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Facebook Tops List As The Best Dating Site On The Web

In what may come as not-so-shocking news, Facebook has topped the list as the best dating website in a recent international study. Most do not think of the popular social network as a dating site, especially the best. Hilariously though, several countries treat it as such a tool, including Americans.

A study measured answers from 1,500 people across nine countries outside the United States. People across India, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Kenya, Nigeria, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil and Mexico all were asked their opinion on dating websites and which the person asked liked the most.

The study was done by marketing firm “Jana”. The firm asked 18-30 year olds flat out, where do they look for a date or love. While the study did not directly ask for pure “dating” websites, the fact that it basically asked where people go for love was pretty much open ended and the answers were quite interesting.

Surprisingly when asked about these dating websites of choice, Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace topped several lists in some order. Facebook was at the top of all of the lists, sometimes by a major margin. Indonesia and Vietnam have Facebook over 80% of the time as their dating website of choice within the study. Meanwhile Twitter varied depending on the country and MySpace was not on all lists.

Dating websites Badoo, Shaadi, and Match were on some lists at number two and number three, but Facebook remained as a consistent number one through all countries.

The study factored in that all of the social networks are a free service, therefore it insures the idea that someone can try to find love for free rather than use a dating website that could cost $20 USDA and up. While dating websites have been effective, they are clearly not for everyone. At times, one can simply meet someone via Facebook and meet up with them the exact way they would do with someone from Match.com or EHarmony.com. So the formula is the same, but the venue has changed.

One could save their money at the end of the day by using the social networks to accomplish the goal of finding someone. Hilariously, most end up using the social networks for this out of a last resort or simply don’t think about using it as a dating tool and it just happens upon them that they meet someone.

Meanwhile on a dating website, everyone knows the score. It’s not a “looking for friends” sort of thing. So a guy or girl cannot find their way into something without the ultimate part of this being over them from second one.

On Facebook, you can be “friends” with anyone and just talk with them at any time. So people who would not normally talk or hang out can suddenly do so because of the site. Now, Facebook has become a one of he best dating sites in the world to people. While Facebook is not considered one of the best dating sites organically because that was not the service it intends now, it can be such at the end of the day. Studies show that it is, and in this world of economic need, every penny saved is a penny that can be used for other things.

Using a free service is far more pocketbook friendly than one where you have to pay money. Hilariously, you might even find that you have the same market of success with Facebook as you do with a dating website. Plus, you get more than what a dating website would offer, and you’re already Facebook verified.

So really, is Facebook the new best dating site on the web? Interestingly enough, the study proves it might just be. Did we just give Mark Zuckerberg an idea here? Wait for “Datebook” in the future everyone, it’s going to be huge.