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Cop Shoots Unarmed Men: Olympia, Washington Shooting Prompts Protests

cop shoots unarmed men

An Olympia cop shot unarmed men and Washington residents reacted in protest. The two unarmed black men, who are stepbrothers, were suspected of stealing beer from a local grocery store. Hundreds of residents marched on the streets of the state capital to register their thoughts about the police shooting. The Olympia shooting protests have remained… Read more »

GOP Women Revolt Over Popular Abortion Bill

Congresswoman Renee Ellmers derails abortion bill at the last minute.

A popular but somewhat controversial abortion bill that was due to hit the House floor this week has been dropped, after a small number of GOP women revolted on Capitol Hill, sparking outrage from pro-life supporters and the Republican mainstream. A bill that would have addressed what many have termed as the “barbaric” practice of… Read more »

Pope Francis Weighs In On Man-Made Global Warming

Pope Francis urges leaders to take action on man made global warming.

Pope Francis spoke out on man-made global warming ahead of climate talks, and encouraged leaders to take the necessary actions to protect the environment. Speaking to media aboard the Papal plane as he was en-route to the Philippines, Pope Francis shared his thoughts on a variety of current issues, including the dire state of the… Read more »

Washington Town Bans Swings From School Playgrounds

Playground Swings

The playgrounds that we adults used to play on are becoming a thing of the past; steel bars embedded in concrete have given way to kinder, gentler playthings surrounded by cedar chips or squishy rubber. And now, as far as a school district in Washington (state) is concerned, it’s time for the swings to go,… Read more »

West Coast Invasion Of Jellyfish-Like Creatures

Jellyfish-like creatures have been washing ashore all along the North American West Coast.

Jellyfish-like creatures have been washing up on the west coast shores of North America all summer. It started in Washington and Oregon, billions of small creatures began washing up on the beaches. They could easily be mistaken for jellyfish, but they are actually called “by-the-wind sailors” or “Velella velella.” “The scientific name is Velella velella,”… Read more »