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Volvo To Release Self-Driving Cars In Two Years


Volvo unveiled Thursday its plans to release self-driving cars in two years, joining Google, Tesla, and other tech industries in their ambitious quest to turn roads driver-free. According to, the Swedish car maker has already proposed designs for the self-driving cars, which they claim is already ready for consumer consumption within two years time…. Read more »

Julian Assange Stakeout Costs Britain $14M

Julian Assange at Ecuadorian Embassy London

The Ecuadorian Embassy in London has been the home of Julian Assange, most well-known as the founder of Wikileaks, for about two years; ever since Assange went there to claim asylum from a warrant issued in Sweden. Julian has publicly claimed that the sexual assault charges there are bogus and were created so that he… Read more »

Stray Dog Joins Adventure Team, Follows Them Through Amazon Jungle

Despite the difficult terrain, Arthur refused to leave the team's side.

A team of Swedish athletes competing in a grueling race through the jungles of Ecuador befriended a miserable-looking stray dog, and were astonished when the animal joined up with their group, tackling the daunting terrain to follow them to the finish. As the Washington Post reports, Team Peak Performance was preparing for the final two… Read more »

Milk Study Calls Into Question Those ‘Does A Body Good’ Claims

Milk Study Shines Negative Light On Popular Drink

A milk study conducted by Uppsala University in Sweden has called in to question those famous “does a body good” claims that fans of the popular drink have been making for years. The study, originally published in the British Medical Journal and first reported online by the Washington Post, found that “consuming more milk could… Read more »

Pharrell Williams Rapper, Record Producer, Fashion Designer… Feminist ?

Pharrell Williams

Perhaps you know Pharrell Williams as the sharp, cool, overtly sexualized star/rapper, but what you may not know is that Pharrell is also sensitive to the plight of the fairer sex. On Saturday night, Pharrell was performing in the Stockholm Globe Arena and invited the leader of Sweden’s Feminist Initiative party, Gundrun Schyman, on stage… Read more »

Julian Assange Leaving Ecuadorian Embassy In London “Soon”

Assange will leave the Ecuadorian embassy to seek medical treatment

Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange is a notorious figure even now, two years after he disappeared through the doors of the Ecuadorian embassy in London. He’s been living inside the building ever since, granted diplomatic immunity by Ecuador in August 2012. Today, after two years of self-imposed imprisonment, he met with the press to announce that… Read more »

Homeless Man’s Original Song Amazes Crowd, Video Goes Viral

doug seegers

A homeless man’s original song stuns the crowd, as well as those who have watched the viral video of the chance encounter. Doug Seegers has reportedly had a rough journey through life, one that ultimately ended in homelessness. The homeless man’s song has been widely praised as the next great blues title and has given… Read more »

Check Out Stockholm’s Amazing Subway, ‘Most Beautiful’ In The World

Dragunov's photographs caused an outpouring of thanks from Stockholm residents, who saw their subway system in a new light

Subways are not generally known for their beauty, but architectural photographer Alexander Dragunov’s work is highlighting one of the world’s most amazing subterranean transit systems, located in Stockholm, Sweden. BBC News filmed the St Petersburg-born Dragunov as he explained his passion for the Stockholm subway, which he believes is “the most beautiful metro in the… Read more »

Giant Rat “Ratzilla” Terrorizes Family

Giant Rat invades home

The media in Sweden is going haywire of the news a giant rat (Ratizilla) invasion. This story sounds like something out of a horror movie. But much to the Korsas family, it was their reality. Ratzilla measured almost sixteen inches long, not including its tail, according to the Gnawing its way through concrete and… Read more »

Sweden Offers Residency To All Syrian Refugees

Syrian Refugees Granted Asylum In Sweeden

Sweden announced Tuesday that they will be the first country in Europe to offer permanent residency to all refugees from Syria. According The Wall Street Journal, the announcement comes one day ahead of U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit to Stockholm en route to the meeting in Russia of the Group of 20 industrial and developing… Read more »

Charity Gives Cigarettes To The Homeless, Receives Criticism

Giving cigarettes to homeless

Christmas is a time for charity and goodwill, but, in the eyes of some critics, a Swedish charity in Norrköping may as well have handed lumps of coal to the homeless instead of what they actually donated: packs of cigarettes. The charity, called Omsorgsjul – Hemlösa (Care Christmas – The Homeless) has held a Christmas… Read more »

Bus Stop Integrates Light Therapy Treatments

Light Therapy Bus Stop

The Swedish town of Umea has found a unique and special way to provide ultra-violet light therapy to its residents during the long, dark Nordic winter. Bus stops have been integrated with ultra-violet lights so bus riders can receive much needed vitamin D while they wait for a ride. Umea Energi marketing chief Anna Norrgard… Read more »

ADHD Meds May Reduce Crime Rate, Research Reveals

adhd drugs adults

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) medications are controversial both due to their potential for abuse as well as in short supply right now, but a new study out of Sweden supports their use as a tool for afflicted teens and adults, indicating a drop in crime rates among sufferers who are properly medicated for the… Read more »

Pirate Bay And Wikileaks Web Host Raided By Swedish Police

The Pirate Bay And Wikileaks Web Server Raided By Swedish Police

The Pirate Bay and Wikileaks web host PeRiQuito AB, alternatively known as PRQ, has been raided by Swedish police. Cops in the Scandinavian country confiscated four servers from the firm on Monday, the company’s owner Mikael Viborg told Swedish news outlet Nyheter24. The Stockholm-based web host is renowned for supporting some of the more anti-establishment… Read more »