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Sam Smith Is Getting Turned Into A Wax Statue

Sam Smith getting measurements.

Now that pop singer Sam Smith has found massive success in the music industry, it’s about time he’s honored with his very own wax statue. Later this month, the wax museum at the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco will be unveiling a brand new wax Sam Smith to their “Music Zone.” According to Business Wire,… Read more »

Great White Shark Thwarts Marathon Swim Attempt In San Francisco Bay

Dominguez was pulled out of the water immediately after the shark was spotted.

A marathon swimmer trying to reach the Farallon Islands from the Golden Gate Bridge was forced to abandon his attempt earlier this week after he attracted the unwanted attention of a great white shark. Corte Madera swimmer Simon Dominguez attempted the feat on Wednesday, according to the New York Post, undertaking an effort that would… Read more »

Kathryn Steinle’s Shooting Death In San Francisco Is Sheriff’s Fault Say Deputies, Union Wants Immigration Policy Changed

San Francisco Deputies blame sheriff for Steinle's shooting death

The San Francisco waterfront murder of Kathryn Steinle by an illegal immigrant is being blamed on the sheriff, and now, his deputies want his policies on immigration changed. San Francisco deputies formally filed a complaint against Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi on Monday. The letter, delivered by their lawyers, condemns the sheriff’s order that bars them from… Read more »

San Francisco Pier 14: Kathryn Steinle Shot To Death In Broad Daylight

Kathryn Steinle was murdered in broad daylight by a man that had been deported 5 times.

Kathryn Steinle, 32, was shot and killed on a San Francisco pier in broad daylight. Police arrested Francisco Sanchez, 45, on Wednesday after the tragic shooting. Kathryn was walking with her father, Jim Steinle, and a friend when she was randomly shot in the back. Her father attempted to administer CPR, with the help of… Read more »

Donald Trump Continues To Campaign Against Mexican Immigrants

Trump continues campaign against Mexican Immigrants

Donald Trump, billionaire and Republican presidential candidate, made his latest attack on Mexican immigrants during an appearance Saturday on Fox and Friends, saying America needs to crack down on border control. Using the apparently random killing of a young woman in San Francisco as an example, Trump said it was important for the United States… Read more »

San Francisco Latino LGBT Mural Defaced And Burned After Pride Parade

San Francisco LGBT Latino mural defaced and burned after Pride Parade

A crowd of several hundred artists, musicians, and city residents gathered in San Francisco Wednesday to rally in support of a defaced and burned mural that celebrates the Latino LGBT culture. The Mission District Latino LGBT mural at 24th and Bryant Street was defaced four times and then set on fire Monday night in what… Read more »

San Francisco Nudists March To Celebrate Gay Marriage Victory

SF Nudists To March In Celebration of Gay Marriage Victory

San Francisco nudists will march in the Gay Pride Parade this Sunday as the city celebrates the recent Supreme Court decision upholding marriage equality for all. San Francisco’s nudists, dubbed body freedom activists, will march in full frontal nudity to celebrate not only the recent gay marriage victory, but also their own recent court victory… Read more »

First Ever Adult LGBT Homeless Shelter Opens In San Francisco

First ever adult LGBT shelter opens in San Francisco

The first ever adult LGBT homeless shelter opened in San Francisco Wednesday. Jazzie’s Place, named after a transgender African woman, opened in the city’s Mission District and holds 24 beds for people in the LGBT community. City Supervisor David Campos said he’s been working with activists since 2010 to create the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and… Read more »

San Francisco Gun Control Law Upheld By U.S. Supreme Court

second amendment

A San Francisco gun control law was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday. The justices rejected a Second Amendment challenge by gun rights advocates. The activists were fighting a San Francisco gun regulation that mandates gun owners keep their firearms disabled or locked away while stored in their own homes. The San Francisco… Read more »

Only in San Francisco: New Startup Company Offers To Take Out The Trash

San Francisco Startup Offers to Take Out the Trash

The San Francisco Bay Area in California is the birthplace and melting pot of the world’s startup community. In this techie supercenter, residents can now pay to have their groceries delivered, their restaurant meals delivered, and their dry cleaning delivered, among other things. Now, a new San Francisco startup is offering to take out the… Read more »

Airbnb Rentals Causing Housing Crisis In San Francisco

Airbnb causes housing crisis in San Francisco

No wonder renters can’t find an affordable place to live in San Francisco — almost a quarter of the available apartments have been turned into Airbnb’s. A new report the city of San Francisco released Thursday shows Airbnb rentals are reducing the number of available housing units by almost 25 percent, making it harder for… Read more »

San Francisco Cops Sending Racist Texts Could Go Unpunished

San Francisco cops who sent racist text messages could go free

When a San Francisco police bureau decided to protect its officers and delay in reporting their racist text messages to officials they could have been laying the groundwork to shield them from discipline. The delay in punishing the officers means the one-year deadline for disciplining the 14 officers involved in texting racist and homophobic messages… Read more »

Angry Nudist Follows San Francisco Supervisor To Work

Angry nudist follows San Francisco Supervisor to work

An angry nudist followed a San Francisco city supervisor as he walked to work last week shouting and flipping him off. Nudist George Davis, who was clothed at the time, held both his arms above his head and shouted “civil liberty” while following Supervisor Scott Wiener to work last week on Walk to Work Day,… Read more »

San Francisco Drug Task Force Only Arresting Black People

San Francisco Drug Task Force Only Arresting Black People

San Francisco police and the Drug Enforcement Agency are on a mission to rid city streets of drug dealers; the only problem is, they’ve only arrested black people. During a joint mission dubbed “Operation Safe Schools” designed to crack down on drug dealing near elementary schools, 37 suspects were arrested, all of them black, according… Read more »