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Passengers Cleared Of Hijacking Accusations: Sabotage Still Possible

Passengers Cleared of ties to terrorism

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, went missing on March 8th, one hour after take-off. The world watched as investigations began into the loss of the aircraft and the 227 passengers. The Boeing 777 jet was thought to be extremely off course and had been cleared from all radars, leading to concerns… Read more »

Ke$ha Isn’t Allowed To Perform In Malaysia

Ke$ha Malaysia

Malaysian authorities recently canceled a concert by pop star Ke$ha. Although the singer planned to perform in the country this weekend, authorities ultimately pulled the proverbial plug on the gig at the last second. Although specifics behind the cancellation are few and far between, the country’s Ministry of Communications and Multimedia rejected the singer’s performance… Read more »

‘Team Madleets’ Performs DNS Hack Against Google Malaysia

Google Malaysia - DNS Hack by Team Madleet

Google’s Malaysian website was hacked on Thursday and the hackers used a DNS trick to replace the company’s splash screen with a “Team Madleets” message. The Google Malaysia website was offline for several hours on Thursday afternoon as engineers worked to fix the problem. Listed on the homepage were a list of hacker handles provided… Read more »