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Violent Clown Attacks Terrorize France, Causing Widespread Panic


As fake clowns cause fear and panic in France, police now have been placed on high alert as reported by the Guardian. The local newspaper, Daupiné Liberé, wrote, “These clowns aren’t funny anymore.” There is no humor in acts of violence. The evil clowns are committing crimes causing an increase in vigilante responses. This makes… Read more »

Bikers Taunt Officer On California Interstate [VIDEO]

Bikers taunt officer on California Interstate.

A video was posted to YouTube Tuesda, by user “gurustunts,” showing a group of bikers on an interstate speeding and doing stunts then taunting an officer that attempted to calm them. The incident took place on Interstate 680 in California and was initially recorded on October 11. The video showed several of the bikers speeding,… Read more »

Sam Pepper Scandal: What Can YouTube Do To Control Its Harassment-Prank Problem?

Sam Pepper Sexual Harassment Scandal

Sam Pepper’s controversial “bum-pinching” videos may have been taken down by YouTube, but the ongoing scandal shines an uncomfortable light on the social media site and its treatment of sexual harassment allegations. Even before accusations were made against Pepper, attention was called to YouTube’s potentially poor handling of harassment complaints. A report created by the… Read more »

YouTube Butt Pincher Sam Pepper: Teen Claims He Asked Her For Nude Photos

Sam Pepper facing sexual harassment claims after butt pinching video

Sam Pepper, the British YouTube prankster who’s “Fake Hand A*s Pinch” offended women around the world, is now being hit with sexual harassment claims by young women who say he harassed them both online and in person. Earlier this week, The Inquistr reported the controversy over Pepper’s video — a still from which is shown… Read more »

Five Million Gmail Accounts Hacked

Google at work

Nearly 5 million Gmail accounts and their accompanying passwords were reportedly stolen and leaked online, according to The International Business Times. The majority of the users were based in Russia, but some English and Spanish speaking Gmail users have had their log-in credentials stolen as well. The details are still unclear on what information was… Read more »

Great Dane Hissy Fit Reminds Us Why We Love Dogs

Great Dane Hissy Fit Sounds Demonic And Hilarious

A Great Dane hissy fit video has captured the love of Reddit, making it to the top of the front page at the time of this post, and reminding us why we love dogs so much. As with any canine tantrum, this one doesn’t have its roots in any kind of important world affair, but… Read more »

Guillermo Del Toro To Judge ‘YouTube Spaces’ House Of Horrors Initiative

YouTube Spaces Legendary Contest

Guillermo del Toro is arguably the most prolifically creative mind working in film today, and yet he still has the time to help out young filmmakers. This morning, YouTube announced their upcoming House of Horrors: A Legendary Halloween, and none other than Guillermo del Toro will be judging the performances, according to The Nerdist. Legendary… Read more »

‘Madden’ Glitch Puts Tiny Little Player Up Against The Big Boys


In real life, Cleveland Browns linebacker Christian Kirksey is six feet, two inches tall and weighs 235 pounds (according to But in Madden15, thanks to a glitch, he’s rendered a mere 14 inches tall and playing for the Tennessee Titans, ESPN is reporting. Gamers have taken to calling the glitch ‘The Tiny Titan,’ and… Read more »

Islamic Militia Claims It Has ‘Secured’ U.S. Embassy in Tripoli

islamists parada at the us embassy in tripoli

A Libyan militia group claims that it has “secured” the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, Fox News is reporting. Dawn of Libya, an organization consisting of militants from several organizations, announced that it had claimed the embassy, which has been evacuated for a month. The group posted a video showing men playing in the embassy’s pool…. Read more »

Little Girl Has Something To Say About ‘Hello Kitty’ Revelation

Watch a little girl say how she feels about the idea that Hello Kitty is not a cat.

It was recently announced by Sanrio, the company that owns the Hello Kitty brand, that Hello Kitty is not actually a cat. Interviews with Christine R. Yano, an anthropologist and expert on all things Hello Kitty, brought out her perspective on the topic: “Hello Kitty is not a cat. She’s a cartoon character. She is… Read more »