, she's a bad actress. I know, I tried twice when I cast her in The Running Man and in Colors. This has nothing to do with her faith or her politics.

  4. Anonymous

    I'm sure he'd like to believe it's his religion that's caused the offers to slow, but really it's his lack of talent, not his religion. Honestly nobody in Hollywood cares.

  5. Victor Steele

    Dude, look we know Zeus was your father but nobody is holding that against you.

  6. Johnny Trujillo

    This movie is nothing more than Christian Propaganda. No philosophy professor from any major university would act like the guy from the movie.This movie just feeds Christians negative stereotypes that they hold towards secularist professors. This will just cause more Christians to home school their children.

  7. Lonny MacDougall

    Hollywood (sigh)…Sorbo tells the truth and the propaganda machine starts. Personal attacks, insults to talent etc. Here it comes. I worked grip/electric in films for years. Jewish, gay, and liberal is at the head of the hierarchy in tinsel town. Everyone knows it. Few talk about it. It shows up in Hollywood productions as an inordinate amount of stories that deal with Jewish issues especially Anti Semitic, hatred, violence based fare. Showcasing the gay lifestyle in an over the top celebration of the eccentricities associated with Hollywood's notion of behaviors associated with being gay. What few people in the film capitol of the world realize is that the majority of gay people are pretty normal and do not subscribe to the idea that they must exhibit the costume personality that TV and film often project. They mostly just do their jobs, get their kids to school and so forth.

    In the beginning as Hollywood was getting used to the power she possessed, it was their secret. Gay actors played straight leading men or Greek and Roman heroes but met the producers at their private mansions after the wrap. It gave them an excuse to ostracize people with the idea that the average public wouldn't understand if they knew of their lifestyle. Then they started to twinkle little clues into their offerings just as some of them were becoming exposed. A few politicians, religious leaders and important citizens (a$$#0le$) showed their bigotry and ignited martyrdom. Someone was smart enough to get film, pics and tape and new battle-lines are drawn.

    Hollywood begins using anger at perceived slights and begins making accusations against people that disagree with them. Hollywood leads with charges of their detractors being Anti-Semitic, homophobic and/or conservative and format their message that if you are one, then you are all three. To be sure, A few of the detractors they target are one or all of these things but that was mostly years ago and a minority of the people as well. Small groups remain today but most people of this country believe in "you do you and I'll do me". That does not help them sell you their liberal agenda so they aim a camera at a person or a group protesting and tells you a story of their oppression. On camera with the right narration, lighting and editing it seems like a huge issue but remember that the USA is 330 million citizens. 329,990,000 don't care enough to get involved.

    Today, when Hollywood finds an actual case, or sets someone up to be the villain, they rail against them full boar (look at the attempted ruination of Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise etc). In truth, most people don't give a damn who you pray to, who you sleep with and which lever you pull in the booth. And now with few people left to blame for discriminating against them, Hollywood has gone on the attack. Too bad that there are so many weak minded people in our country that look to people we pay to bring us fantasy and sing catchy tunes to get their viewpoints of the world from. Being famous for having the top grossing picture in the world does not make you an expert on world politics.

    Hollywood's ability to promote their self-interest is loathsome. And as it happens, their First Amendment right.

  8. Sandy Ahern

    Not so, my husband, with a masters degree, came across MANY just like him. That was in the 70's, I can only imagine how bad it's gotten since then. I've experienced it my whole life – if you are religious/goody-goody you are ridiculed and/or made fun of for it. (I call it being bullied)

  9. Rachel Shallenberger

    It definitely still happens. If you watch the movie to the end, the credits show a list of court cases involving just that. And as a current college student, I can tell you that although there are some student protections to report professors, professors are largely in control of their classroom and can do what they want, and many have anti-Christian beliefs. I took an ARCHITECTURE course, for Pete's sake, and my professor managed to throw in some anti-Christian remarks, which came out of nowhere and had absolutely nothing to do with the subject matter! I can't imagine taking a philosophy course from an atheist.

  10. Rachel Shallenberger

    Did you SEE the movie?? He did a fantastic acting job! And look what happened to Phil Robertson. He made one anti-gay remark (an opinion he's entitled to have under the Constitution) and A&E tried to get rid of him! The ONLY reason he came back is because of all the people telling A&E that they were going to lose viewers because of it and that what they did was anti-American (by being anti-freedom of speech).

  11. Sandy Ahern

    Rachel Shallenberger Yes, he did a fantastic acting job in the movie! I met him a few years ago and not only is he a great actor but a very humble and kind person too.

  12. Sandy Ahern

    Rachel Shallenberger Yes, my son took a computer class last semester and came across the same thing. These "professionals" are purposely intimidating and extremely arrogant. They are nothing more than (academic) bullies. And Yes! Thanks for bringing up the list of court cases at the end of the movie.

  13. Gregory MJ

    You are sadly mistaken and living in your own made up world if you believe that doesn't happen. I know for a fact it does

  14. Louie Kiskowski

    Hercules and Kull, plus a guest spot on the OC… what role did he get shafted on based on anything but his silly resume? I like him, but meh.

  15. Louie Kiskowski

    Yes, sorry when I explain that plate tectonics took hundreds of millions of years to form the current state of the continents.. occasionally I am interrupted by a student who would like to argue the age of the earth. I do not try to say there is a supreme being or not, just that it took that long for this process to happen, this is not a philosophy or religion class.. I should be accused of being a bully?

  16. Siena Jackson

    Yes I think Hollywood needs to practice what they preach not the opposite & put Kevin Sorbo back in the limelight where he deserves to be!!!

  17. Siena Jackson

    I love Hercules, he stands FOR Justice, equality & Truth, so does Kevin Sorbo & they both rock the film/TV Industry. I think they both need to make a movie together somehow conveying that message, to stand for one's own beliefs & that opinions ARE allowed, just like noses, we all have one. We should protest the blacklist along with Kevin!! Pester them to put him back up there. He got shafted out of both the new Hercules movies. :'(

  18. Siena Jackson

    Oh My Josh I want to clarify my last comment…I meant stand WITH Kevin Sorbo & JOIN HIM to make them change their views. When I read it I realizes it sounded like I meant the opposite, NO! I mean give Kevin & others the right to work in the film world AND be free-thinkers!!!!! I mean no offense but I thought it might be misunderstood my words.

  19. John Rhoades

    Looks up number of Christian Gospel movies in recent times.
    Looks up number of Jewish Gospel movies in recent times.

    … Oh yeah, I totally see what you're saying.

  20. John Rhoades

    Oh… I thought you meant "religiously Jewish". I see now you meant "has Jewish ancestors" or "ethnically Jewish". Yes. Likewise education is dominated by the Protestants, and the tech industry is dominated by the Shintos and Buddhists.

    Now, I'll admit that it's super hard for someone in my position to separate what the media tells me about a celebrity and what is really true. I mean… they only make media, right? That's their job. So when I see Tom Cruise being a crazy person, and Mel Gibson being a total bigot, each while using their own mouths to do so, I have to assume it's an accurate representation. Also, in my own field, we tend to "blacklist" the insane and assholes as best we can. That's not really a Hollywood thing.

    I mean… substantially you're probably right. Jews (for some definition) run Hollywood and they've tried to use their influence to promote what matters to them and stifle crazy people and assholes… which is what I'd do too. I just don't see how their agendas at all seem particularly religious based… or like… anything other than "don't be a crazy, asshole bigot" based. It's not like you've presented a sinister portrait. Maybe you didn't mean to. I'm starting to suspect your were actually being rather fair in your assessment and I overreacted. I'll shut up now.

  21. John Rhoades

    The capacity for the religious to take information presented from the default rational state of atheism, and presume upon it an anti-religious agenda is enormous in some cases. The neutral "religion free" stance is almost required, since not everyone has the same religion. What you take as insensitive or offensive towards your faith is just your faith rubbing up against a reality that's not padding itself for your exclusive benefit anymore. Or it's a real hard ass asshole atheist. We do have those. BOOGA BOOGA.

  22. Sandy Ahern

    Of course there's nothing wrong with thoughtful debate/discussion in a classroom as long as the dialog remains considerate & respectful of both teacher and student(s). It's the teachers responsibility to keep it professional and respectful. As long as they are trying to do that there should be no reason to accuse them of being a bully.

  23. Louie Kiskowski

    Sandy Ahern debate/discussion? I just spoke about plate tectonics.. there is not really a debate. It would be like a biology student asking if blood were really made out of cow's milk. Is there room to discuss the merits of that within an academic course? What if the moon were made of cheese? I try to stay on topic and be respectful, but my class is not a place to make a point of challenging the scientific method. If a student tried to insist on such a debate, I would probably be dismissive and in your expert opinion a "bully." If a student asked me an off-topic question about TV shows, I would offer the same "moving right along.." attitude.

  24. Sandy Ahern

    Louie Kiskowski You make very good points and I agree with you. I never meant to say all professors are bullies or anything like that. My comments here on this page were directed to the topic of some using the classroom to manipulate or intimidate and how wrong that is. I also recognize that some students can be just as guilty of purposely stirring up drama in class. I was talking in general regarding debate/discussion, my main concern being that the atmosphere in the classroom should always be respectful of all and that the teacher should lead the way in setting a good example of that. It sounds like you handle the situation very well in your own classroom. I apologize for any offense taken because of my comments.

  25. Mike Riley

    Kevin Sorbo, Stop making YOUR religion everyone else's business and you won't get any pushback. Our advancements as a society are base on proven sciences not dogma. Please feel free to practice your religion in church or in your home. If you use it as an obstacle to block progress or deny other human beings their basic rights then be prepared to be ostracized by the majority. It's really that simple. It is NOT acceptable to use your religion as a tool to control the lives of others… get it?

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