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Avril Lavigne’s ‘Racist’ Video Got Parodied [Video]

"Hey there, Beaver," Tess Paras' Avril Lavigne Parody.

The internet was up in arms when punk rocker Avril Lavigne released the music video to her new song “Hello Kitty.” Avril’s video featured a litany of racist Asian stereotypes and blatant, shameless pandering. Lavigne was slammed by both critics and internet-users alike for her insensitive content. Now it seems the people of the web… Read more »

Mark Malkoff Performs Random Acts Of Kindness To New Yorkers [VIDEO]

Random Acts of Kindness

A random act of kindness can surely brighten someone’s day. It is probably the rarest form of sincerity shown to people that, when it does happen to people, they usually respond with doubt or don’t know how to respond at all. However, Mark Malkoff, a famous comedian and filmmaker, teamed up with Mashable and Asus… Read more »

Game Of Thrones: The Pugs Of Westeros [VIDEO]

Pugs of Westeros

When it comes to news here on The Inquisitr, we have plenty of articles on HBO’s Game of Thrones. Now whether those articles are breaking news, such as the spoilers by George R.R. Martin, gossip and celebrity stuff, such as the queen visiting the set, or just funny cool stuff like actor and actress selfies,… Read more »

The Best Third Wheel In The World [VIDEO]

Best Third Wheel In The World

Being the third wheel is usually an awkward situation. For most couples, inviting a third wheel to hang out isn’t because they want an awkward situation in the first place. Most of the time, they are just being sympathetic to you being single. For a single person, being around a couple constantly showing affection can… Read more »

Always Wants ‘Like A Girl’ To Mean Amazing Things [VIDEO]


In our society, the term “like a girl” is usually associated negatively, such as “hit like a girl” or “run like a girl.” In short, it is usually associated with weakness or inferiority. But why? Why is it that such a term even exists? Is it because of the relational view with the masculine and… Read more »

The SciShow Explains How Animals Re-Grow Limbs [VIDEO]


The Youtube channel SciShow recently made a video showing viewers how some animals are able to re-grow limbs. In a related report by The Inquisitr, regeneration of limbs for humans might be possible in the next decade with the help of stem cell research. Right now, the ground-breaking research has been linked to muscle regeneration…. Read more »

Giant Bubbles Popping In Slow Motion Is Mesmerizing [VIDEO]


YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys recently released their latest slow mo video of giant bubbles popping… and it is quite mesmerizing! In recent articles by The Inquisitr, we reported on watching many things in slow motion for your entertainment. This includes watching paint explode and skateboard tricks. Personally, I really enjoy watching our slow… Read more »

UALR Baseball Coach Resigns After Expletive-Laden Meltdown


University of Arkansas at Little Rock baseball coach Scott Norwood has resigned from his position after Deadspin obtained audio of the coach having an expletive-laden meltdown on his players — following a win (Deadspin‘s audio player cannot be embedded. You’ll need to click over to the site to listen to the full recording). Deadspin reports… Read more »

Lana Del Rey’s ‘Brooklyn Baby’ Is An Ode To Hipsters

Lana Del Rey "Brooklyn Baby"

Lana Del Rey is certainly excited to release her follow-up album to Born To Die next week. The sultry singer has been teasing tracks off her sophomore record all month, and her latest, “Brooklyn Baby,” can only be refered to as “a devotional to hipsters”. In typical Lana fashion, a few of the memorable lyrics… Read more »

Jimmy Fallon Dethrones Kimmel as King of the Viral Video

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon is proving that he has staying power. The new Tonight Show host has been receiving a slew of rave reviews and positive feedback, with the highest praise coming from former Tonight Show host Jay Leno. What is it about Fallon that’s making it work so well? First of all, he’s likable. He’s lighthearted… Read more »

Viral Video Proves You Don’t Mess With An Indian Father

Indian Kid Prank

Since the advent of the internet and YouTube, video pranking has become very popular among the youth of India. Youngsters are trying to think of outrageous gags and elaborate plans to trick their friends and family, then video tape the mayhem that follows. However, when an Indian youth thought of pranking his father, the plan… Read more »

Google-YouTube Is Totally Buying Twitch For $1B. Here’s Why


Get ready to have Google Now suggest ways for you to not suck so bad at Spelunky. According to new reports, Google’s YouTube is in talks to buy the Twitch video game-streaming service for a cool billion. This is the sort of thing where neither company will say anything until the ink is well dried… Read more »