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Russia Halts Ammo Shipments To US, Financial Watchdog Website Claims

ammo shortage

Russian ammo will no longer be shipped to the United States, if a report issued by Silver Doctors is accurate. The website is an economic watchdog focusing on fluctuations in the precious metals markets. American ammunition manufacturers have been working around the clock seven days a week to handle the demand created after the Sandy… Read more »

Gay, Lesbian Troops Perform In Drag At Kadena Air Base [VIDEO]

Drag Queens

At the Kadena Air Base located in Okinawa, Japan, gay and lesbian troops performed in drag for a fundraiser. This is so different from the days of the policy, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. Historically after its repeal, there have been many gay marriage ceremonies and potluck gatherings on U.S. bases in support of the LGBT… Read more »

North Korea Fires Missiles Into The Sea – Again

cold war

North Korea fired two short-range missiles into the Sea of Japan once for the second time in less than one week. The South Korean Defense Ministry is now on high alert and urging their neighbors to the North to stop the missile launches. The short-range missiles launched earlier today were reportedly Scud missiles that flew… Read more »

Russian Flag Raised Over Ukraine Government Headquarters In Crimea

ukraine russian tanks massed on the ukrainian border

Ukraine is warning Russia about military action inside the protest torn country. Armed men just seized the regional government headquarters and parliament in Crimea and raised the Russian flag. Kiev’s new rulers are reportedly alarmed about the turn of event and is advising Moscow not to “abuse its navy base rights” by moving troops around… Read more »

Pentagon Building Its Own Military Version Of Reddit

Eureka Reddit

Reddit has blossomed into one of the largest website destinations in the world and through its use may social issues have been addressed, friendships have been formed and problems have been solved. It’s the latter outcome of Reddit that has led the Pentagon into building a Defense Department-approved version of Reddit called “Eureka.” The new… Read more »

DARPA Awards Contractor $21.4 Million To Secure Google Android Devices


Malware detection and network security contractor Invincea has been awarded a $21.4 million contract to secure the Google Android OS for military use. The award was given to the company by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the US Army Research Laboratory (ARL). The contract requires that Invincea figure out how to secure… Read more »