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Giant Rat “Ratzilla” Terrorizes Family

Giant Rat invades home

The media in Sweden is going haywire of the news a giant rat (Ratizilla) invasion. This story sounds like something out of a horror movie. But much to the Korsas family, it was their reality. Ratzilla measured almost sixteen inches long, not including its tail, according to the Gnawing its way through concrete and… Read more »

Sweden Offers Residency To All Syrian Refugees

Syrian Refugees Granted Asylum In Sweeden

Sweden announced Tuesday that they will be the first country in Europe to offer permanent residency to all refugees from Syria. According The Wall Street Journal, the announcement comes one day ahead of U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit to Stockholm en route to the meeting in Russia of the Group of 20 industrial and developing… Read more »

Charity Gives Cigarettes To The Homeless, Receives Criticism

Giving cigarettes to homeless

Christmas is a time for charity and goodwill, but, in the eyes of some critics, a Swedish charity in Norrköping may as well have handed lumps of coal to the homeless instead of what they actually donated: packs of cigarettes. The charity, called Omsorgsjul – Hemlösa (Care Christmas – The Homeless) has held a Christmas… Read more »

Bus Stop Integrates Light Therapy Treatments

Light Therapy Bus Stop

The Swedish town of Umea has found a unique and special way to provide ultra-violet light therapy to its residents during the long, dark Nordic winter. Bus stops have been integrated with ultra-violet lights so bus riders can receive much needed vitamin D while they wait for a ride. Umea Energi marketing chief Anna Norrgard… Read more »

ADHD Meds May Reduce Crime Rate, Research Reveals

adhd drugs adults

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) medications are controversial both due to their potential for abuse as well as in short supply right now, but a new study out of Sweden supports their use as a tool for afflicted teens and adults, indicating a drop in crime rates among sufferers who are properly medicated for the… Read more »

Pirate Bay And Wikileaks Web Host Raided By Swedish Police

The Pirate Bay And Wikileaks Web Server Raided By Swedish Police

The Pirate Bay and Wikileaks web host PeRiQuito AB, alternatively known as PRQ, has been raided by Swedish police. Cops in the Scandinavian country confiscated four servers from the firm on Monday, the company’s owner Mikael Viborg told Swedish news outlet Nyheter24. The Stockholm-based web host is renowned for supporting some of the more anti-establishment… Read more »

Stephen Colbert to Sweden: Give Me Your Twitter Account [Video]

Colbert and Twitter

We reported some sad news several months ago, it turns out Stephen Colbert jumped into the US Presidential race a little too late to make an impact, but have no fear because now he’s going after Sweden. The Comedy Central host announced on Tuesday night that we would like to take over the @Sweden official… Read more »