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Xbox One Release Date Poll Says Microsoft Preorder Numbers Won’t Be A PS4 Perfect Day

Xbox One Release Date Poll Says Microsoft Preorder Numbers Won't Be A PS4 Perfect Day

A Xbox One release date poll suggests Microsoft won’t be having a PS4 “perfect day” in comparison to the PlayStation 4.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, we released a PS4 release date shopping guide for finding the best deals and bundles.

Microsoft has previously reported that various Xbox One preorder deals have already exceeded the number of recorded preorders for the Xbox 360. But the original Xbox 1 (not the Xbox One) was not nearly as popular and sold only 24 million units from 2001 through 2005 and was considered a loss leader. The Microsoft gaming division actually lost $4 billion in total from the Xbox 1.

In comparison, the 2005 Xbox 360 launch year saw 1.5 million in unit sales but then began to pick up steam over the years. In fact, Xbox 360 sales figures in 2013 were actually higher, selling 1.6 million units. So comparing Xbox One preorder figures to Xbox 360 preorders seems like comparing apples to oranges.

Still, Electronic Arts COO Peter Moore points out both Sony and Microsoft should be happy with the PS4, Xbox One release date sales figures:

“When I talked to our friends at both Sony and Microsoft, and I’m trying to get some indications in the numbers that are going to be available for sale by the end of our fiscal year on March 31 and I aggregate them, I think I can squint and see 10 million units combined, very easily. Both Sony and Microsoft are proposing that this could be their best launches ever as regards their production numbers and their ability to globalize this business quickly. So we feel bullish about our ability of having five truly next-gen titles available for that.”

Sony has previously said they’d like to see the PlayStation sales figures be around five million units by March 31, 2014, so it seems the Xbox One might be tied for estimates. But Xbox One preorder figures haven’t been released officially while Sony announced last month that they had already received over one million PS4 preorder sales.

Another good indicator is typically supply and demand. Well, in this case supply for the Xbox One might be outweighing demand since GameStop re-opened its Xbox One preorder deals just the other day. Another indicator is eBay auction sales of the Xbox One and PS4. At one point 10 percent of the entirety of the Xbox 360 launch supply was on eBay. In contrast, the Xbox One sales are not nearly as high as the PS4, with demand for the PlayStation 4 being notably higher.

I’m not trying to dampen the mood any further, but a Xbox One release date poll commissioned by research firm Ipsos and Reuters indicates only a tiny percentage of gamers are even interested in the next generation of consoles regardless of the Xbox vs PS4 wars. Just 15 percent of gamers said they planned to buy a Xbox One deal at launch, while 26 percent said they would rather buy a PlayStation 4 bundle. Still, all of that is better than Nintendo’s woes since the Wii U sales figures for the last three months is hovering around 160,000.

Are you waiting for the November 15 PS4 release date or the November 22 Xbox One release date?

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30 Responses to “Xbox One Release Date Poll Says Microsoft Preorder Numbers Won’t Be A PS4 Perfect Day”

  1. Rob Sharp

    This is a whole lot of speculation. I could care less if one sells a million more than the other because in the end it will balance out. BUY what YOU WANT not what others like. Personally I prefer XBOX ONE since I feel MS has a better grasp of software and online gaming. I feel SONY typically struggles in these areas PSN on PS3 isn't as good as XBOX live. These days SONY's best Line of Business is Insurance….everything else is loosing money. If you want to put your eggs in that basket good-luck.

  2. Alice M. Cabrera

    You should care if there is a large disparity in order numbers cause that can affect if the one that isn't selling so well gets supported by the game devs. If xbox one has a lot less sales you may find devs decide it's not worth the effort porting over a game or not putting much effort into putting a good port over to the game (Fallout or Skyrim on PS3, anyone? Part of it was the PS3's part but part of it was Bethesda really not wanting to put much effort into doing a good port). Look at what has happened to the Wii U or Vita. Or look what happened to Sega Saturn or Gamecube.

    Unfortunately, when you are buying something that is reliant on being useful by who makes stuff for it for it to actually be useful, you should care it is popular enough to attract those companies to make stuff for it. As some one who has used Macs since the very first one, I can tell you a system will suffer if it doesn't sell a well. Doesn't matter how much "better" it is (and honestly, if you are wanting it for games, there is a lot of stuff saying it's not even better for that anyways).

  3. Ryan Smith

    Alice M. Cabrera id be more worried about the state of sony as a company right now than if xbox one sells a million less consoles by march. Playstation has absolutely nothing coming out after launch until april and onwards. I think its 18 retail games in 4 months.. with about 14 coming at launch.

  4. Anonymous

    I am a gamer, a true gamer. Meaning I do not hold any fandom towards MS, Sony or PC gaming. I play them all. I already ordered a PS4 for one simple reason, I have been with MS since it's real Xbox 1, or Xbox original. I simply want a switch, but it is likely with time I will have both consoles. I know you PC fanboys love to brag about superior gaming on a nice rig. You are correct, however there is something just fundamentally enjoyable for me to flick on my big screen TV, lay on my couch with my controller and using a console, which is much easier and quicker overall to use and maintain then a PC. So I like all of them (except Nintendo's Wii U) and I can't wait to see some of fellow gamers online, whether it be console or PC.

  5. Dustin Saville

    I didn't pre order but I'm going to get a Xbox. Like the 360 or wii u I'm sure stores will get them in stock before Christmas. Sure I may have to arrive at open or work the phones but I'm not worried. As long as I get it by titanfalls release. I'm interested in a ps4 but other than mlb the show there isn't a reason to jump brands. I have a ps3. I like it. But I don't really use it for games.

  6. Anonymous

    Nothing really excites me about the xbox one… they need to kick their marketing into high gear if they want to convince me why I should buy it.

  7. Studley Riprap

    Robert Jason Hillman You mean like Steam? Xbox tried to give gamers an equivalent to Steam, but dunder-heads started screaming DRM – as if Sony won't have some DRM on their games. They will just happen to let you sell your physical media. MS was trying to go with all digital distribution which meant you'd own your games in the cloud, like Steam. Now we're stuck with the same shitty system as the previous gen. Granted, MS didn't do a very good job of making this clear to anyone so they have no one to blame but themselves, but don't pretend Sony won't have DRM shit, because they will. They'll just allow you to sell used games – like before when people needed to pay, again, after buying their used game, to play multiplayer – yeah… brilliant.

  8. Studley Riprap

    If you check ebay right now you'll see Xbox One preorders are selling while PS4 preorders are not. Of course this may be due to the perceived future availability of the PS4's but I'm not sure people are with-it enough to know one way or the other.

  9. Studley Riprap

    Alice M. Cabrera Considering the amount of sales and the records of both companies I don't think there's much to fear in this area. They'd have to F up as badly as Nintendo, which they haven't, to accomplish that. Just like the previous gen, both systems can reproduce basically the same graphics so there's no reason for companies to hold off on either system – unlike the Wii. Xbox One will have cloud computing which will, hopefully, allow for more immersive and larger worlds than can be produced on the PS4 – this is an enticement for software developers as long as MS doesn't make it too complicated. We'll see. It's been said that, currently, the PS4 is easier to develop for than the Xbox 1, but that didn't stop the PS3 from having the same third party games that 360 had in the previous generation.

  10. Studley Riprap

    It's true, their marketing department sucks. Of course, the company as a whole sucks, but then so does Sony. But Xbox One brings the cloud and the Kinect – two promising features that the PS4, at this moment, doesn't really have. Thier camera will go nowhere because it will not have a high rate of adoption, just like their previous camera. If we can believe what we have been shown and heard about the new Kinect then it should make for some fun stuff, we'll see. I'm most excited by the prospect of cloud computing and where that can take games with MS's dedicated server processors. Let's hope they don't mess it up. PS4, while looking pretty slick, doesn't really offer anything over the Xbox One that I can see. Some have argued that because it is so easy to program for developers will be sloppy, leading to code bloat and other unintended consequences.. Don't know about that. But what innovations does the PS4 bring to the market. Umm…… none. Look at the Vita. We have it – all kinds of promises with that in relation to the PS3, which we also have. The Vita lays untouched for the most part. Oh, NOW we can use it with the PS4 and THEN we'll know how awesome it is? For what? Playing games I should be playing on my big screen on a tiny screen considering Sony has said it is not advisable to play games outside of the local wifi that your PS4 is on. What's the point? Sorry – I don't see anything to get excited about that Sony is offering that MS is not. MS has even opened their system to third party developers – yes, this is probably thanks to Sony's move but big deal. Sony did it to get one up on MS. It's not like they did it because they "love gamers".

  11. Anonymous

    I personally have preordered xbone for my play style the have some great titles at launch i'm excited about and down the line. I Like that it can do alot more then just games but i'm not a hardcore gamer but I can see this adding value to my living room theater as well lot cool apps included. It depends on your personal taste just not crazy about ps4 line up but looks like a good system.

  12. Anonymous

    Is even more of a rip off than the ps4, Grow a brain, build a pc and game where real men and gamers are.

  13. Anonymous

    I played crysis 3 and battlefield 4 at 5760×1080 at 60fps on ultra and Skyrim with over 200 mods and crysis like graphics this weekend. This is amazing not your controller driven, simplistic, rip off console gaming.

  14. Mat Barry

    I agree to some extent, but the xbox has moved to an entertainment center with a different demographic, so it's apples to oranges at this point. Yeah, it's in direct competition with the PS4, but ultimately, neither will really LOSE much market share to the other, as older adults are buying xboxes for their own use as well as their kids. It's easy to market them when dad wants a toy for using with TV, and justifies it with mom for a gaming system for the kids.

    It's sorta why I believe some of these polls are skewed, as they DO cover "gamers"… but for the most part, the xbox crowd has WAY more children and older adults that aren't included in them. I'm not sure why the race really matters much anyway, considering they're both great consoles and we all win. In a year from now, once people have the controllers in their hands, nobody will even realize there was competition, sorta like the current consoles are now.

  15. Chris Tibbs

    y2j1490 You're* an imbecile. Learn to spell when calling people idiots.

  16. Joshua Nixon

    y2j1490 Why do you have to be an asshole? Stop being an asshole. Stop being a fanboy, and just be a fan of games! Whether someone gets the PS4 or the Xbone (which I'm getting the Xbone) or even PC, just play for the games. And, ummm it's *you're… You sir, have a nice day

  17. Kyle Pardue

    I got a ps4 because I don't care about motion gaming or cable box features. If you're into that stuff, then I'm sure it'll be a great console,

  18. Kyle Pardue

    …but each person has to determine which console fits their needs. I preferred xbox 360 last gen, but switched to ps4 because it has the features that appealed to me. That being said I will miss halo in the future. I also don't understand people who are slamming systems because of launch titles. It always takes a while for developers to figure out each system and develop accordingly.

  19. Dan Teh Chad

    Yeah….no. A quick Google search will confirm you've got your head up your ass on this one. Gamestops actually reopened preorder, and amazon reopened them a second time today. Appears people have been cancelling the preorder on them in significant numbers. A company doesn't mysteriously and grossly underestimate the number of units it can produce – they might OVERESTIMATE based on unforseen issues, as occurred with the 360, but Microsoft didn't just suddenly find more day one units to presell, others had to cancel. I'm not a fan boy by any means, I play them all. It's simply not a good sign for the XBOne.

  20. Warren Brown

    Says another Xbot without actually looking at real numbers. I know it's hard to think and count when all you play are FPS/TPS'.

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