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Colorado Prepares For Legal Marijuana Sales [Video]

Colorado Marijuana

With New Year’s only a day away, the Colorado Rockies are about to get a lot higher. Marijuana will be available for retail purchase after the first of the year. Colorado and Washington State made the historic move of completely legalizing marijuana back in November of 2012 and now the law is about to be… Read more »

James Lee DiMaggio May Be Armed With Explosives, Police Say

James Lee DiMaggio may be armed with explosives according to police.

The bizarre case of James Lee Dimaggio keeps getting stranger by the day, and now police are saying that he may be armed with explosives, and, if anyone in the public comes across his car, they should use extreme caution. DiMaggio is wanted for allegedly kidnapping 16-year-old Hannah Anderson and her 8-year-old brother Ethan. The… Read more »

DEA Raids In Seattle Answer Question About Feds And ‘Legal Marijuana’

Marijuana Pipe Found in Burger King Kid's Meal Discovered By 4-Year-Old's Grandfather

This week’s DEA raids in Seattle have in part addressed the question of if or when federal drug enforcement agents with the Drug Enforcement Agency would supersede state laws allowing for legal recreational use of marijuana. Washington State passed unusually liberal pot laws last November, but the DEA raids in Seattle have evidenced that the… Read more »

Washington Earthquakes Happen More Often Than You Think

Earthquakes In Washington Common

While earthquakes in Washington aren’t all that uncommon, they rarely cause damage. Such was the case when a 4.3 tremor hit 16 miles north of Leavenworth in the central part of the state. While the quake, which was 6.33 miles deep, happened at 7:45 pm local time and was felt through most of the state…. Read more »

Facebook Kidnapping Trap By Parents Catches Predator

Facebook Kidnapping Attempt Twarted By 15-Year-Old Girl's Parents

A Facebook kidnapping attempt was thwarted by savvy parents who found that their 15-year-old daughter was having an inappropriate online relationship with a man twice her age. After learning of the relationship, which began in April, parents forced their daughter to end talking to the man. However, the man didn’t know that. Posing as their… Read more »

Woman Literally Lives On Sunlight, Water, And Air [Video]

woman live on sunlight

Seattle, WA – Navenna Shine has made a rather unconventional diet decision. She has given up food for a period of four to six months to subsist exclusively on sunshine, water, and air. The reason? To see if the human body can live on sunlight, of course. Shine is the founder of Living on Light… Read more »

Former Police Chief Dies After Being Tased

Taser X26

Washington, PA – Former police chief, 49-year-old Darryl Briston, was pronounced dead, after an altercation with officers. Briston had been fired from his job as police chief of Rankin, Pennsylvania in 2003 after being convicted of stealing more than $5,000. While attending the Meadows Racetrack and Casino in Washington County, Washington, Pennsylvania last weekend, Briston… Read more »

Controversial Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Inscription To Be Removed

Controversial Martin Luthor King Jr. Memorial Inscription To Be Removed

Federal officials announced Tuesday that the controversial “drum major” inscription on the side of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington will be removed. According to CNN, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said that the decision was made when a “range of stakeholders” agreed on the decision. Initial plans were for the quote to be… Read more »

Robert Griffin III Doesn’t Have ACL Injury, Could Play Next Week

RG3 ACL Injury

Washington Redskin fans can breath a sigh of relief: Starting quarterback Robert Griffin III does not require major knee surgery. Team doctors have revealed that an MRI on Griffin’s knee shows no signs of an ACL tear. Team spokesman Tony Wyllie ruled out the ACL injury and said Redskins coach Mike Shanahan will provide an… Read more »

Marijuana Now Legal In Washington, Still Illegal To Grow Or Sell

Marijuana sales in Washington

As the count clocked down to midnight in Seattle, Washington on Wednesday night, pot smokers lined the streets around the Space Needle in celebration of a new law that allows them to smoke small amounts of marijuana in public. Washington State and Colorado both recently legalized marijuana, although some hurdles still exist for the legal… Read more »