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South Korea Needs To Face Demographic Crisis Head On Or Be Extinct By 2750

South Koreans

Over the years, scientists have been interested in the frightening topic of human extinction. Though most of the studies are predictions made by modern-day habitual trends, it is nevertheless a viable hypothesis. Some of the factors considered in predicting the problem include overpopulation and food shortages. Then there are the apocalyptic scenarios, such as astronomers… Read more »

Military Sent Live Anthrax To 9 States

live anthrax sent to 9 states

The U.S. Military sent live anthrax to 9 states. The live anthrax cultures were reportedly sent to 18 different labs. One of the bacteria samples was shipped to Osan Air Base in South Korea. Military officials have also revealed that 22 Air Force personnel who “may” have been exposed to the deadly bacteria sent to… Read more »

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un Orders Death Of 15 Senior Officials


North Korea’s Kim Jong-un has ordered the death of 15 people this year, according to South Korean officials. That number is expected to rise. The Guardian reports that a briefing by the National Intelligence Service (NIS) revealed that among those Kim sentenced to death were two vice-ministers, as well as other senior officials who complained… Read more »

#KoreaDogs: 57 Dogs Rescued From Dog Meat Farm In South Korea

Korea Dogs

According to Korea Animal Rights Advocates (also known as KARA), around 2.5 million dogs are slaughtered every year in South Korea as part of the dog meat farming industry. Organizations such as KARA, as well as those in western countries, like the SPCA, are fighting a battle to not only eradicate dog meat farms, but… Read more »

North Korea Fires 5 Short Range Missiles Off East Coast

missile launch

Reports from Seoul say that in a demonstration of military strength, North Korea fired 5 short-range missiles off their eastern coast on Sunday. This comes after days of threats of nuclear assault against the United States, which many officials claim are impotent. The five missiles were launched near Wonsan, nearby the North Korean capital, and… Read more »

Complete Skeleton Of Tiny Dinosaur Discovered In South Korea

Tiny Dinosaur

Every year, archaeologists find new and exciting discoveries on species that lived eras in the past. The most monumental finds are always associated with dinosaurs. In that respect, the Inquisitr reported on such amazing finds like the footprints pointing to a mystery mammal that lived during the time of dinosaurs. With each new discovery, we… Read more »

Activist Leaflets From South Korea Threaten Fragile Truce With North Korea

sad kim jong un

Activists in South Korea released balloons carrying thousands of leaflets into North Korea today, going against the wishes of their government and many of their fellow citizens. The leaflets, which included messages critical of Kim Jong-Un, could be the catalyst that sparks fresh conflict between the two nations. Residents along the border struggled to stop… Read more »

Korea: Bullets Fired Between North And South


Earlier today, North Korean soldiers approached the military border with South Korea. South Korean soldiers fired warning shots, but the North Koreans would not react, according to Reuters. The North Korean soldiers fired back upon the south, and the exchange of bullets went on for about ten minutes according to a South Korean Defense Official…. Read more »

Hilarious: South Koreans Using Fake Arm Casts To Evade Holiday Chores

South Koreans Fake Injuries

Do you hate chores? How about holiday chores? South Koreans certainly hate them. They hate them so much, reports Reuters, that they are using fake arm casts to pretend that they are injured and thus incapable of helping the family prepare holiday meals. So what holiday are they trying to avoid? These seemingly lazy-beyond-belief South… Read more »