Nikon D4S

Nikon Unveils Highly Anticipated D4S DSLR Digital Camera

Nikon has managed to stand out in the digital world by coming out with cameras that could be seen as spectacular. Nikon has always managed to do well with the digital cameras and it was all due to the fact that they were big on making a great product. Some companies just wanted to put out a product that sold, but was not well done. They’d sell for cheap yet you’d also get a cheap product.

Nikon has attempted to change this with their cameras, which is why people look forward to the digital cameras that the company puts out. Nikon recently unveiled their D4S DSLR. The best part about the camera is really the size of it. When it comes to taking pictures, the size of a camera can make or break things for photographers when it comes to mobility. The Nikon digital camera base seems to be a big product in a smaller package.

While Nikon does make a good product, they lose to make sure you pay for the product in blood seemingly. This new, updated camera costs $6,500! Some would ask why someone would pay so much for such a digital camera. The real reason is quality. When it comes to cameras, you can find several that all do the same thing. The issue is, will they make a professional looking picture or video?

This is mostly a photographers camera, it comes with a lot of useful tools. The company was quoted in the features of the camera, saying it included:

” The D4S DSLR included 11 fps burst shooting at full resolution with AE and AF functionality; a new group area AF that uses five AF sensors as a single focus point; a new RAW image file Size S that is said to increase workflow speed; an up to 10x increase in file-transfer speed using 1000 Base-T wired LAN; 30% faster image processing, and energy savings.

The camera also includes a newly developed 16.2-megapixel FX-format CMOS sensor and EXPEED 4 processing engine.

Low-light performance is boosted with an ISO range from 100 to 25,600, expandable to 409,600.

Video is capture at Full-HD 1080/60p.

It uses an FX-format sensor, a 2.7x crop mode in the camera can extend the reach of Nikkor lenses.”

Overall, the camera is increasingly useful and the lighting features alone make it worth an investment. The video side of it is also good. Nowadays, a camera cannot just shoot pictures or video, rather, they have to feature both. Nikon does this well with the D4S, yet it is not the only one.

The issue is that other cameras can do just as well, and for less. Canon’s TI brand has proven to be very useful and a much lower cost. The Canon T3I costs around $600 retail, over $5,000 less. The average photographer could buy a Canon or two and add to it with several professional add-ons and still have money to spare. Some even come with a pro add-on for one hundred to two hundred dollars more. Making the average price under $1,000 for the Canon product.

While Nikon has made a tremendous camera, it is by no means the only professional camera on the market. The price is simply too high for it knowing that other cameras can do just as well. With the potential add-ons others can have for less, it makes far less sense to purchase the Nikon despite how good it also is.

At the end of the day, the product is great. Nikon really outdid themselves with a fantastic digital camera. Sadly, fewer people that they would like will purchase it because they realize the price is too high. Obviously this camera is not for the average consumer, rather a professional. Yet Nikon could work on the pricing for most cameras of theirs, that will make the more money long term because the average consumer would purchase them at that point.