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‘Jeopardy’ ‘Zelda’ Question: Answers Rejected [Video]

'Jeopardy' 'Zelda' question rejected

A Jeopardy Zelda question’s answers were rejected and broke many a heart! The Final Jeopardy question: “The title Princess of this game, which launched a best-selling franchise, was named for F.Scott Fitzgerald’s wife.” Two of the three answers given were the name of the Princess, but not the title of the franchise, ending in them… Read more »

Legend Of Zelda Fan Movie Is Awesome, Probably Never Gonna Happen

The Legend Of Zelda Movie

The Legend of Zelda helped set the foundation for modern day role-playing games and even MMORPGs. Yet, despite the games popularity, there is not a Legend of Zelda movie. Sure, we could watch Mario Brothers 10 more times, but it’s simply not the same. To rectify the Legend of Zelda movie situation, a team of… Read more »

Awesome Dad Mods Zelda Game To Make Hero A Female

Awesome Dad Mods Zelda Game To Make Hero A Female

Mike Hoye loves playing games with his three-year-old daughter Maya, yet found himself frustrated by the lack of positive female role models. At first, Mike would adapt to the games he and Maya played together. When dad and daughter sat down to play The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker on the family Wii, Mike would… Read more »