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Facebook Dislike Button May Be Coming Soon

mark zuckerberg

A Facebook dislike button may be coming soon. Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly considering adding a button to the popular social network so users can express “dislike” for a post. Zuckerberg did note that it is unlikely the feature will actually be a thumbs down icon with the word dislike beneath it. Mark Zuckerberg said, “We… Read more »

Mark Zuckerberg Says They Are Thinking About A Dislike Button

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, answered quite a few questions during a Q&A at the company’s headquarters Thursday, but one question piqued the interest of those who still admire Facebook, and that revolved around the idea of a dislike button. While many have lost faith in Facebook, there are still many who use it… Read more »

Instagram Surpasses Twitter, Now Has Over 300 Million Active Users

Kevin Systrom

Instagram announced Wednesday that there are now about 300 million monthly active users of its photo app. According to CEO Kevin Systrom, Instagram users, 70 percent of whom come from outside the US, share more than 70 million photos and videos daily. The announcement confirms that Instagram, a photo- and video-sharing app, has surpassed Twitter… Read more »

FSU Teacher Resigns After Hate-Filled Facebook Posts

FSU teacher resigns after hateful Facebook comments

A teacher at Florida State University College of Business has resigned after her ranting, hate-filled comments in response to a post on Facebook went public earlier this week. Deborah O’Connor, a senior lecturer, responded to a post by Colin Lively about U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to have the Justice Department investigate the recent… Read more »

Why Was The Queen Latifah Show Cancelled?

The reason why The Queen Latifah Show was cancelled are still debated.

After only two seasons on the air, The Queen Latifah Show has been cancelled. Dana Owens, most notably known as Queen Latifah, posted a letter on Facebook addressed to herself. It may have been written by one of the show’s executives after the show was cancelled. “Dear Dana, Just a little note to say Thank… Read more »

Is The FBI Arresting People For Posting Anti-Obama Facebook Posts?

People are concerned over claims that the FBI and other law enforcement agencies are arresting people for posting anti-Obama Facebook posts.

Conspiracy theories regarding the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are nothing new. Whether it’s keeping alien anecdotes (ala X-Files) hidden, or consulting with secret political forces, the FBI has often been named the alleged purveyor of many things clandestine by many conspiracy theorists. Thankfully, most of these stories have been found to be untrue. However,… Read more »

Facebook Addresses Feds: Fake Profile Rules Apply To You, Too

Facebook is serious about fake profiles, even if you're a fed.

Facebook has taken some criticism for its rules about fake profiles, but privacy advocates may be pleased with the latest application of the social media site’s rules. Facebook sent a strongly-worded letter to a federal law enforcement agency, letting them know that the rules apply to them, too. Earlier this month, the Washington Post reported… Read more »