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‘Taken 3’ Trailer Released

Liam Neeson in Taken 3

Not long after the release of Taken 2, the sequel to the hit action movie Taken, we already have the trailer for Taken 3. You can view the complete theatrical promo in the video above, featuring Liam Neeson at his most hardcore. Taken 3, also known as Tak3n, was anticipated by many but perhaps wanted… Read more »

Amanda Bynes’ DUI Arrest: Actress Faces New Charge After Weekend Incident

Actress Amanda Bynes in trouble again after DUI arrest

Amanda Bynes was arrested over the weekend on suspicion of driving under the influence. The incident reportedly happened around 3 a.m. Sunday morning in California. Has the troubled actress started to run into tough times again? E! Online reports that the Amanda Bynes DUI charge is a misdemeanor that came after officers determined that she… Read more »

Evan Rachel Wood Breaks Contract, Gets Sued For $30 Million

Evan Rachel Wood and Jane Krakowski

Evan Rachel Wood is being sued by the producers of a movie called 10 Things I Hate About Life, in which she was to play a lead part. The suit alleges that Wood refused to come back to work after a production break. It is being widely reported that Evan Rachel Wood’s representatives are characterizing… Read more »

Netflix To Raise Prices: Here’s What You’ll Get

Netflix To Raise Prices By $1-$2 Per Month.

Netflix will be raising monthly prices by $1 or $2. And although investors are happy, should you be? The truth is that paying another couple of bucks per month for Netflix probably isn’t going to break the bank for you, but is it going to be worth it? While Netflix hasn’t detailed specifics about what… Read more »

The Disney Movie Universe: Connections Through Easter Eggs

Easter eggs in Disney movies indicate that all the movies are made in a single universe.

Pixar is known for having some of the most connected movies out there. Common cameos and shared backgrounds allow viewers to believe that every movie made under the Pixar name is connected; at this point it’s almost common knowledge. However, long before it was bought in 2006, Disney was making similar connections. Disney is known… Read more »

‘Rio 2’ Steals Top Spot At Box Office

Rio 2 takes top spot at Box Office

The Friday night box office numbers are in, and it looks like Rio 2 is sitting pretty at the top of the pile. In a head-to-head battle for No. 1 with Captain America: Winter Soldier, which is going into its second weekend, Rio 2 performed very well with movie goers on Friday night. is… Read more »

‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Show They Still Have Mad Turtle Power


Yesterday, the first teaser trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hit the web and the film, directed by Jonathan Liebesman and produced by Michael Bay, has already amassed 8 million views on YouTube, showing that the quad of tubular turtles still have mad turtle power nearly 30 years after making their debut on CBS’ Saturday… Read more »