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Pawn Stars: Corey Harrison Loses An Amazing 192 Pounds, Here’s How


The History Channel’s ‘Pawn Stars‘ Corey Harrison has made the news headlines recently, following a life-changing weight loss of more than 200 pounds. At his heaviest, Harrison weighed in at just over 400 pounds, but since getting a lap band fitted a few years back, together with strict preventative diabetes medication which he was prescribed… Read more »

Corey Harrison Of ‘Pawn Stars’ Drops An Amazing 192 Pounds

Corey Harrison

Corey Harrison, star of History Channel’s Pawn Stars, has some pretty awesome news he’s sharing with the media and that is that he has lost an amazing 192 pounds! Yup! That’s right! Another Pawn Stars cast member has decided that it’s time to get healthy and shed some of those unwanted pounds. What caused Corey… Read more »

Pawn Stars Melts Down $50,000 Worth Of Stolen Gold

Pawn Stars

Pawn shops purchase gold from customers all the time. It is not uncommon for someone to bring in thousands of dollars worth of gold to exchange for money. It is actually a daily occurrence at most shops, especially at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop located on the outskirts of Las Vegas, Nevada. Gold and… Read more »