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Zoe The Border Collie: Pretty Sure This Dog Is A Ninja

Zoe The Border Collie Amazing Tricks

Zoe the Border Collie is not your typical dog. The border collie has taken YouTube by storm thanks to an arsenal of more than 50 different tricks. The now famous dog doesn’t just shake a paw and play dead. Instead, Zoe handles handstands, backflips, ring tosses, and even hopping on her hind legs. Zoe also… Read more »

Lady Gaga Loses Millions Of YouTube Views

Lady Gaga loses millions of views on YouTube

Lady Gaga has lost several millions of views on YouTube after the site cleared out what were considered “fake statistics” built by bots and hackers. Some lesser known YouTube channel owners have used bots as a way to beef up their view counts, but Lady Gaga is not one of them. Lady Gaga is a… Read more »

Chick Bank Robber Hannah Sabata Arrested After YouTube Boasting

Chick Bank Robber Hannah Sabata Arrested After YouTube Boasting

“Chick Bank Robber” Hannah Sabata made the silly mistake of boasting about her bank robbery exploits on YouTube. In the video clip that is sure to go viral, the Chick Bank Robber boasted that “it was the best day of my life” and is seen fanning herself with a wad of cash that she said… Read more »

Gangnam Style Christmas Lights Go Viral

Christmas decorations go "Gangnam Style"

Every time we write a “Gangnam Style” article, we declare that the viral hit by South Korean entertainer PSY has reached its peak, and every single time, we’re wrong. Case in point: Below you’ll find a video of a Christmas light display synced to “Gangnam Style” put up by a guy with way too much… Read more »

Wii U Receives Amazon Instant And YouTube Video Support

Nintendo Wii U Gets Video Partners

The Nintendo Wii U sold through a record number of pre-order units, and the system continues to remain a hot ticket item. With sales increasing for the Wii U, Nintendo on Thursday announced the release of Google YouTube and Amazon Instant Play Apps for the popular gaming console. The new Google YouTube app doesn’t allow… Read more »

Boys Football League Dominated By … 9-Year-Old Girl [Videos]

Sam Gordon, 9-year-old football great

Who says girls can’t play football with the big boys? Sam Gordon, 9-years-old, is taking the internet by storm today with her mad football skills. She’s a running back in the Gremlin Division of mostly 9-year-old kids in the Salt Lake City area. This just isn’t some video of a cute kid making a touchdown…. Read more »

It’s A ‘Gangnam Style’ Halloween (Video)


There is a house in Leesburg, Virginia that has gone viral with their “Gangnam Style” halloween decorations. According to the Huffington Post, Brandon Bullis, the genius creator of this extravagant show, has spent the last year planning and putting together the big Halloween “Gangnam Style” show. Bullis’ spectacular creation owned by YouTube user Edwards Landing… Read more »