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Oculus Rift Tech Specs Revealed As Mac And Linux Versions Delayed

Oculus Rift Tech Specs Revealed

The Oculus Rift tech specs have been revealed ahead of its official consumer launch date next year. Virtual Reality has been set to make a second attempt at integration with our digital entertainment for several years now, and we finally have a release window in 2016 from the company that Facebook bought. The tech specs… Read more »

Sex Abuse Victims Search For Support And Justice On Facebook

Sex Abuse Victim Matt Lauzon

A childhood sex abuse victim turned to social media for justice. Boston entrepreneur Matt Lauzon alleges he was sexually abused at the age of 13 or 14 in Biddeford, Maine. Matt Lauzon, a 30-year-old who founded tech companies Dunwello and Gemvara, claims a local man who lived across the street from the little league baseball… Read more »

Facebook Evidence: Courts Can Now Force You To Turn Over All Postings

Facebook As Evidence

Facebook just got even less private than it already was. A recent expose from Slate writer Amanda Hess looked at several cases of civil and criminal litigation, in which an individual’s social media updates were subjected to court review. One of the most outrageous — a sexual assault victim, who was suing her school district… Read more »

Mom’s Facebook Request For Child Will Break Your Heart

Heartbreaking Facebook Request

A Facebook request from British mom Molly-Mole Povey serves as a sobering reminder that the little ones parents love so dear are not always as embraced by the world-at-large. (Or maybe they are, but more on that in a moment.) Povey said it was heartbreaking listening to her sensitive child Roman cry himself to sleep… Read more »

Twitter Stock Plunges After Quarterly Earnings Are Leaked — On Twitter

[Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]

Twitter stock dropped nearly 20 percent on Tuesday afternoon following a tweet by financial data aggregator Selerity that revealed the social media company’s fiscal shortcomings. After floating its stocks on the market last year, Twitter has been facing intense pressure from investors as it has struggled to keep up with the financial strength of other… Read more »

Elizabeth Olsen Explains Why She Avoids Social Media

Elizabeth Olsen speaks about her aversion to social media.

At one time or another, every one of us feels like social media gets too intrusive, but Elizabeth Olsen feels that way more often than not. In fact, Ms. Olsen is so adamant about not letting social media intrude upon her personal life that she doesn’t use them. No Facebook. No Twitter. No Instagram. “I… Read more »