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Jennifer Lopez Signs On For ‘Mothers I’d Like To …’

Jennifer Lopez's New Movie Sign-On As A MILF - 'Mothers I'd Like To...' IV

Since Jennifer Lopez had such great success with The Boy Next Door, she has decided to partner with Universal Pictures to create a new movie called Mothers I’d Like To… It’s definitely no secret that Jennifer, 45, is still very hot and attractive, despite her age. In today’s time, she would be known as a… Read more »

Megan Fox: ‘I’m Not Your Typical Music Video Model’

Megan Fox at the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Sydney Premiere

Megan Fox is well known for her beauty, but Ms. Fox wants fans and critics alike to know that there’s much more depth to her personality than many people presume, reported US Weekly. Megan told Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, which also features Ms. Fox on the cover of their April 2015 issue, that she’s aware that… Read more »

Lily James’ Tiny Waist Rebuttal: I Used A Corset

Corset used to make Lily James' waist tiny

Apparently the Internet wants its fairy tales to be a bit more realistic. Disney is under fire for its live action revamp of Cinderella, because its princess – played by Lily James – has a tiny waist and its Prince Charming has eyes that are too blue. As soon as Disney released its trailer featuring… Read more »

Jared Leto’s Hair The First Casualty Of ‘Suicide Squad’

Jared Leto cuts off his hair for Suicide Squad

Jared Leto’s long, luscious hair is about as famous as he is. And now that it’s gone – Leto chopped it all off to play the Joker in Suicide Squad – people are practically calling for a national day of mourning. The sad announcement of Leto’s lost locks came on Twitter, when Suicide Squad Director… Read more »