Adrienne Bailon Poses Topless While Modeling Her Vegan Leather Handbag Line

Adrienne Bailon has had many jobs over the span of her career. The former Cheetah Girl currently has her own luxury, vegan leather handbag line, LA VOÛTE, and has been modeling the latest collection on Instagram. The “No More (Baby I’ma Do It Right)” hitmaker shared numerous shots to the social media platform which saw […]

The 2020 Golden Globe Awards Will Have A ‘Meatless’ Menu, Only Plant-Based Meals Will Be Served

Guests dining at the 77th annual Golden Globes will notice a substantial difference in the menu this year. The prestigious award show will serve an entirely meatless menu, reports Associated Press. It will be the first major awards show to exclude meat entirely. The decision to serve “100% plant-based meals[s]” comes from the Hollywood Foreign […]

Vegan Parents Ryan & Sheila O’Leary Charged With Manslaughter For Allegedly Letting Malnourished Baby Die

In Florida, two vegan parents are facing charges of manslaughter after their allegedly-malnourished toddler died, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The child was allegedly only allowed to eat a handful of fruits and vegetables. Sheila and Ryan O’Leary allegedly admitted to investigators that their family only eats certain raw fruits and vegetables, including mangoes, rambutans, […]

Vegan Man Sues Burger King For Cooking Impossible Whopper On ‘Contaminated’ Grill

A self-described vegan man is suing fast food chain Burger King for allegedly cooking their Impossible Whoppers, the plant-based burger popular among vegetarians and vegans, on “contaminated” grills, according to Reuters. Rather than cooking the burgers on their own grill, the restaurants allegedly cook them next to their traditional meat burgers, therefore allowing the plant-based […]

Australians Plan A Barbecue Outside Vegan Woman’s House After She Sues Neighbors For Cooking Meat

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a vegan woman from Perth, Australia, is suing her neighbors for cooking meat on their barbecue. Now, a Facebook event has been created inviting fellow Australians to a community barbecue outside Cilla Carden’s house. According to 9 News Australia, Carden, who is a massage therapist, sued her neighbors not […]

Michael Jackson’s Unique Fruitarian Diet Inspired Couple That Wanted His ‘Radiant Glow’

Daily Mirror reports that Michael Jackson’s diet inspired couple Ali Reza Khorasany and Daniella Siira to adopt a diet that consists of 98 percent fruit. The remainder of the diet is green juices, nuts, and salads. According to Khorasany, he found inspiration in Jackson’s fruitarian diet following a visit to the doctor in 2014, in […]

Princess Beatrice’s Major Lifestyle Change Might Hint At Another Royal Wedding

Princess Beatrice is making big changes in her day to day life, and many people are wondering if it is in preparation for the next royal wedding. The York princess has been getting serious with her boyfriend, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. Express reports that the princess has made a number of public appearances with Mozzi on […]

Vegan YouTuber Rawvana In Hot Water With Followers After She Was Caught On Camera Eating Meat

Vegan YouTuber Rawvana had some explaining to do to her fans this week after she was caught on video eating meat. The rising YouTube star, whose real name is Yovana Mendoza Ayres, has gained a large following with her videos advocating for the vegan lifestyle and selling vegan food plans on her website. As the […]

Vegan Couple Accused Of Nearly Starving Newborn To Death By Feeding Him Only Milk Formula Made From Potatoes

A vegan couple has been arrested on charges that they nearly starved their newborn baby nearly to death. The couple is accused of feeding him only “milk formula” that was made from potatoes. Police said 20-year-old Julia French and 31-year-old Robert Buskey failed to properly feed the 5-month-old baby, who was rescued by officials in […]

New Day Hilariously Trolled Daniel Bryan On ‘SmackDown’ Last Night

If there’s one thing WWE isn’t known for, it’s subtlety. The company tends to repeat or spell out most jokes, but The New Day managed to slide a hilarious troll job into the start of SmackDown Live, and quite a few people actually missed it. As the show kicked off, the entire SmackDown Live roster […]

Kat Von D Shares First Photo Of Son With Husband Leafar Seyer

Tattoo artist and makeup mogul Kat Von D has given birth to her first child with musician husband Leafar Seyer. The brand-new mother posted a picture of the baby boy with his dad to Instagram on Sunday, December 2. On November 21, the 36-year-old let her 7 million followers know that she was still pregnant […]

Alicia Silverstone Claims Son Doesn’t Need Medicine Because Veganism Keeps Him Healthy

Clueless actress Alicia Silverstone is well known for discussing the benefits of a vegan and eco-friendly lifestyle every chance she gets. The 42-year-old even published a vegan cookbook in 2011 called, The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet. Now she is claiming that her son, 7-year-old Bear […]

Food Magazine Editor William Sitwell Pressured To Quit After Joking About ‘Killing Vegans, One By One’

British magazine editor William Sitwell made some jokes in a private email about vegans, according to Yahoo. It ended badly for him, as he was forced to quit his position at Waitrose Food magazine. The editor stated that it was “the right and proper move,” while others believe the comments weren’t bad enough to justify […]

Iggy Azalea Won’t Date Vegans, Says She Loves Sausage

Earlier this week, rapper and entertainer Iggy Azalea went to Twitter with comments about her eating habits. She apparently revealed vague tidbits about a crush she currently has but remarked that crush doesn’t exactly fit into her eating lifestyle, suggesting that therefore such a coupling would never work. WKU Herald reported on the celebrities announcement […]

Mena Suvari Asks Bed, Bath & Beyond To Stop Selling Down Bedding Over Animal Cruelty Concerns

Actor Mena Suvari is a vegan and does her best to live a cruelty-free lifestyle, but like many of us, she still enjoys a good day of shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond. But Suvari was dismayed at the large offering of down products sold at the retail giant. PageSix is reporting that Mena sent […]

Alicia Silverstone Credits A Vegan Diet With Her ‘Ageless’ Look

Alicia Silverstone recently became a social media sensation when a video of her appearance on Lip Sync Battle showed her in the same outfit she wore more than 20 years ago in the hit film, Clueless — the same film that turned her into a household name. And if she still looks the same as […]

Men Who Follow Vegan And Vegetarian Diets, Such As Brad Pitt, Promote ‘White Masculinity,’ Says Sociologist

Vegans and vegetarians typically cite a variety of reasons for going on plant-based diets and giving up animal-based products, ranging from health concerns to environmental. But according to a sociologist, men who go on vegan and vegetarian diets are actually promoting “white masculinity,” reported Fox News. A teacher at North Carolina State University, Mari Mycek, […]

Asian Jackfruit Dubbed As ‘Miracle Fruit’ That Tastes Like Pork Could Solve World Hunger

The jackfruit may be a popular tree-borne fruit that’s common in tropical regions, but British entrepreneurs are trying to introduce the fruit to Western countries as excellent meat substitutes. It has the taste and appearance of pulled pork and entrepreneurs Jordan Grayson and Abi Robertson want the world to know that jackfruit could be the […]

Carrie Underwood Shares Her Weight Loss Secrets: Vegan Diet And Cutest Yoga Partner

Celebrity moms these days find themselves scrutinized when it comes to their success in shedding those stubborn post-pregnancy pounds. Now Carrie Underwood is dishing up the details of how she won her weight loss wars with secrets ranging from a vegan diet to working with what might be the world’s cutest yoga partner. Carrie, 34, […]

Vegan Fashion Show Proves Compassionate And Sustainable Choices Are In Style

On Tuesday, cruelty-free, sustainable designs created by forward-thinking fashionistas were featured in an all-vegan runway show. Sponsored by PETA, the runway show began after a panel discussion starring six women who have each successfully established an innovative, animal-free fashion line. Titled “How To Make It In (Vegan) Fashion”, Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart of Vaute, Meg and […]

Gluten Free Treats For the Holidays: Recipes For Christmas Cookies, Fudge, Candy And More

Just because your family is gluten free doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in fabulous Christmas cookies and candy over the holidays. Many holiday treats are naturally gluten free, such as peanut brittle, fudge and peppermint bark, and most other treats can easily be adapted to be gluten free. There are oodles of wonderful holiday recipes […]

Vegan Mother Charged With Child Endangerment For Feeding 11-Month-Old Only Fruit And Nuts

A Pennsylvania vegan mother whose family said her diet had become a dangerous obsession has been charged with child endangerment after her estranged husband reported her to the Children & Youth Services agency for feeding their 11-month-old child a sparse diet of fruit and nuts. According to the Washington Post, a doctor assessing the baby […]

Vegan Cheese Has Been Renamed Gary: Facebook Rant Sends Social Media In An Uproar

A woman’s Facebook rant has resulted in the vegan community renaming their non-dairy cheese products Gary. The woman, whose name has been removed to protect her online safety, posted a rant on Facebook in response to Sainsbury referring to their vegan coconut cheese as actual cheese. Her rant attacked Sainsbury and anyone that enjoys the […]

Top 5 Olympics Diet Shockers: From Ryan Lochte’s 8,000 Calories To Vegan To McDonald’s

When it comes to fueling the bodies of those stunning Olympic athletes, the right diet plays a key role in determining who gets a coveted medal and who goes home empty-handed. Curious to see what those at the top of the sports world eat to compete? Check out the top five most unexpected diets in […]

Vegan Parents Lose Custody Of Child After Vegan-Fed Toddler Found Severely Malnourished [Video]

An Italian toddler with vegan parents is recovering from severe, life-threatening malnutrition tonight. Reportedly, the 14-month-old boy was barely clinging to life when his grandparents took him to a hospital for treatment. The boy, whose vegan parents had allegedly fed him a strict vegan diet without supplementation, weighed only a little more than a newborn […]

Food Fight: Paleo And Vegan Followers Spar About Which Is The Better Way To Eat

Cliques are everywhere. One cannot escape them. In high school, most people wanted to be in the “cool kids” club. Now in the fitness niche, there is a growing clique and war going on. It is Paleo followers versus vegan followers. Each side is very passionate about their team. So, how do we stop the […]

Second Mount Everest Climber Dies In 2016: Australian Woman Dead — Family Finds Out Online

A second Mount Everest climber has died in 2016, this time a 34-year-old woman from Melbourne, Australia, has lost her life, according to ABC. Australian and Dutch climbers die after reaching Everest summit — AFP News Agency (@AFP) May 21, 2016 Dr. Maria Strydom died due to suspected altitude sickness while descending from Mount […]

Attention Vegans, Happy Hour Just Got A Lot Happier: Baileys Is Making An Almond Milk Liqueur

Attention all lactose-free fans, Baileys – the makers of the most popular cream-based liqueurs – is introducing a new spirit made with real almond milk. Made with a brilliant mixture of sweet almond oil, almond essence, cane sugar, purified water, and vanilla, the new product, “Almande,” blends the nutty flavors of almond milk with real […]

Prince Was Not ‘Drugged Up,’ Insists Musician’s Attorney

In the midst of the discussion regarding the inquiry into Prince’s death and his use of painkillers, Prince’s attorney, L. Londell McMillan, was interviewed by the Associated Press and denies that Prince had any sort of substance abuse issue. “Everybody who knows Prince knows he wasn’t walking around drugged up.” As Prince’s lawyer for the […]

Whole Foods Market Takes A Giant Leap Toward Renewable Energy

You might know Whole Foods Market as the health food grocery store with interesting choices for people from all walks of life, from meat eaters to strict vegans. And don’t forget the plethora of yummy samples all around the store just waiting to please your taste buds. The shopping experience at Whole Foods is fun […]

Waka Flocka And Raury Make Vegan Munchies In VICE’s Kitchen, Gangster Style [Video]

Nobody has ever made vegan food with such gangster gusto— until, that is, hip hop homies Waka Flocka and Raury joined forces in the kitchen on the latest episode of Munchies by VICE to do just that. In the eight-minute “how-to” episode, uploaded to VICE’s website on Friday, Waka Flocka and Raury make vegan munchies […]

Almond Milk Ice Cream From Ben & Jerry’s Makes A Delicious Promise To Consumers

Almond milk ice cream could be the next indulgence. Almond milk ice cream, from Ben & Jerry’s, promises to please the lactose intolerant, the vegan, and the health conscious hipster in everyone. But it’s likely to convert a few of the dairy tolerant with exclusive almond milk flavors. The company swears that the four new […]

Ben And Jerry’s Launches First-Ever Vegan Ice Cream

Ben and Jerry’s, the Vermont-based ice cream company, is launching a new line of vegan, non-dairy products in the coming months that are certified by Vegan Action. It says the following on its website. “Vegan friends, whether you’ve been waiting three decades or three days for certified vegan non-dairy decadence, it’s time to rejoice! We’ve […]

Baby Too Weak For First Steps After A Lifetime On Almond Milk — And Scurvy Is To Blame

An 11-month old baby in Spain cried any time his mom tried to move his legs, so doctors took a look. They found something shocking: his growing femurs and spine were sprayed with fractures. And the culprit? A rare case of scurvy, caused by a life-long diet of almond milk. The baby’s diagnosis of scurvy […]

Jennifer Aniston Joins Crazy New Diet Fad After Being Kicked Off Film

It seems there’s a new fad diet every other month and, for as long as she’s been around, it seems Jennifer Aniston has always been one of the first to jump on board. It’s happened again, and this may be the craziest diet yet. Jennifer has joined the Taco Cleanse movement, and it’s exactly what […]

Just Mayo Succeeds In Keeping Its Name – FDA Wants Minor Alterations To Labeling Of Vegan Substitute To Mayonnaise

Just Mayo succeeded in keeping its name after convincing the FDA. However, according to the agreement, the company making the vegan, eggless mayonnaise substitute, must alter the labels of the product. The maker of Just Mayo, a vegan alternative to traditional mayonnaise, has been allowed to retain the name of the product that many strongly […]

Ellie Goulding Shows Off Her Abs in ‘Shape,’ Talks ‘Aspiring Vegan’ Diet

Ellie Goulding just gave her fans six perfectly-chiseled reasons to envy her, as the singer recently showed off her amazing abs on the cover of Shape magazine. Plus, she revealed that she didn’t even have to target her abs to get them. Ellie Goulding’s six pack proves that the “Burn” singer is a pro when […]

Vegan Shadow Farming Minister Argues Meat Should Be Treated Like A Tobacco Product, Suggests Public Campaigns Against Eating Animals

The United Kingdom’s new Shadow Farming Minister has shown a militant side in regards to her vegan beliefs, suggesting that eating meat products should be handled no different than tobacco products in regards to health concerns. Kerry McCarthy shared that she feels eating meat is just as dangerous to an individual as puffing on a […]

Beyoncé Faces Major Backlash For GMA Announcement: What Happened?

Beyoncé was a special guest on Good Morning America after big promos promised that she’d have a major announcement. So fans waited with baited breath, guessing what she would say. Would she announce a new sibling for Blue Ivy? A new CD or tour? No, she announced the vegan diet plan that she followed. She […]

Carrie Underwood: Post Baby Body Flaunted In Calia Fitness Campaign, Credited To Vegan Diet And Exercise [Video]

Carrie Underwood has a post-baby body that’s earning awe. The country singer showed off her success in restoring her pre-baby body in a Calia fitness line campaign, reported People. Underwood’s new line of exercise attire, called “Calia by Carrie Underwood,” provided her with the opportunity to flaunt her fabulous figure. But Carrie admitted that […]

Al Sharpton’s Daughter Delete Debacle: $5 Million Sprained Ankle Lawsuit As Al Fat-Shames After 176-Pound Weight Loss

Al Sharpton’s daughter has been warned not to delete Instagram photos. The advisory to Dominique Sharpton comes from New York City lawyers who are following up on the 29-year-old’s lawsuit against the city for $5 million because of a sprained ankle, reported the Daily Mail. Although Al’s daughter declared that she experienced both physical pain […]

Natalie Portman: Daring Dress Symbolizes New Challenges For Vegan Actress, From Directing To ‘Jackie’ [Photos]

Natalie Portman got cheeky in a daring dress that displayed her derriere at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. Making her directorial debut, Natalie showed off her charm along with her new film, reported the Huffington Post. That film, A Tale of Love and Darkness, marked a new stage for Natalie as she unveiled it at […]

Natalie Portman: Daring Dress Displays Derriere At Cannes Film Festival For Vegan Actress’ Directing Debut [Photos]

Natalie Portman got attention for her daring dress at the Cannes International Film Festival. Giving onlookers a view of her derriere, Portman accompanied her display with a sassy smile, reported People. There was nothing accidental about the display of her big girl panties, however. Natalie’s Rodarte dress had a sheer-striped arrangement, deliberately designed to reveal […]

Carrie Underwood Baby Pic First Look: Son’s Name And Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Plan Revealed [Video]

Carrie Underwood provided the world with one of the cutest baby-on-the-way announcements ever (see below), and now the country superstar is getting croons for a photo of her new infant, reported E! News. NHL player, Mike Fisher, who plays center for the Nashville Predators, and Carrie decided to name their little boy after his father, […]

Pamela Anderson: Brandon Becomes His Mom Pam’s ‘Date’ For Red Carpet Gala After Third Split From Husband

Pamela Anderson and Brandon Lee turned heads at The Gunman premiere in Los Angeles as they waltzed down the red carpet. But Brandon isn’t just a typical date for the actress. He’s her 18-year-old son from her marriage with Tommy Lee, reported the Huffington Post. At 47, Anderson has earned fame as an actress in […]

What’s For Vegan Easter Dinner?

Grass? A ham-shaped brick of tofu? Maybe some lettuce…and more grass? Not so. Vegans can enjoy Easter dinner with their families with some proper preparation or coaching of the cook. Here are some ideas for vegan friendly dishes that even the most staunch carnivore will enjoy. The appetizer to share: Baba Ghanoush with vegetables and […]

Bodacious Beyonce Shares Wild Workout And Vegan Diet For First Lady’s ‘GimmeFive’ Campaign [Video]

Beyonce has become one of the few celebrities who are known only by their first name. From her perfect physique to her uber-famous songs, the woman who the world calls Queen Bey works hard to maintain her success. And now Beyonce is sharing the secrets to that flawless body, reported MSN. Responding to First Lady […]

Ex-Vegan Bill Clinton Talks Paleo Low-Carb Diet And Hillary For President — Is She Delaying Campaign? [Video]

When Rachael Ray announced that she had a special surprise on her talk show Thursday, the audience roared with delight when former President Bill Clinton strutted onto the stage. Clinton dished on topics ranging from why he’s no longer a vegan to addressing rumors that Hillary will run for president. And he also showed his […]

Chipotle Fans, Do You Want A Free Burrito? Here’s How You Can Get One This Month!

Over the past five years, Americans have altered their social eating habits until fast food and dine-in are no longer the norms. Thanks to restaurants that have the substance and taste of dine-in with the speed and efficiency of fast food, “fast casual” now sets the standard on what the social outing at a eatery […]

Ariana Grande And Andy Hurley Win Sexiest Vegetarians 2014: ‘I Love Animals More Than Most People’ [Video]

If you follow celebrities’ choices when it comes to weight loss and diets, you might want to consider going vegan or vegetarian. That’s the message from Peta2, which named Fall Out Boy drummer Andy Hurley and pop princess Ariana Grande as the sexiest vegetarians of 2014. The organization held a contest to determine the winners. […]