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Michael King, ‘Oprah’ And ‘Dr. Phil’ Co-Creator, Dies At 66

Michael King dies

Michael King, the co-creator of such shows as Dr. Phil and Oprah, died at the age of 66. TMZ reports that the former CEO of King World Productions traveled to France with his wife to visit their son several weeks ago. Shortly after returning home, Michael King reportedly contracted a serious infection. Michael King —… Read more »

Harpo Closing: Oprah Shuttering Studio At End Of 2015

Oprah Winfrey closing Harpo Studios

Oprah Winfrey is leaving Chicago and heading west. She announced to her staff Tuesday that Harpo Studios is closing after 25 years in the Windy City and her studio complex is up for grabs. Harpo will shutter its doors in December, NBC Chicago reported, but it’s not a huge surprise. The studio has been in… Read more »

Mo’Nique ‘Blackballed’ After Oscar Win, Replaced By Oprah?


Actress Mo’Nique claims that she was blackballed in Hollywood back in 2010, which is why she has not been featured in any major motion pictures since then. E! Online reports that the Precious actress wrote an essay in the Feb. 27 issue of The Hollywood Reporter claiming that Precious director and Empire creator Lee Daniels… Read more »

Oprah Winfrey Asks About Spiritual Practice In Executive Job Interviews

Oprah Winfrey Asks Execs About Spirituality

Oprah Winfrey knows what she looks for in an employee. As recent applicants for an executive position at OWN, Winfrey’s network, discovered, she wants people who share her ability to connect to themselves and stay grounded. Winfrey told an audience at the Stanford Graduate School of Business that she asked every candidate in a recent… Read more »

‘Exorcism’ On Oprah: Ali MacGraw Reveals Life-Changing Experience

Ali Macgraw and Oprah

Ali MacGraw is living, breathing, proof that beauty and 75 years-old can go together quite well. The always stunning MacGraw, born on April Fool’s day, 1939, has graced the silver screen since the Sixties. Most recently, Ali took to the set of the legendary Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday, where Ms. MacGraw shared her thoughts… Read more »

Oprah Reveals Her ‘Favorite Things’ Of 2014

Oprah's Favorite Things

Remember Oprah’s Favorite Things list? It was an event that took place every holiday season on her daytime talk show. Studio audiences would hold their breath as they hoped Oprah would bestow some of her favorite things onto them. Usually Oprah would handpick a particular studio audience to receive these extravagant gifts. Whether it was… Read more »

Former ‘Glee’ Star Charice Pempengco Considering Sex Change?

Oprah Asks Charice Pempengco If She's Considering A Sex Change

“My soul is male,” Filipina singer and former Glee star Charice Pempengco told Oprah Winfrey during an interview on OWN’s Where Are They Now? Charice, 22, rose to popularity as a teenage YouTube sensation, and released her first album in 2010. Pempengco was the first Asian solo artist to have an album debut in the… Read more »

Raven Symoné To Oprah: ‘I’m Not An African American’

Raven-Symoné and Oprah

When Raven Symoné sat down with Oprah, she had a lot to get off of her chest. We didn’t expect what she had to say would make headlines, but it seems like the world wasn’t ready for some of the controversial statements made by Symoné. For instance, Raven complained that she doesn’t want to be… Read more »

Oprah Winfrey Explains Ties To A Whorehouse In Peoria, Illinois

oprah in The Butler

Oprah Winfrey running a whorehouse certainly isn’t something that you’d associate the billionaire media mogul with, but it’s true. Oprah is running a whorehouse, according to No. It’s not a whorehouse in real life. Lee Daniels has cast Oprah in his biopic about the life and times of Richard Pryor. Pryor’s grandmother in real… Read more »