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Lily James’ Tiny Waist Rebuttal: I Used A Corset

Corset used to make Lily James' waist tiny

Apparently the Internet wants its fairy tales to be a bit more realistic. Disney is under fire for its live action revamp of Cinderella, because its princess – played by Lily James – has a tiny waist and its Prince Charming has eyes that are too blue. As soon as Disney released its trailer featuring… Read more »

Jared Leto’s Hair The First Casualty Of ‘Suicide Squad’

Jared Leto cuts off his hair for Suicide Squad

Jared Leto’s long, luscious hair is about as famous as he is. And now that it’s gone – Leto chopped it all off to play the Joker in Suicide Squad – people are practically calling for a national day of mourning. The sad announcement of Leto’s lost locks came on Twitter, when Suicide Squad Director… Read more »

Ridley Scott Moves Forward With New ‘Alien’ Film

Ridley Scott & Neill Blomkamp will work together on new 'Alien' film.

Ridley Scott is set to bring his Alien franchise back to the big screen with the help of director Neill Blomkamp, reports Variety. Additionally, Scott is still involved with the Prometheus sequel, which 20th Century Fox is also making. Originally, the plan was for a reboot that would star Alien veteran Sigourney Weaver and, while… Read more »

Geena Davis Reunites With ‘A League Of Their Own’ Co-Star


Geena Davis has had many memorable roles over the years, but one in particular has garnered a big group of loyal fans thanks to its attention to history and a perfect mixture of sentiment and humor: A League Of Their Own. That’s why, when Davis reunited with one of her co-stars from the film on… Read more »

Zombies: Neuroscientists Work Out The Brain Anatomy Of The Undead

Zombie Apocalypse

Two neuroscientists have analyzed the portrayal of zombies in movies and popular culture and used the information to work out the patterns of brain abnormalities that could cause the zombie behavior of the undead. In their book, Do Zombies Dream of Undead Sheep? A Neuroscientific View, neuroscientists and zombie enthusiasts Timothy Verstynen, assistant professor in… Read more »

Comedian Chris Rock Finally Breaks Top Five With ‘Top Five’

Chris Rock, Top Five

Chris Rock finally answered the big one. Since making his film debut in the 1985 film Krush Groove, the albatross around Chris Rock’s neck has always been his ability to achieve the same level of success in film as he has in television and stand-up comedy. Rock is one of the biggest drawing comedians on… Read more »