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Will America Invade Texas? Jade Helm Exercises A Front To Enforce Gay Marriage

Will America Invade Texas? Jade Helm A Front To Enforce Gay Marriage

The American military plans to stage training exercises across several southwestern states during July, but those could be a front for an invasion by federal troops to enforce gay marriage and confiscate firearms. The U.S. military will conduct anti-terrorism war games across Texas, California, Arizona, Mexico, Utah, and Colorado from July to September to train… Read more »

U.S. Military Response To Russia? Warplanes May Be Sent To Europe

F-22 raptor

The Air Force may be sending warplanes to Europe as a show of force against Russia. Tensions have been mounting between Russia and the United States and NATO over the ongoing hostilities in the Ukraine. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, President Vladimir Putin is beefing up his nuclear arsenal in what Russian military officials… Read more »

Russian Military Plane Flies 500 Feet Above U.S. Warship, NATO Vessels

Russian Miliary Plane flies over NATO vessels

Military tensions between the United States and Russia never seem to show any signs of ceasing. Just a day after the Inquisitr reported about an incident where a Russian fighter jet, reportedly a Sukhoi 27, flew dangerously close to an U.S. RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft, fresh reports have been released of another such encounter between the… Read more »

China Gears Up For World War III

China gears up for World War III

Nuclear missiles with multiple warheads, anti-ship missiles, and man-made islands are all evidence China is increasing its military ambitions, and the United States isn’t happy about it. The latest confrontation between the United States and China happened this week after an American spy plane was warned away from Chinese man-made islands eight times, according to… Read more »

Eric Sheppard Challenge Prompts Patriotic Quest By Arizona Man

American Flag

The Eric Sheppard Challenge prompted an Arizona man to issue his own challenge, a patriotic one, in response to the American Flag stomping being conducted in support of the Georgia college student. The American Flag Challenge video created in a response to videos created by supporters of Sheppard quickly garnered overwhelming support by residents from… Read more »

Historic Naval Drills Will Be Held Jointly By Russia And China

Russia and China naval drills

Historic naval drills between Russia and China are scheduled to occur late in May in the Mediterranean Sea. The joint navy drills will reportedly be the first time the two nations will engage in military training exercises together in the region. Naval drills between China and Russia have reportedly been held in the Pacific since… Read more »

Smart Bullets: Self-Steering Bullets Pass Live-Fire Military Tests

self-steering bullets

Smart bullets or self-steering bullets, are being developed by the U.S. Military. Progress is reportedly moving swiftly with the.50 caliber ammo equipped with optical sensors. The smart bullets recently passed a series of live-fire tests, according to the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency – DARPA. During the smart bullets testing, trained marksmen have reportedly been… Read more »

Jade Helm 15: Military Says There Is Nothing To Fear

operatino jade helm

Operation Jade Helm 15 is not a sinister plot to enact martial law or to put Americans in FEMA camps, military officials claim. Jade Helm Walmart conspiracy theories nearly broke the internet last week, and speculation about perhaps the largest special forces training on U.S. soil are still sparking controversy Jade Helm 15 involves 1,200… Read more »

Returning Soldier Photobombs Son, Surprises Him At School Photoshoot [Video]

Soldier surprises son by photobombing school picture

Joshua Bass, an eight-year-old schoolboy from Durham, North Carolina received a pleasant surprise earlier this week. A student at the Pearsontown Magnet Elementary School in Durham, Joshua, a third-grader was about to take a picture on the occasion of the school’s annual picture day when his father, a soldier deployed for overseas service, surprised him…. Read more »

Operation Jade Helm: Special Forces ‘Realistic Military Training’ In Seven Southwestern States Prompts Martial Law Fears

special forces seven southwestern states

Operation Jade Helm involves 1,2000 special forces team members being dropped into seven southwestern states as a part of realistic military training exercises. The domestic special ops training has become highly controversial. The special ops soldiers, some of the most elite fighting men in the world, will be ordered to “operate undetected” among the American… Read more »

Racial Thursdays – Alaska Platoon Investigated For Questionable Tradition


Tradition is strong in the military, regardless of the branch. However, a platoon in Alaska may have taken the idea of “tradition” a bit too far and created something questionable. A platoon in Alaska at Fort Wainwright is currently under investigation for something that’s come to be called “Racial Thursdays.” According to reports, Racial Thursdays… Read more »

Female Veteran Demands Apology For Note Left On Her Windshield

mary claire caine

Female veteran Mary Claire Caine wants an apology for the note left on her car windshield. The “This space is reserved for those who fought for AMERICA… not you” note was left on Caine’s car when she was parked in a “veteran-only” parking spot. Mary Claire Caine served in the U.S. Air Force for four… Read more »