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Five Airlines To Be Investigated After Amtrak Crash

five airlines

An investigation was launched on Friday against five airline companies on whether or not they gouged travelers on ticket prices after the Amtrak crash in Philadelphia. American Airlines, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, and United Airlines are all involved in the investigation and are being asked about their pricing for people who traveled in the Northeast corridor… Read more »

Imagine Dragons To Perform Concert 35,000 Feet In The Air

Imagine Dragons photo.

The fresh-faced and extremely popular rock band Imagine Dragons will be performing a special concert in a plane for a small group of lucky fans. According to the Associated Press, Imagine Dragons is holding a sweepstakes contest to select one fan to venture up 35,000 feet into the air to watch the band perform songs… Read more »

Passenger Gives Birth Aboard Southwest Airlines Flight 623

Woman in labor Southwest Airlines

Passengers aboard a Southwest Airlines flight did not expect anything out of the ordinary to happen on what was a routine flight from San Francisco to Phoenix. However, when the plane finally landed, there was one extra passenger on board the plane. According to Yahoo News, a passenger aboard the flight went into labor shortly… Read more »

Southwest 72 Hour Sale 2014: Best Round Trip Deals End Thursday

A Southwest airplane in flight.

The Southwest 72 hour sale for 2014 began the morning of October 14, meaning that you only have until the end of Thursday in the originating city to purchase one of those round trip Southwest Airlines tickets for less than $100. Keep in mind that United, Virgin American, and JetBlue are price matching some of… Read more »

Southwest Airlines Adds International Flights

International Flights Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines has announced plans to add several international flights before the end of the year. The airline will begin with flights from Atlanta, Baltimore-Washington D.C, and Orlando, to Aruba, Jamaica, and Nassau. International service will grow to include nearly 100 destinations in six countries by the end of 2015. The international flights will require… Read more »

Southwest Airlines To Impose New Fee

Airline Fees

Southwest Airlines passengers will face a brand new fee when they travel next year. reports that Southwest Airlines Co. will be charging a “no show” fee to customers who fail to cancel a previously purchased ticket if they will be missing the flight. The fees apply to the company’s “Wanna Get Away” fares, which… Read more »

Oxygen Masks On Flight From KC To Dallas Used Saturday

oxygen masks on flight southwest

Oxygen masks on a flight from Kansas City to Dallas alarmed passengers on Saturday night after an “issue with cabin pressurization,” but no panic ensued among the 124 passengers aboard the Southwest flight from Kansas City to Dallas. The oxygen masks on the Southwest flight dropped as the plane rapidly descended into a sharp dive… Read more »

Southwest Airlines Flies Late Blooming Monarch Butterfly To Texas

Airline Gives Butterfly A Lift To San Antonio

A late-blooming Monarch Butterfly is getting the royal treatment from Southwest Airlines. The stranded butterfly emerged from her cocoon too late to join the swarm for the fall migration to Mexico. In order help her complete the journey, the airline will be flying the Monarch from Albany, New York To San Antonio, Texas. It is… Read more »