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Facebook Addresses Feds: Fake Profile Rules Apply To You, Too

Facebook is serious about fake profiles, even if you're a fed.

Facebook has taken some criticism for its rules about fake profiles, but privacy advocates may be pleased with the latest application of the social media site’s rules. Facebook sent a strongly-worded letter to a federal law enforcement agency, letting them know that the rules apply to them, too. Earlier this month, the Washington Post reported… Read more »

Oklahoma Beheading: Alton Nolen Idolized ISIS

Alton Nolen idolized ISIS.

Alton Nolen, 30, was fired from his job at Vaughan Foods in Moore, Oklahoma on Thursday and became enraged. He left the building he was in and drove to the administration building where he hit a vehicle then continued on foot into the front office area. Nolen got to 54-year-old Colleen Hufford first. The victim… Read more »

ISIS Beheading Group Targets Woman For ‘Abandoning Islam’

ISIS Beheading Claims Woman Lawyer

More news on the ISIS beheading group tonight as the Islamic State has targeted a woman for “abandoning Islam.” According to Fox News, militants kidnapped Samira Salih al-Nuaimi, tortured her for five days, and ordered her public execution because she had reportedly made Facebook posts criticizing the group for its destruction of religious sites in… Read more »

Former SC Governor Mark Sanford Ends Engagement In Bizarre Facebook Post

Former SC Governor Mark Sanford Splits With Ex-Mistress, Announces On Facebook

Mark Sanford, the infamous former South Carolina governor, revealed via Facebook that he has called off his engagement to Maria Belen Chapur. Maria was Sanford’s mistress for a time before the GOP Rep. revealed his affair and split from his wife to be with Chapur. Sanford made national headlines five years ago after he disappeared… Read more »

Dutch Girl Fakes Five-Week-Long Vacation To The Far East On Facebook!

Facebook fake posts

Zilla van den Born, a Dutch girl, recently told her friends and family members about her exciting five-week-long vacation to South East Asia. As expected of any modern-day youngster who decides to go traveling, her friends and family members watched, liked, and commented on the pictures she uploaded to Facebook that showed her having a… Read more »

Facebook Insults Sick Baby’s Photo, Calls It “Gory”

Hudson Bond, a 2 month old infant, battles a rare heart defect

Kevin Bond’s 2 month old son, Hudson, is battling a very serious health condition called cardiomyopathy. The rare condition is a disease of the heart muscles, which could lead to heart failure if not carefully monitored. In an attempt to raise funds for little Hudson’s desperately need heart transplant, Bond created a Facebook ad over… Read more »

Trusper – New Social Media App For iPhone and Android


Trusper is the latest trend in social media apps for iPhone and Android cellphones, according to KHVH. With over five million users in less than a year, the phone app brings about 10 million views per day by offering tips about any and all lifestyle areas. From cooking to beauty, Trusper began as a health… Read more »

Facebook Bans Gun Rights Activist Over Holocaust Post

facebook bans guns post

Facebook banned a gun rights activist due to a post entitled, “Connecticut’s Gun Ban Is Worse Than Hitler’s Gun Ban.” A recent video of a kitten in a burning bucket was deemed to be in line with the social network’s “community standards,” but the pro-Second Amendment article was not. Gerry Emery received an alert that… Read more »

Family Members In Facebook Can Now Be Gender Neutral! What Does This Mean?

gender neutral

Over the course of last month, gender identity has been a major topic, especially in California. Here on The Inquisitr, we reported about how gender identity is now being determined by the gender one identifies themselves as instead of the gender they were born with. This includes California now recognizing gender identity among the recently… Read more »

The Day Instagram Went Down

On Thursday, Instagram went down for two hours.

Social media has become the hub of interaction in the modern day. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have taken over the internet and changed the way people live their lives. Users have been known to change their marital status on Facebook at the altar during their ceremony. Others have been known to stupidly tweet… Read more »

Facebook Is Cracking Down on ‘Clickbait’


Get ready to see a lot less “clickbait” on Facebook in the near future. The social network is cracking down on this new form of spam, thanks to a new update, USA Today is reporting. If you’re not really clear on what clickbait is, here’s a brief explanation. You know how your news feed on… Read more »