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Duggar Sons Selling T-Shirts — Newest Duggar Financial Scheme

Duggar family not working, selling t-shirts.

Since Josh Duggar’s decade-old crimes came to light, things have changed dramatically for the Duggar family. People who formerly supported them have stepped back. People who already disapproved of the Duggar family (either due to their religion, their anti-gay politics, or simply their large family in a world with population problems) have spoken out more… Read more »

Is The Duggar Family Going Broke? Maybe Not


The financial status of the Duggar family, rocked by scandal in recent weeks, is the subject of much speculation. This week, some sources alleged the family was broke, and others indicated the opposite. Numerous outlets, including Design and Trend, have written about the request for support added to the Duggar YouTube channel. In the wake… Read more »

Duggar Family Problems Pile Up: Lawsuits, FCC Complaints, And More

More Duggar family secrets, falsehoods, ad coverups revealed!

It seems the Duggar family’s fame was built on a flimsy foundation, and like a row of dominoes, once the first flick sent the first lie toppling down, a chain reaction began. Now, it seems unlikely the family will ever return to TLC, as one revelation after another arises. The latest? A possible lawsuit from… Read more »

Duggar Family Lawyers Up: Are They Protecting Josh, Or The Show?

Duggar family: do they fear losing their show?

The Duggar family has reportedly hired a lawyer. The family is still under investigation by Child Services, and has hinted at suing over the release of Josh Duggar’s 2006 police report, so it’s no great surprise that they are seeking legal avice. The surprising part is that the chosen attorney is not in family law… Read more »

Dan Savage Wants ‘Duggar’ To Be The Next ‘Santorum’

Savage was previously reponsible for Rick Santorum's notorious "Google problem."

Political commentator and sex advice columnist Dan Savage is attempting to do to the same thing to the Duggar family that he successfully did to Rick Santorum, reaching out to the internet in an attempt to redefine their last name. The Duggars have been in the media spotlight ever since a report came to light… Read more »

Rick Santorum “Sickened” By Duggar Child Molestation Claims

Santorum Duggars

Rick Santorum told ABC’s Good Morning America that he was “sickened” by reports that Josh Duggar, reality TV star on 19 Kids And Counting, molested underage girls, including some of his sisters, while he was a teenager. Rick Santorum has been in the spotlight after he announced this week that he would run for the… Read more »

Why TLC Can’t Pull The Plug On Their Beloved Duggar Family

Why TLC won't cancel '19 Kids and Counting.'

In wake of the Josh Duggar sexual abuse scandal, TLC has decided to pull 19 Kids and Counting from its lineup. Now it looks like the network is having a change of heart. TLC is deciding to continue the show but without Josh Duggar. The show may even change its title from 19 Kids and… Read more »