Mj Brewer


The best point of view to have is one of an open mind. MJ chooses to indulge in the events shaping the world, not because they're always pleasant -- they are not. But every event that takes place leaves a lesson behind we can choose to be educated with by stopping to understand. Throughout her life, MJ has observed and endured many situations others cannot grasp, either because they refuse to acknowledge the events or they've never been properly introduced to them. Stepping back to investigate world-changing affairs, she places them in front of you so that you too may have the opportunity of being better informed. Born back east, raised out west, traveling the continent from Mexico to Canada, MJ has been there and done that. Fortunately, she hasn't even melted the tip of the iceberg, for there's always much more to understand and learn from. Her goal is to utilize this gift as much as humanly possible. "There's no worse excuse for ignorance than denying the opportunity to learn something useful." ~ MJ Brewer

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