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‘The Dark Knight Legacy’ Fan Film Hits YouTube [Video]

'The Dark Knight Legacy' fan film hits YouTube

“The Dark Knight Legacy” is one of the latest fan films to hit YouTube, and apparently picks up where The Dark Knight Rises left off. At the end of The Dark Knight Rises, we were left with the question of how the movie could tie in with the upcoming Justice League film, or if it… Read more »

George Takei YouTube Channel ‘TakeisTake’ Has Begun [Video]

George Takei YouTube channel 'TakeiTakes' launches

The new George Takei YouTube channel has been launched. It’s called TakeisTake, and it’s basically the video equivalent of what you might expect from the Star Trek alumni. In the first episode of George Takei‘s new YouTube channel, Takei takes on Google Glass and even features some interesting cameos such as iJustine and Lamarr Wilson…. Read more »

YouTube Proposal: Philip DeFranco Pops The Question [Video]

YouTube proposal between Philip DeFranco and Lindsay Doty

A YouTube proposal recently saw site superstar Philip DeFranco popping the question. Anyone who’s been on YouTube for any good duration of time knows about Philip DeFranco, AKA sxephil, one of the leading sources of news on the social vlogging site. In case you don’t know what vlogging is, it’s an amalgamation of “video” and… Read more »

YouTube ‘Geek Week': Top Ten Superheroes You’ve Never Heard Of [Video]

YouTube 'Geek Week' announces the top ten superheroes you've never heard of

YouTube “Geek Week” has now introduced the top ten superheroes you’ve never heard of. When you think of superheroes, you usually think of Batman, Spider-Man, the Avengers, the X-Men, Wolverine, and the like. However, with help from celebrity notables Simon Pegg (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Star Trek Into Darkness) and Nick Frost (Shaun Of The… Read more »

YouTube Celebrates Geek Week, Unveils New Easter Egg


Remember when you used to excitedly grab your remote control to thumb over the main menu of your DVD in hopes to find a cool Easter egg? Since then Easter eggs have been used as an extra way for developers to engage with their fan base. We’ve seen Easter eggs in games, websites, and now… Read more »

‘Naruto’ Fake Trailer Hits YouTube For Geek Week [Video]

'Naruto' fake trailer hits YouTube for Geek Week

A Naruto fake trailer has hit YouTube just in time for Geek Week. YouTube celebrity Nigahiga is known for his parody videos, and got his boost almost a decade ago by simply being Japanese on YouTube. However, Ryan Higa didn’t rest on just that simple demographic to maintain his fame. The video released this week… Read more »

‘Star Wars': Patton Oswalt’s Animated Rant Hits YouTube [Video]

'Star Wars' Patton Oswalt animated rant

Patton Oswalt ranted about Star Wars recently, and it was turned into an animated YouTube video. Long-time fans of Patton Oswalt may remember his standup rant on what George Lucas did with the Star Wars prequels. The comedian talked about a hypothetical situation where the previous Star Wars head honcho approached him with the idea… Read more »

Xbox One To Support Gameplay Capture Devices

Xbox One will support gameplay capture devices

Xbox One will support gameplay capture devices. Microsoft can be accused of doing a lot of things wrong in this console war. They have flip-flopped on issues such as used game DRM, family sharing, and headphone support so many times that we never know what they’re actually going to do. However, Microsoft isn’t blind to… Read more »

Kirk Cameron Fights Facebook Movie Ban And Wins

His upcoming movie was banned after being marked as spam.

Kirk Cameron recently had his upcoming film, Unstoppable, banned from Facebook after the popular social networking site labelled the content as spam. The 42-year-old actor immediately sprung into action once he was informed of the ban and fans began pouring in support. “This is my most personal film about faith, hope, and love, and about… Read more »

‘Man Of Steel': ‘How It Should Have Ended’ Hits YouTube [Video]

'Man of Steel' lands 'How It Should Have Ended' video on YouTube

Man of Steel has landed a “How It Should Have Ended” video on YouTube! For those not familiar with YouTube‘s “How It Should Have Ended,” on the HISHEdotcom channel, animators take popular movies and analyze how they went, and then come up with a more feasible or funny scenario that would have made the movie… Read more »

Seattle Gay Pride Protesters Attack Street Preachers

Seattle Gay Pride Protesters Attack Street Preachers At Rally, Make YouTube

Seattle Gay Pride protesters attacked a group of street preachers at Pride Fest in a YouTube video uploaded on July 1. The video runs close to six minutes in length, and the violent portion begins at about the 2:35 mark after which officers from the Seattle Police Department arrive on the scene and question the… Read more »

YouTube Criticized For Profiting From Illegal Content

Google Ads

YouTube is under fire for running ads during videos that contain illegal content. Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning and Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt recently sent a letter to the folks at Google after discovering the company is making money from ads displayed during some of the questionable clips uploaded to the video site. Bruning… Read more »

YouTube And Vevo Sign New Multi-Year Agreement

YouTube and Vevo New Contract

Google controlled YouTube and music video provider Vevo have agreed to a new multi-year deal. According to reports, the new deal is worth somewhere north of $40 to $50 million. The new agreement will also see Google investing more money in the actual Vevo platform. By signing a new multi-year deal, Google ensures that Vevo… Read more »

John McAfee On Viral Video: ‘I Did The Best I Could At A Paranoid Rant’

McAfee hasn't been with the anti-virus company in over 15 years.

John McAfee has finally spoken out about his interesting YouTube video that has become a viral sensation this week. The founder of McAfee anti-virus software company hasn’t worked for the business in over 15 years, but that didn’t stop him from putting together an out-of-this-world skit that features drugs, guns, and young women who want… Read more »

Matt Skuta Records One Second From His Daily Activities [Video]

Matt Skuta Records One Second From His Daily Activities [Video]

Matt Skuta is taking the Internet by storm thanks to the video project he has undertaken; the Oklahoma resident records one second of his day-to-day life and edits it together to make interesting online vids. Although there isn’t just one video of him doing this, his latest installment, which was posted just over 20 hours… Read more »

Dwayne Wade Surprises Fan, Shows Up At Her Prom

Dwayne Wade Prom Date

A few weeks ago, Nicole Muxo took to YouTube in the hopes that she could convince NBA all-star Dwayne Wade to show up at her prom. Muxo hadn’t heard anything from Wade, so she went ahead and accepted another invitation. Last night, the Miami Heat star accepted Muxo’s offer, showing up at her prom night… Read more »

Nintendo Claims Ownership On YouTube Videos

Nintendo lays claim to YouTube videos

Nintendo is laying claim to YouTube videos. In a new effort to cash in wherever they can, Nintendo is claiming the copyrights on all YouTube videos containing their intellectual property. This means that all of those “Let’s Play” videos featuring their games will redirect the revenue to Nintendo instead of the channel owners. YouTube channel… Read more »

YouTube Paid Subscriptions Begin

YouTube begins paid subscriptions

YouTube paid subscriptions have begun. It seems paid video feed has gone a step further today. Movie and TV hosting is nothing new to the internet, with Netflix and Amazon Video, and now YouTube has taken a leap into seeing how it can make more money off its services. YouTube won’t be taking on the… Read more »