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Jesus Christ Didn’t Exist, Unless You Have Common Sense

Jesus Christ Existence Denial Embarrassing?

Jesus Christ didn’t exist. Earlier this month, that was the claim of Michael Paulkovich, a man who did an analysis of 126 writers active during the periods from the First through the Third Centuries of the Common Era (C.E.). “When I consider those 126 writers, all of whom should have heard of Jesus but did… Read more »

Gamechurch Turns Jesus Christ Into A Gamer: Three Day Respawn, Anyone?

Gamechurch Turns Jesus Christ Into A Gamer: Three Day Respawn, Anyone?

Gamechurch is a Christian gamers organization that has one message for the gaming community: Jesus Christ loves gamers. While some skeptics originally thought the organization would pull a Westboro Baptist Church and say gamers are all going to hell for playing video games, it turns out Gamechurch is simply about Christians who are gamers. In… Read more »

Ancient Images Of Jesus Christ Without Beard Discovered In Spain

Rare discovery of pre-silver paten.

Spanish archaeologists unearthed a shocking find at the Forum MMX excavation project recently. Images of Jesus Christ with short hair and without a beard engraved on an 8.6 inch green glass plate used to hold bread for the Holy Eucharist date back to the 4th Century A.D., and resemble similar plates, or patens, found in… Read more »

Prominent Christian Singer Comes Out Of The Closet As Gay! Who Is It?

Christian Music

As of this year, there have been numerous revelations pertaining to the artists in the Christian music genre. Though traditional artists such as Amy Grant, Laura Story, and Hillsong still utilize classic Gospel hymns, there are other artists who aren’t so traditional. Lacrea innovated Christian hip hop/rap. Skillet and Flyleaf are mainstream acts which are… Read more »

Spain’s Holy Grail: That Is Not The Cup Of A Carpenter


Is that the Holy Grail or a bad movie prop? Despite the massive pilgrimage underway following the announcement by two Spanish historians that the legendary Holy Grail has been found, there are many who remain skeptical as to whether this bejeweled cup is in fact the cup from which Jesus drank the night before he… Read more »

The ‘Holy Grail’ Sells For $30 million At Hong Kong Auction


The ‘holy grail’ has been sought in vain by wise men, philosophers, knights, religious cults, Nazis and your everyday have-a-go adventurer for centuries, so how did the grail end up in a Hong Kong auction house, packaged and sold like a common whore to the highest bidder? Before we continue, we should mention that this… Read more »

‘Son Of God’ Movie: Is It Biblical?

Son of God Movie Featured

The movie, Son of God, has already surpassed most people’s expectations earning $26.5 million on its first weekend. It is a clear sign that the Christian community has power over the box office. Not surprisingly, non-Christian skeptics criticized the movie. However, what may be surprising to some are the Christians who have issues with the… Read more »

Christ Statue Lightning Strike Destroys Famous Redeemer’s Hands

Christ Statue Lightning Strike Destroys Famous Redeemer's Hands

A Christ statue lightning strike has destroyed a portion of the famous redeemer’s hands. In a related report from The Inquisitr, a famous anonymous diner leaves “tips for Jesus,” giving waiters and waitresses thousands. Rio de Janeiro is famous for its Christ the Redeemer statue, which ironically overlooks a city that has become known for… Read more »

Jesus Tattoo Billboard Campaign: Is It Offensive Or Effective?

tattooed jesus

A billboard campaign In Texas named the “Jesus Tattoo,” features 59 of the images throughout Lubbock, Texas. The picture depicts Jesus Christ covered in tattoos on his body, with words like addicted and depressed, as well as some other negative adjectives. So what is the point of the Jesus Tattoo campaign and who is behind… Read more »

Disfigured Fresco Of Jesus Christ Raises $66,000 For Spanish Charity

Jesus Christ Fresco

A disfigured fresco, which was created last year by an 81-year-old artist from Spain, has attracted over 40,000 visitors and raised over $66,000 for charity. Cecilia Gimenez, the artist who tried to restore the image of Jesus Christ, botched the restoration attempt last year. At the time, it drew a lot of criticism from people… Read more »

Jesus Christ Booted From Darts Game By Sports Officials

Jesus Christ Booted From Darts Game By Sports Officials

Minehead, England – A sports fan was evicted from a game for looking too much like Jesus. According to The Sun, bearded Nathan Grindal was minding his own business while watching a darts tournament when suddenly the drunken crowd recognized his uncanny resemblance to the stereotypical renditions of deity, which led to the Jesus look-alike… Read more »