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‘Big Bang Theory’ Cast Pay Astronomical, But Not Uncommon

Big Bang Pay Raise

The news has been out for roughly a day now, but in case you didn’t hear it, Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, and Kaley Cuoco of CBS’ The Big Bang Theory have more than tripled their salaries to one million dollars per episode. The trio’s previous deals saw them collect $300,000 per episode. Mind you that… Read more »

True Detective Finale Brings HBO GO To Its Knees, Fans Overwhelm Server

True Detective Season One Stunning Finale

True Detective, the HBO cop series that brought a pair of Hollywood heavyweights to the small screen for an eight-episode mini-series blending brooding character study, vaguely existentialist philosophy, obscure literary references and a convoluted serial killer plot — oh yeah, and plenty of sex — turned out to be a winning formula for the pay… Read more »

‘James Gandolfini Day’ Declared In Park Ridge, N.J.


James Gandolfini was honored on Sunday by having a stretch of Park Avenue in Park Ridge, N.J. re-named for him. The unveiling ceremony was held in the Ridge Diner, which has a particular association with Gandolfini as the place where he used to hang out on Friday nights when he was a child. The event… Read more »

James Gandolfini’s First Movie Role Footage Surfaces [Video]

James Gandolfini's first film

The late James Gandolfini’s screen debut was in a NYU student film called Eddy which was made for $10,000 in 1989. Never-before-seen footage of James Gandolfini’s first movie role in Eddy has surfaced via London’s Daily Mail. The film was directed by David Matalon who later went on to produce What’s Eating Gilbert Grape among… Read more »

Doctors Spent 40 Minutes Trying To Resuscitate James Gandolfini

James Gandolfini death in Rome

When James Gandolfini arrived at the Rome hospital to which he was taken after suffering a heart attack, emergency doctors worked for 40 minutes trying to resuscitate him before pronouncing him dead, the emergency room chief said on Thursday. Gandolfini, 51, was on vacation in Rome and was scheduled to attend the closing ceremonies at… Read more »

Edie Falco Talks On-Screen Love-Affair With James Gandolfini

"The Sopranos" is considered one of the best written shows of all-time.

Edie Falco starred as James Gandolfini’s wife for six seasons in the popular HBO series The Sopranos. She’s now speaking out about her late friend, who passed away in Italy this week during a trip with his son due to a possible heart attack. During the show, Falco and Gandolfini played Tony and Carmela Soprano,… Read more »