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Powerball Numbers: No Big Winner As Jackpot Reaches $128 Million

Powerball numbers

The Powerball numbers drawn Wednesday came up empty, as far as the top jackpot was concerned, for the eighth straight drawing. The jackpot in the $2 lottery game now shoots to an enticing $128 million for the next Powerball drawing, to be held Saturday. The next Powerball jackpot is only the second in the nine-figure… Read more »

Powerball Numbers Miss For 5th Straight Drawing, Jackpot At $94 Million


The Powerball numbers failed to hit the jackpot for anyone who bought a ticket in the nationwide lottery game Wednesday night. The drawing was the fifth straight with no big winner, sending the jackpot to $94 million for Saturday’s Powerball game. Only two tickets hit the “Match Five” second prize, good for $1 million. One… Read more »

Buxton Beats Powerball Odds And Wins $425 Million

b.raymond buxton

B. Raymond Buxton picked the perfect day, April Fool’s Day, to claim his lottery cash prize of $425 million smackaroos. He was no fool as he sat in a local Subway shop having lunch in Northern California about six weeks ago and made the decision to buy a lottery ticket. reports that Buxton had… Read more »

Powerball Jackpot Starts Climbing Again As Numbers Yield No Big Winner

Powerball jackpot

The Powerball jackpot restarted Wednesday night, at its minimum of $40 million after Saturday’s drawing produced one big winner of a $96.5 million top prize. But no one won the jackpot in Wednesday’s drawing, so the big-money lottery game begins its upward climb again. How high will Powerball reach this time? Saturday’s Powerball game will… Read more »

Powerball Payout! One Ticket In Missouri Wins $96.5 Million Jackpot

Powerball one winner

Powerball is on a hot streak. The numbers drawn Saturday in Tallahassee, Florida, produced the long-odds lottery game’s third jackpot winner in the last 31 days, as a single ticket matched all six numbers, good for a $96.5 million payout. The one winning ticket was sold in Missouri. While the winner had not come forward… Read more »

Powerball Numbers Again Miss Mark, $425 Million Prize Last Month Unclaimed

Powerball no winners

The Powerball numbers drawn Wednesday night in Tallahassee, Florida, gave the world no new big winner, pushing the jackpot for Saturday’s drawing to $96 million. But in California, the winner of the sixth-largest United States lottery jackpot of all time has still not announced herself or himself — one month after the life-changing drawing. A… Read more »

Mega Millions Might Ruin Your Life — Here’s Sad Proof

Mega Millions ruined the life of Jack Whitaker.

The Mega Millions jackpot has now reached $400 million. While you may have dreams of winning such a large sum of money, this could be the worst thing that could happen to you. Those who have won huge jackpots in the Mega Millions lottery have walked away from picking up their giant checks with huge… Read more »

Powerball Numbers: No Big Winner, Next Jackpot Worth $70 million

Powerball March 12

The Powerball numbers that came up Wednesday night were unlucky for about 13 million people, which means that the Saturday drawing offers a somewhat bigger jackpot of $70 million. After Wednesday’s drawing, which of course produced no big jackpot winner, only one person matched even the first five numbers to claim a $1 million prize…. Read more »

Mega Millions Jackpot Jumps To $353 Million, 5th Biggest In Game History

Mega Millions

The Mega Millions jackpot for Friday, March 14, jumped to a staggering $353 million, the 5th-largest jackpot in the 22-year history of the nationwide lottery game. The winning numbers that came up Tuesday night in Atlanta, Georgia, produced no perfect matches with any of the 60,734,638 tickets sold for that drawing — the 19th straight… Read more »

Powerball Numbers Don’t Hit Jackpot But Create 5 New Millionaires


The Powerball numbers drawn in Tallahassee, Florida, at 10:59 pm Saturday night did not yield a single jackpot-winning ticket, out of 14.4 million sold. But the game’s second prize, awarded for hitting the first five numbers but not the Powerball number, had a great night. The Powerball second prize of $1 million will be handed… Read more »

Powerball Winner Sale Makes Gas Station Owners $1 Million Happier

Powerball winner sold at gas station

The Poweball lottery winner from Wednesday night had not yet come forward 24 hours later to claim her or his life-altering $425.3 million jackpot, but the owner of a gas station that sold the ticket in the California Bay Area city of Milpitas has one million new reasons to be happy today. The California lottery… Read more »

Powerball Jackpot Soars To $400 Mil As Numbers Miss For 15th-Straight Time


The Powerball numbers that came up last night in the Tallahassee, Florida, drawing for the twice-weekly 43-state lottery again matched no ticket, sending the jackpot for Wednesday’s numbers to a mouth-watering $400 million. That would equal the fourth-highest Powerball jackpot in the game’s 22-year history. The Powerball lottery has now picked 15 straight numbers without… Read more »

Powerball Numbers: 13th Time Not A Charm, Jackpot Hits $284 Million


Saturday’s Powerball numbers again produced no big winners — for the 13th straight drawing. So get your dollar bills ready for Wednesday when the jackpot hits $284 million. But don’t bet too many of those dollars. Unlike The Hunger Games, the odds are definitely not in your favor. The chance against winning the big prize,… Read more »

Powerball Numbers Again Produce No Big Winner, Jackpot Hits $215 Million


Powerball numbers drawn in Tallahassee, Florida, Saturday night once again failed to match a single winning ticket purchased anywhere in the 43 states that sell them — or the District of Columbia and U.S. Virgin Islands, which also sell Powerball tickets. Last night was the 11th consecutive drawing without a big winner. That means the… Read more »

Powerball Numbers Again Produce No Big Winners, Jackpot Hits $171 Million


The Powerball numbers for January 25 are in, and for the ninth consecutive drawing, no one matched all five numbers plus the final Powerball number. That means that Wednesday’s jackpot is currently estimated at $171 million, according to the multi-state Powerball lottery’s own web site. The total will probably rise as Powerball fever picks up… Read more »

Powerball Numbers Unlucky For 8th Drawing, Jackpot Now $152 Mil

Powerball numbers

The Powerball numbers picked in the Wednesday, January 22 drawing failed to match a single ticket. It has now been one month since anyone won the 45-state Powerball lottery, meaning the jackpot is starting to edge toward the astronomical numbers that generate long lines at every local 7-11 and retail outlet that sells lottery tickets…. Read more »

Mega Millions Massive $400M Payoff Might Make For A Merry Christmas

Mega Millions Jackpot

OK Mega Millions fans, get ready for a mega payoff: the estimated jackpot for Friday’s drawing is a whopping $400 Million. That’s the fifth-largest U.S. jackpot of all time. Of all time (channeling Kanye West). More than 5 million tickets won prizes in Tuesday’s drawing, including five tickets that matched the first five numbers to… Read more »

Powerball: $16 Million Winning Ticket Still Unclaimed, Do You Have It?

Powerball Winner

The Powerball jackpot hit a life-changing $16 million, but the winning ticket will expire today if it isn’t claimed. All that’s known is that the lucky winner purchased the ticket in May at a convenience store in Tampa, Fla. This would be the largest unclaimed jackpot in Florida since 2003, when a winning ticket for… Read more »

Mega Millions Jackpot: $189 Million Ticket, Still Unclaimed

Powerball winners - one man steps forward

A massive $189 million is yet to be claimed by someone who bought the winning Mega Millions ticket from a gas station in Maryland. Lottery officials have confirmed that there were six winning tickets from Tuesday night’s draw but that only the sixth, so far unclaimed ticket, also had the matching Powerball number making the… Read more »

Powerball Winner Already Miserable One Month After Receiving Millions

miserable powerball curse

A Powerball winner wants you to know that millions of dollars in an unexpected windfall may sound awesome, but the dream scenario is actually a nonstop “drama” waiting to happen. Sure, a Powerball winner often thinks that millions of dollars and the opportunity to never work again seems like an ideal circumstance (as opposed to… Read more »