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Duck Dynasty Guys Getting Congressional Campaign Jobs?

The Duck Dynasty guys pose with their hunting rifles.

Earlier this month, The Inquistr reported that the nephew of Phil Robertson, one of the cast members from the reality show Duck Dynasty, would be running for a Congressional seat. Now it seems the candidate, Zach Dasher, will be giving campaign jobs to his uber-famous Duck Dynasty family members. It’s unclear whether or not Dasher… Read more »

‘Duck Dynasty’ Wedding Coming Up; Will It Be On The Show?

A 'Duck Dynasty' wedding may be in the makings as fan favorite Justin Martin popped the question.

Duck Dynasty fans rejoice, it appears wedding bells are in the air for non-Robertson family cast member Justin Marin, who works at the Duck Commander headquarters and is regularly featured on the show. According to a Fox News report, Martin proposed to his girlfriend, Brittany Brugman, sometime last month. Justin told the world himself on… Read more »

Duck Dynasty Producer Opens Up About Phil Robertson

phil robertson

Duck Dynasty producer Deidre Gurney revealed what she thought about Phil Robertson’s statements about homosexuality during a recent interview. Gurney said that although she remained silent as controversy swirled around the reality show star, she wanted to defend Robertson. During an interview with the Hollywood Reporter the Duck Dynasty producer had this to say about… Read more »

‘Duck Dynasty’: Phil Robertson Calls Obama And The Democrats ‘Evil’

'Duck Dynasty': Phil Robertson Calls Obama And The Democrats 'Evil'

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson is certainly known for making controversial statements, but now he has entered the political arena by openly listing the agenda of President Obama and the Democrats as “evil.” In a related report by The Inquisitr, the Duck Commander family is apparently being credited for making long beards the latest fashion statement…. Read more »

‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Phil Robertson Cheated And Miss Kay Stayed: Why?

Duck Dynasty

The Duck Dynasty cast might have you seriously entertained week after week, but life hasn’t always been happy-go-lucky for the reality television stars. In a new interview with Fox News,Miss Kay was asked about her husband Phil Robertson’s past — specifically about why she decided to forgive him for drinking and for cheating (among other… Read more »

Are Cliven Bundy’s Racist Remarks Just More Media Glitter?

Cliven Bundy Racist

Cliven Bundy has had quite a romp in the media lately, first in his fight against the FBI who claimed his cattle were feasting on land they shouldn’t be, and then by waxing gleefully about the days of slavery. Bundy came out to say his words had been taken out of context, but then shoved… Read more »

‘Duck Dynasty’ Live Show Cancelled Due To Poor Ticket Sales

Duck Dynasty live show

Looks like it’s not going so well for the Duck Dynasty gang. Amid the controversy earlier in the year with the LGBTQ community, the Robertson family has taken yet another hit as the backlash has extended over to poor ticket sales. The live Duck Dynasty show in Missouri, which was said to heavily feature Phil… Read more »

Duck Commander Phil Robertson Gives Son Advice On Sex And Marriage

Phil Robertson has plenty of advice and practical help to give son Jep in a recent Duck Dynasty episode.

Duck Commander Phil Robertson is seldom without something pointed – and often controversial – to say, especially when it comes to marriage and family issues. In a related story, the Duck Commander company – not to be confused with the Duck Dynasty show itself or the A&E Network – has recently entered an agreement to… Read more »

Duck Dynasty: Independence Bowl To Be Sponsored by Duck Commander

duck dynasty

Duck Commander Independence Bowl: That’s the new name of the annual bowl game played in Shreveport, Louisiana, to be sponsored by the duck call company fonder by Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty. Duck Dynasty patriarch and founder of Duck Commander Phil Robertson is no stranger to college football. After all, Terry Bradshaw – yes, that… Read more »

Duck Dynasty Paintball War Declared With GI Joe At Stake

duck dynasty paintball wars

Duck Dynasty Season 5, Episode 6, “G.I. Si” aired last night. The episode opened with Miss Kay trying to encourage her brood of bearded, overgrown boys to give their childhood toys to charity. Willie, Jase and Co. were more than happy to give up their childhood toys until Willie discovered an old G.I. Joe action… Read more »

Duck Dynasty Season 5 Premiere And Outrage Over Phil Robertson

Duck Dynasty Season 5 Premiere

Duck Dynasty has returned for a fifth season but feelings are still mixed over Phil Robertson’s return to the show. Phil was suspended in December due to comments made in an interview with GQ magazine about homosexuality and Jim Crow laws. However, intense backlash from conservatives and Robertson-supporters has caused A&E to reconsider his suspension…. Read more »

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Will Not Be Louisiana’s Next Senator

Phil Robertson

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson has his ticket punched to Washington D.C. — if he wants it. According to a poll released Tuesday, the Roberston family patriarch is the only Republican currently leading Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu in the race for the Unite States Senate seat up for grabs in Louisiana this November. The only… Read more »

Duck Dynasty, Amid Falling Ratings, Ready To Start Shooting Again Monday

Dusk Dynasty Cast With Guns

Duck Dynasty, which took break in filming over the holidays, and for hunting season, starts shooting again Monday in West Monroe, Louisiana, The Monroe News-Star reports, as the “beardless brother” Al Roberston told the paper that the Roberston family at the heart of the show has moved on from the controversy over Phil Robertson’s disparaging… Read more »