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McDonald’s ‘Happy’ Mascot Is Vaguely Creepy

Happy New Mascot

McDonald’s new Happy Meal mascot has gone viral. Unfortunately, the response of far from positive. Although it was developed to appeal to children, the new mascot is vaguely creepy. The animated Happy Meal box could actually frighten children, as it features a huge mouth, large teeth, and bulging eyes. Although “Happy” has been around since… Read more »

Burger King’s Fortunes Turn-Around At The Expense Of McDonald’s?

Burger_King VS mickey d

The breakfast wars may be bravely fought by McDonald’s and Taco Bell, however, another fast–food joint; Burger King has been quietly consolidating its position. Burger King managed to turn–around its fortunes in the first quarter of 2014. The same–store sales have grown marginally for the franchisee. Though the sale has increased by just 0.1%, considering… Read more »

Ronald McDonald Gets New Look, Increased Social Media Presence

Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald, who has been the iconic mascot and marketing symbol of McDonald’s for more than 50 years, is getting an all-new look. Back in 2011, at the McDonald’s Corp.’s annual shareholders meeting, a representative from an organization critical of Ronald, called for his retirement, suggesting that he was outdated. The CEO at the time,… Read more »

Taco Bell Breakfast: War With McDonald’s Heats Up

Taco Bell Breakfast: War With McDonald's Heats Up

The Taco Bell breakfast has already been outpacing sales at competitor McDonald’s, and now the Mexican food chain is taking direct aim at the Golden Arches. In a new advertising campaign promoting its Waffle Taco, Taco Bell is directly calling out its fast food competitor. One advertisement features a man who has been eating the… Read more »

Taco Bell, McDonald’s Play Dirty in Breakfast Wars

Taco Bell and McDonald's play dirty in breakfast wars.

Taco Bell is taking their new role as breakfast providers seriously — much to the chagrin of McDonald’s. Whereas Taco Bell could have chosen to quietly enter the world of breakfast without creating too many waves, the company has obviously opted for a different route. So what has Taco Bell done to escalate the breakfast… Read more »