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McDonald’s: Secret Menu Revealed

Fast Food

McDonald’s’ “secret menu” has been a point of rumor and speculation for years. Although the fast-food giant vehemently denies the existence of a secret menu, a spokesperson confirmed customers have the option to modify official menu items. During a recent Reddit AMA, user Orchidhibiscus, a manager for the fast food giant, invited other users to… Read more »

The ‘Minions’ Movie Opens To Mixed Reviews


The movie Despicable Me introduced us to the adorable, if odd, yellow minions that lived only to do the bidding of their master. The minions’ adorable demeanor and cute language endeared them to viewers both young and old. Hence, the Minions movie was made. This weekend the Minions film made its debut. Though the Minions… Read more »

Would You Try It? McDonald’s Brings The McLobster To Select Locations In U.S.


McDonald’s has added a new summer treat to menus in select locations throughout the United States, and the reviews are mixed. McDonald’s is debuting the McLobster, McDonald’s version of the lobster roll, in the northeast just in time for summer. WRIC reports that the McLobster features “Atlantic lobster meat,” celery, light dressing, and shredded lettuce… Read more »

McDonald’s Is Planning To Close Hundreds Of Restaurants

McDonald's In Serious Trouble

McDonald’s Corp. plans to close hundreds of U.S. restaurants. For the first time in more than 45 years, the world’s biggest hamburger chain plans to close more stores than it opens. According to a review of Security and Exchange Commission filings by McDonald’s, the Associated Press revealed the fast-food restaurant giant has not closed more… Read more »

McDonald’s Self-Serve Kiosks A Response To Higher Minimum Wage?

self-serve kiosk

McDonald’s is well on the way to offering self-serve kiosks at a majority of their stores instead of paying employees to ask, “Do you want fries with that?” The question is, are McDonald’s self-service kiosks just a result of the ongoing march of automated technology, or the result of minimum wage employees and their city… Read more »

McDonald’s Makes Changes To Food Preparation

Fast Food

McDonald’s is set to make changes to their food preparation techniques in an effort to increase customer satisfaction and and sales. During Wednesday’s Bernstein Strategic Decisions Conference, CEO Steve Easterbrook confirmed the changes include several “little things,” which are expected to make some “big differences.” Although he did not discuss specific details, Easterbrook said McDonald’s… Read more »

McDonald’s’ Hamburglar Makes Comeback, But Is He Kid-Friendly?

McDonald's Hamburglar Makes Comeback But Is He Kid-Friendly

Apparently, gone are the days of a friendlier-looking Hamburglar. McDonald’s has revamped its character into an adult burger-grabber. What about the kids? If you remember “back in the day,” McDonald’s’ Hamburglar was a bit cheerful and energetic. He appealed to the kids, mostly. Though he was a thief, by concept, the Hamburglar wasn’t “conniving” in… Read more »

McDonald’s Is Closing Hundreds Of Stores — Find Out Why

McDonald's Closings

Apparently the public isn’t “lovin’” McDonald’s the way it used to. The fast food giant had previously planned on closing 350 stores across the United States, China, and Japan. According to Fortune, “sagging profits” are to blame, and it was hoped this step would be enough. It wasn’t. The contents of a recently disclosed conference… Read more »

McDonald’s To Test All-Day Breakfast


McDonald’s will reportedly test an all-day breakfast menu in the coming months. Analyst Mark Kalinowski, with Janney Capital Markets, said it simply “makes sense” to include breakfast items on the regular menu. Although McDonald’s was founded in 1948, breakfast options were not available until 20 years later. As reported by McDonald’s, the concept of fast-food… Read more »