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Nigeria Declared Ebola-Free After 42 Days With No New Cases

Nigeria Ebola-Free

The World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared Nigeria free of Ebola after the country passed the 42 day period without any new cases of the disease. According to Time, a period of 42 days is used because it is double the incubation period of Ebola. In order to officially be declared Ebola-free a country has… Read more »

Boko Haram Decapitates Pilot On Video

Boko Haram released a video this week depicting a decapitation.

ISIS is known for their violent videos depicting the decapitation of hostages. Boko Haram hasn’t been known to release that kind of video until recently. Boko Haram has committed a great many atrocities in Nigeria, but most of their videos have been more about spreading propaganda than showing their first hand brutality. On August 24,… Read more »

Ebola Breaks Out In Nigeria, Spreads Across Africa

Woman cries for ebola victim.

Ebola has spread beyond a contained group of caregivers treating a dying airline passenger in Africa, infecting two unexpected victims in Nigeria. According to ABC News, the Ebola virus has broken out across West Africa with 142 new record cases. This brings the total of Ebola infections to 2,615 with 1,427 dead from the disease,… Read more »

Boko Haram In Control Of Nigerian Riot Police Academy

Boko Haram has seized a riot police academy in Nigeria.

Boko Haram, Islamist militants in Africa, took over a police training academy in Gwoza, Nigeria this Wednesday. At first, authorities were unable to confirm the take-over, because communication with the school went down. A small number of trainees escaped and confirmed the suspicions. The Boko Haram militants arrived in several armored vehicles and on dozens… Read more »

Boko Haram Kills 10 In Nigeria

Boko Haram insurgents.

A group of gunmen suspected to be part of the terrorist group Boko Haram has killed 10 people in Nigeria fleeing their homes from insurgent attacks. According to Yahoo News, witnesses observed Boko Haram hunting the victims down in a nearby village. Boko Haram raided the village Krenuwa last month, killing 7 people and causing… Read more »

85 Boko Haram Hostages Rescued During Routine Stop In Chad

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt

Boko Haram, a militant Islamist group in Nigeria, has been causing havoc in Africa through a wave of terrorism that has disgusted the entire world. The Boko Haram goal is to overthrow government in order to create an Islamic state. Sources indicate that the Boko Haram terrorist group has already killed approximately 2,000 people and… Read more »

Most Deadly Ebola Outbreak Ever Reaches Lagos, Nigeria

Ebola Virus Hits Nigeria

With the death of a Liberian man in Lagos, the death toll has finally reached Nigeria in what has been described as the most deadly Ebola virus outbreak in the recorded history of mankind. Onyebuchi Chukwu, the country’s health minister, told Reuters that a 40-year-old consultant for the Liberian Finance Ministry named Patrick Sawyer collapsed… Read more »

Islamic Terrorists Attack Church, Murder Dozens In Nigeria

Islamic militants attacked Christians in several Nigerian villages today.

Islamic terrorists in Nigeria have killed dozens of Christian worshippers and burned at least four churches to the ground this Sunday morning as Christians gathered to worship. The attacks took place in villages near the location where Boko Haram recently kidnapped hundreds of Christian girls and threatened to sell them into slavery. Attacks by Islamic… Read more »

Explosion At Nigeria World Cup Viewing Center


On Tuesday night, violence struck again in the Nigerian city of Damaturu, when a suicide bomber detonated a tricycle taxi packed with explosives at an outdoor World Cup viewing center. Reports have said at least 21 people have been killed, but the death toll is likely to rise. Currently the main hospital at Damaturu, capital… Read more »

Nigerian Hunters Gather to Find Abducted Girls

tribal hunters to aid Nigerian military

Nigeria continues to make headlines today as traditional Nigerian hunters gather together to help find the nearly 300 girls who were abducted by Islamic extremists. The Nigerian hunters are ready for the task at hand, and they are armed and highly skilled. The hunters arm themselves with homemade guns, poisoned spears, and amulets. They also… Read more »

Nigerian Girl Recounts Boko Haram Abduction

Nigerian Parents Mourning Kidnapped Children

What Sarah Lawan endured as one among nearly 300 teenage schoolgirls abducted by Nigeria’s Islamic rebels, Boko Haram, was so frightening that she now fears returning to school. The 19-year-old spoke over the phone with The Associated Press from her hometown of Chibok, a city in Northeast Nigeria that’s also home to the school from… Read more »

Hillary Clinton Refused To Label Boko Haram As Terrorist Group

boko haram terrorist group

Hillary Clinton refused to designate Boko Haram as a terrorist group despite pressure for two years before the Nigerian organization kidnapped 200 girls to sell into the sex trade. The former Secretary of State and likely presidential candidate has made multiple public statements condemning the deplorable kidnapping, but neglected to discuss the missed opportunity to… Read more »

Islamic Group In Nigeria Abducts 129 Girls From School

Nigeria Bombing In Abuja

Just eight of 129 teenage girls kidnapped late Tuesday from a Nigerian school in the country’s northeastern region had managed to escape as of late Wednesday. The fate of the rest still remains uncertain. After more than a year of enduring near-daily bombings by the Islamic militia group known as Boko Haram, observers in Nigeria… Read more »