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The Day Instagram Went Down

On Thursday, Instagram went down for two hours.

Social media has become the hub of interaction in the modern day. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have taken over the internet and changed the way people live their lives. Users have been known to change their marital status on Facebook at the altar during their ceremony. Others have been known to stupidly tweet… Read more »

Facebook Is Cracking Down on ‘Clickbait’


Get ready to see a lot less “clickbait” on Facebook in the near future. The social network is cracking down on this new form of spam, thanks to a new update, USA Today is reporting. If you’re not really clear on what clickbait is, here’s a brief explanation. You know how your news feed on… Read more »

Facebook Tests ‘Satire’ Tag For Joke News Stories

Facebook Users Dislike Satire Tag

If you have ever been on Facebook and seen a tirade from someone upset about something a satire website had to say, you are not alone. Satire websites, such as The Onion, have a large following of satire-lovers. Sadly though, not everyone reading articles posted from these websites on Facebook understand that the article is… Read more »

Donut Cheesesteak Burger Should Come With A Surgeon General Warning

Donut Cheesesteak Burger, Kill Me Now

The donut cheesesteak burger is indeed a real thing, and you can currently order one — or in my case, two — from Northern Liberties’ PYT in Philadelphia. The burger has appeared in prior write-ups from CBS Philadelphia and a few other media outlets, but it’s just now starting to make the viral rounds. There’s… Read more »

Benedict Cumberbatch: The Otter One

Benedict Cumberbatch was just honored by the Tennessee Aquarium. Meet "Benny the Otter!"

Benedict Cumberbatch may be best known for his roles as Khan, in Star Trek Into Darkness, or the title character on the BBC show Sherlock. Cumberbatch is a staple of social network sites, such as Tumblr, and has even inspired a group of fans that have dubbed themselves “Cumberb*tches.” The term “Cumberb*tch” was officially added… Read more »

Facebook Messenger App: True Concern or Smear Campaign?

Facebook Messenger

The recently devised, and some would say, recently mandatory Facebook Messenger App has a lot of people concerned. The question remains: Is that concern justified, or is it just “overblown hype” that amounts to a smear campaign? Facebook Messenger is a standalone app that is a version of Facebook’s chat feature that negates having to… Read more »

Gun Selfie Ends In Tragedy For Mexico City Man

Gun Selfie Ends In Death

A gun selfie ended in tragedy for a Mexico City man. Oscar Aguilar, a 21-year-old, wanted to show off with a series of Facebook posts, Metro U.K. noted. Some pictures included him posing in front of cars and with “beautiful women.” But when he turned his attention to firearms, he made the mistake of picking… Read more »

Michelle Shocked Attempts To Revive Career With Silent Album


Who would buy a CD with nothing but 11 silent tracks on it? Michelle Shocked, a disgraced folk singer, recently released an album consisting of exactly that. Inaudible Women features 11 seemingly empty tracks named after journalists and music execs that Shocked feels have either played a hand in her downfall or are part of… Read more »

Have Facebook Addiction? Watching This Video May Tell You [Video]


You know the person. Always on their phone and hardly able to engage in the world around them. Always checking social media and forgetting to live in the present. What? You don’t know anyone like that? Or are you that person? For some, being hooked on the smartphone and the social media apps on the… Read more »

Helen Mirren Wants To Live To Be 150, And This Is One Reason Why

Helen Mirren Is 69, But She Wants To Live Longer

Today, July 26, is Helen Mirren’s 69th birthday. And the Oscar-winning actress said that she would like to live to be 150. During an interview with the Scottish Daily Record, Mirren said “one of the reasons” she wants to live for a long time is because of the advancements in technology. “Technology, as it changes,… Read more »

Tumblr CEO Hangs With President Obama

Tumblr CEO Hangs With President Obama

Tumblr CEO David Karp may not be as well known as other tech gurus, but his social media site continues to surge in popularity and his latest exploits should only help. The Tumblr creator recently rubbed elbows with the most powerful man in the world at a fundraiser. In addition to the Tumblr creator getting… Read more »

Kendall Jones: Democrat Offers 100K For Nude Photos Of Texas Cheerleader

nude photos kendall jones

Nude photos of Texas cheerleader Kendall Jones will garner a $100,000 bounty from Virginia Democratic Congressional candidate Mike Dickinson. The self-described liberal has a history of posting messages often deemed insulting and inflammatory on social networking websites. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kendall Jones is the Texas cheerleader who posted controversial photos of herself… Read more »

Mark Zuckerberg Says The Internet Should Be As Accessible As 911 Service


In a Wall Street Journal piece posted Monday, Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg argued that basic internet services should be as free and accessible as dialing 911 for health and crime emergencies. Zuckerberg noted that although there had been a noticeable increase in internet usage over the years, only one third of the world population is… Read more »