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Russia: Poised For War Or Bully Posturing?

Russian Battle Cruiser

Amid increased tensions over Ukraine and nuclear arms treaties, the recent posturing by Russian military and political leaders has many concerned about the possibility of escalated conflicts or all out war. As reported by the Inquisitr, Russia’s political contingent recently showed up for the G20 summit in Australia accompanied by a flotilla of warships. Russian… Read more »

Vladimir Putin Spanks Barack Obama — In Russian Propaganda Art!

Russian Propaganda Art Show

It is well-known that the relationship between United States president Barack Obama and Russian president Vladimir Putin isn’t exactly the best. Most of the time, they seem to volley power moves back and forth at each other in representation of their respective countries. The Inquisitr reported numerous times on their political squabble, such as Putin… Read more »

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17: Australia Intel Proves Russia Shot Down MH17, Abbott Tells Putin

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Australia Putin and Abbott

Australia became the latest country to accuse Russia of shooting down Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, when on Tuesday, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott revealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin that Australian intelligence information points the finger directly at his country. Abbott confronted Putin directly with the revelation at the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) summit conference… Read more »

Russia Sending More Troops, Heavy Weapons Into Ukraine As Conflict Intensifies

Russia Ukraine Conflict

Russia is reportedly sending troops and heavy weapons into areas of Ukraine controlled by pro-Russia rebels, intensifying the conflict and stoking fears that Russia could invade further into Europe. On Sunday, the Ukrainian military reported “intensive” movement of troops and equipment, with reports of 20 trucks headed to the rebel-held city of Donetsk. AFP reporters… Read more »

Chelsea Handler Quits Instagram After Topless Pic Removed

Chelsea Handler Nixes Instagram

Chelsea Handler is saying “Adios” to Instagram after a topless pic making fun of Vladimir Putin was removed from her account. The author-comedienne, who can be seen in the special Uganda Be Kidding Me on Netflix, bid farewell with one final post on Halloween night. The post was of her two dogs in party garb… Read more »

Vladimir Putin Does Not Have Pancreatic Cancer, Confirms Kremlin Spokesman


Vladimir Putin does not have pancreatic cancer, according to a Kremlin spokesman, who warned the inquisitive reporter to “bite their tongue,” after asking him the question. Dmitry Peskov, a representative for Putin, responded to speculation in the media that the President was unwell, telling RIA Novosti journalists they, “shouldn’t bank on it,” adding, less aggressively,… Read more »

Chelsea Handler Uses Topless Pic To Mock Vladimir Putin And Fight Instagram


Chelsea Handler found a creative way to fight against Vladimir Putin and Instagram recently with a single picture – of her riding horseback topless! The 39-year old comedian posted this picture (the “uncensored” version) of herself completely topless while riding a horse on her official Instagram profile Thursday along with a taunting caption. “Anything a… Read more »

Russian Bombers Intercepted By NATO, World War 3 Warning?

russian warplanes

Russian bombers were intercepted by NATO jets following a series of “unusual air activity” over the Baltic, North Sea, Atlantic and the Black Sea. NATO planes were reportedly scrambled to “shadow” the Russian bombers flying over the Black Sea and the Atlantic, as well at Vladimir Putin’s fighter planes over the Baltic. The Russian fighters… Read more »