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Lady In Wheelchair Attempts Escalator: You Know The Rest…

Wheelchair-bound lady takes a tumble after attempting an escalator

BOSTON, Mass – Surveillance cameras in Boston caught quite the quirky scene last weekend. On Friday, a woman in a wheelchair attempted to take an upwards-moving escalator, and as the title of this article suggests, you already know exactly how that turned out. According to WHDH, the lady took her tumble at around 10:00 a.m…. Read more »

Big Frame Raises $3 Million, Plans To Make YouTube Better

BigFrame on YouTube

YouTube channel development company Big Frame announced on Wednesday that it has raised $3 million in early funding from a group of various investors. The company which is less than one years old works with various YouTube users to grow their audience, produce additional revenue and showcase premium entertainment based content. While the company has… Read more »

Google Threatens To Sue YouTube To MP3 Conversion Website

YouTube MP3

Google isn’t happy with YouTube conversion websites and the company has begun threatening lawsuits against those web properties. If you’re unfamiliar with YouTube to MP3 conversion websites they allow users to input a YouTube Url and in exchange receive a downloadable MP3. The services are great for capturing concert footage or rare music you can’t… Read more »

YouTube To Start Renting Paramount Pictures Movies

YouTube Movie Rentals coming from Paramount Pictures

YouTube on Wednesday announced a deal that will allow the video streaming company to rent movies from Paramount Pictures, the fifth studio now lined up to partner with the world’s largest video sharing platform. The new partnership will start with Paramount offering nearly 500 movie titles to YouTube and Google Play users, the latter of… Read more »

Explaining YouTube

youtube ipad cats

Basically, this is the feeling you have every second you’re watching ...

Explaining SOPA

sopa youtube

If you thought a downed Wikipedia was scary, imagine a world with no kitty ...