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Donald Trump Wants To Build A Border Wall And Ted Cruz Agrees

Donald Trump

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has once again come in for a barrage of criticism as a result of his comments about immigration into the United States. This time, Trump has latched onto the tragic murder of tourist Kate Steinle who was shot and killed Wednesday at Pier 14 in San Francisco. Trump used the announcement… Read more »

Donald Trump Piñata Hugely Popular In Mexico – Business Tycoon’s Paper-Maché Figurine Used To Channel Hatred

Donald Trump Piñata Hugely Popular In Mexico

Piñatas that closely resemble Donald Trump are selling quickly in Mexico. Apparently, Mexicans are channeling their hatred towards the businessman-turned-presidential candidate for remarks about the regional people being the reason for escalation in crime in America. An artist in Reynosa, Mexico, has created a papier-maché figurine that very closely resembles Donald Trump. Apart from his… Read more »

TNA News: Rey Mysterio In Talks With Impact Wrestling?

TNA News: Rey Mysterio In Talks With Impact Wrestling?

As he continues to wrestle after his lengthy career with the WWE, former two-time World champion Rey Mysterio reportedly engaged in talks with TNA to potentially become a part of their roster last week, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via LordsofPain). Mysterio, 40, was officially granted his release from the WWE in February of… Read more »

Pro Surfer Mark Healey Takes On Massive Puerto Escondido Wave

Traveling to Mexico from Hawaii to intentionally catch the waves, healey described the situation as a "natural disaster."

Pro surfer Mark Healey took on a massive set of waves off Mexico’s Puerto Escondido this weekend, riding a part of the “Mexican Pipeline” in conditions that only a handful of expert surfers would dare attempt. Healey, 31, of Hawaii, is a professional surfer who competes worldwide, according to the Scottish Daily Record. On Sunday,… Read more »

Three Little Girls Perform Metallica Cover And Nail It [Video]

The Warning

Performing heavy metal music isn’t just for boys. At least, that’s what Daniela, Paulina, and Alejandra, three sisters from Monterrey, Mexico, ranging in age from nine to 14, have proven with a video of their performance of a Metallica cover song. Their band is called The Warning, and the three sisters are trying to raise… Read more »

Mexican Drug Tunnel Discovered Under House Near San Diego

mexican tunnel

A Mexican drug tunnel was discovered under a home near San Diego, California. Mexican soldiers found the under construction tunnel and arrested nine individuals found inside. Tunnels from Mexico to the United States are believed to used to smuggle drugs, illegal immigrants, and for the human trafficking of young women. The Mexican drug tunnel was… Read more »

Mexico Pays $20 Million For Changes In James Bond Movie Script

Mexico pays $20 million for changes in Bond movie script

The country of Mexico offered the makers of the next James Bond film $20 million in incentives to make important changes to their upcoming movie, Spectre. The country asked for a number of changes to the Bond movie including the addition of a Mexican Bond girl and replacing the Mexican police with a special force…. Read more »