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John McAfee On Viral Video: ‘I Did The Best I Could At A Paranoid Rant’

McAfee hasn't been with the anti-virus company in over 15 years.

John McAfee has finally spoken out about his interesting YouTube video that has become a viral sensation this week. The founder of McAfee anti-virus software company hasn’t worked for the business in over 15 years, but that didn’t stop him from putting together an out-of-this-world skit that features drugs, guns, and young women who want… Read more »

Matt Skuta Records One Second From His Daily Activities [Video]

Matt Skuta Records One Second From His Daily Activities [Video]

Matt Skuta is taking the Internet by storm thanks to the video project he has undertaken; the Oklahoma resident records one second of his day-to-day life and edits it together to make interesting online vids. Although there isn’t just one video of him doing this, his latest installment, which was posted just over 20 hours… Read more »

Dwayne Wade Surprises Fan, Shows Up At Her Prom

Dwayne Wade Prom Date

A few weeks ago, Nicole Muxo took to YouTube in the hopes that she could convince NBA all-star Dwayne Wade to show up at her prom. Muxo hadn’t heard anything from Wade, so she went ahead and accepted another invitation. Last night, the Miami Heat star accepted Muxo’s offer, showing up at her prom night… Read more »

Nintendo Claims Ownership On YouTube Videos

Nintendo lays claim to YouTube videos

Nintendo is laying claim to YouTube videos. In a new effort to cash in wherever they can, Nintendo is claiming the copyrights on all YouTube videos containing their intellectual property. This means that all of those “Let’s Play” videos featuring their games will redirect the revenue to Nintendo instead of the channel owners. YouTube channel… Read more »

YouTube Paid Subscriptions Begin

YouTube begins paid subscriptions

YouTube paid subscriptions have begun. It seems paid video feed has gone a step further today. Movie and TV hosting is nothing new to the internet, with Netflix and Amazon Video, and now YouTube has taken a leap into seeing how it can make more money off its services. YouTube won’t be taking on the… Read more »

YouTube Shutdown Prank Features Site’s Big Stars

youtube shutdown prank

It’s April Fools’ Day, the internet’s biggest and most celebrated holiday, and a YouTube shutdown prank has joined the fray of tech companies pulling gags on users and visitors. The stunts seem to start earlier each year, and, in a blog post yesterday, the YouTube shutdown prank was announced by the video service. YouTube played… Read more »

Viral Video: Woman Collapses Due To Brain Freeze [Video]

Brain Freeze

A video featuring a woman collapsing after taking part in a brain freeze competition has suddenly gone viral. It would appear that she was involved in an event where contestants had to consume a large iced-drink as quickly as possible through a straw. The video has become hugely popular over the last few days even… Read more »

YouTube Now Serves One Billion Visitors Per Month


YouTube is now the home of one billion monthly visitors. Funny videos, tutorials, highly touted documentaries, music videos — pretty much every type of video a user could want — can be found on the social video website. The networks incredible growth is thanks in no small part to its availability on a myriad of… Read more »