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Plane Crash: Two Devastating Accidents In Mexico, Finland on Easter Day

Plane Crash In Mexico and Finland Take Lives on Easter Day.

A plane crash is a devastating enough event all by itself, but when two severe plane crashes occur on Easter on two different continents, the devastation reaches significantly worse levels. One plane crash in Helsinki, Finland killed eight parachutists, while a second plane crash on the same day in northern Mexico killed eight more passengers…. Read more »

Yasiel Puig Receives Death Threats, Miraculously Plays On

Yasiel Puig Threatened by Human Traffickers.

Yasiel Puig is one of the brightest young stars in major League Baseball, but now that details of some of the traumatic things that are going on in Yasiel’s life are coming to light, one can’t help but ask: “How is this guy able to play baseball with stuff like this on his mind?” According… Read more »

Beltran-Leyva Gang Kingpin Captured In Mexico City Raid

Arnoldo Villa Sanchez

The second highest-ranking figure in the Beltran-Leyva drug cartel is now sitting behind bars, as the culmination of a coordinated series of raids on an upscale Mexico City neighborhood came to a head yesterday. Monte Alejandro Rubido, the head of Mexico’s Policía Federal, said suspect Arnoldo Villa Sanchez was arrested along with another man believed… Read more »

Jesse Ventura Goes Off Grid In Mexico To Hide From Drones

drone detection

Jesse Ventura has gone off the grid in Mexico to escape drones. The former professional wrestler and Minnesota Governor told a CNBC journalist that he moves about with his television show so that drones cannot find out where he is. The former Minnesota Governor hosts an Ora TV show entitled simply, Off the Grid. Jesse… Read more »

Mexico Prison Stormed By Men Disguised As Police, Shootout Kills Nine

Mexico Prison Stormed By Men Disguised As Police, Shootout Kills Nine

A Mexico prison stormed by gunmen disguised as police officers resulted in a shootout that killed nine people. Authorities are blaming Mexican drug gangs. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, alleged Honduras death squads have been targeting gang members and are backed by the United States. Six gunmen apparently managed to fool the guards at… Read more »

Hurricane Ingrid And Tropical Storm Manuel Kill 5 In Mexico

Hurricane Ingrid

Five people in Mexico have died after two tropical storm systems hit opposite sides of the country. Hurricane Ingrid and Tropical Storm Manuel left a path of destruction as Ingrid claimed two lives and Manuel killed three people. Ingrid struck in the Gulf of Mexico while Manuel targeted areas nestled along the Pacific Ocean. News… Read more »

James Lee DiMaggio May Be Armed With Explosives, Police Say

James Lee DiMaggio may be armed with explosives according to police.

The bizarre case of James Lee Dimaggio keeps getting stranger by the day, and now police are saying that he may be armed with explosives, and, if anyone in the public comes across his car, they should use extreme caution. DiMaggio is wanted for allegedly kidnapping 16-year-old Hannah Anderson and her 8-year-old brother Ethan. The… Read more »

Cyclospora Lettuce Infection Traced To Mexico

Cyclospora lettuce infection traced to Mexico

The Cyclospora lettuce infection has been traced to Mexico. The recent outbreak of Cyclospora which has led to illness in more than 400 people in 16 US states has been traced below the border. The FDA discovered the source of the bagged lettuce parasite and has doubled up its efforts to check facilities bagging leafy… Read more »

Immigration Reform: Building An Expensive Border Wall To Nowhere

Immigration Reform Comes First As Border Security

Commentary | Immigration reform took a step forward, of sorts, Monday evening as the push to include major provisions regarding border defense got approved in a Senate vote. As the New York Times reports, in a 67 to 27 vote, the Senate made the first formal step on immigration reform after months of debate, and it… Read more »

Christopher Dorner In Mexico: Accused Killer May Already Be Gone

Christopher Dorner

Former Los Angeles Police Department officer Christopher Dorner, who is now a fugitive and a suspect in three killings, may have already fled the country, according to a federal court document. In a criminal complaint filed in federal court on February 7, Dorner is charged with fleeing the country to avoid persecution, reports NBC News…. Read more »

Jenni Rivera Missing: Latin Singer Presumed Killed In Plane Crash [UPDATED]

Jenni Rivera missing

Mexico City – Singer Jenni Rivera is missing after a plane that she was flying in lost contact with air traffic controllers in Mexico early Sunday morning, according to officials. CNN reports that two pilots and four other passengers are also missing. According to Mexico’s transportation ministry, the plane is suspected to have crashed. The… Read more »

Picasso Vandal Gets Art Show, Anger Spurs

Picasso Vandal's Show Sparks Anger

The Picasso vandal, who stenciled over the 1929 piece entitled Woman in a Red Armchair and has since left the country will have his first solo gallery show, in Houston. In spite of the widespread anger, the owner of Cueto James Art Gallery, James Perez, anticipates the gallery will be filled on Friday for the… Read more »

Mexican Teen Assassin Suspected Of Murdering 50 People

Mexican Teen Assassin

A Mexican teenager has allegedly murdered over 50 people while working for one of the country’s criminal organizations, Reuters reports. Authorities are currently investigating Francisco Miguel N., the 16-year-old who claims to have performed extensive assassin work for a gang known as Los Mazatlecos, a group with connections to the Beltran Leyva drug cartel. The… Read more »

Border Crossing Theme Park Simulates Illegal Immigration

Border Crossing Theme Park

A theme park in Mexico will allow you to participate in a simulated border crossing, according to the Daily Mail. For those with a strong constitution and a penchant for faux danger, twenty American dollars will allow you to glimpse the dangers of illegal immigration. Not only will you be able to navigate perilous terrain… Read more »

Justin Bieber Heads To Mexico With 6,000 Police Officers Watching Over Him

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber might soon upstage a Beatle. Officials in Mexico City are predicting that Bieber’s upcoming free concert could end up attracting more visitors than Paul McCartney’s May 10 concert in the city’s central plaza. McCartney attracted more than 200,000 people when he performed his free concert. In preparation for the Bieber concert 5,000 police… Read more »

Chagas Disease Becoming ‘New Aids’ Of The Americas

Chagas Disease

A disease like AIDS is scary enough by itself but what about a disease that can be just as deadly and is transmitted by insects, that disease is called Chagas and researchers are warning that its being quickly spread throughout the Americas, much in the same pattern as the early HIV/AIDS epidemic. Chagas is caused… Read more »

49 Bodies Dumped On Mexican Highway

Mexico Highway Closed Off After Dead Bodies Dumped

Forty-nine bodies were found in the early hours of Sunday morning on the side of a highway that connects the northern Mexican metropolis of Monterrey to the U.S. border. According to officials at least some of the discovered bodies were mutilated before they were dumped on the side of the road. According to Mexican law… Read more »