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James Franco’s Poetry Collection is ‘Not Good, But Not Entirely Bad’

James Franco book review

James Franco’s newest book has just been released, and this time it’s a collection of poetry. Directing Herbert White (Graywolf Press, $15), is a collection of poems written by the Oscar-nominated actor, mostly about being an actor in Hollywood. His first book, a collection of fiction called Palo Alto, came out of mostly negative critical… Read more »

Was James Franco’s Instagram Scandal A Marketing Ploy?

Did James Franco Really Hit On A 17-Year-Old Girl?

Accidentally hitting on a 17-year-old girl has left James Franco in hot water. The Oscar-nominated actor has since apologized for his actions, saying that “social media is tricky.” But was this supposed scandal part of James Franco’s promotion for his new feature film, Palo Alto? The film is based on a collection of short stories… Read more »

Britney Spears Advocates James Franco For Christian Grey Role

Britney Spears advocates for James Franco

Britney Spears isn’t afraid to let people know who she’s currently crushing on. Spears, who calls herself a huge Brad Pitt fan, has a certain star in mind for the role of Christian Grey. Spears wants James Franco to play the role of Christian Grey now that Charlie Hunnam is out of the tantalizing adaptation… Read more »

Willem Dafoe, James Franco Aren’t Fans Of The ‘Spider-Man’ Reboot

Marc Webb The Amazing Spider-Man

Actors Willem Dafoe and James Franco aren’t exactly huge fans of director Marc Webb’s recent Spider-Man reboot. Since the similarities between Sam Raimi’s adaptation and Webb’s reboot are too hard to ignore, Dafoe firmly believes the picture was made strictly for the money. The actor said he was a little shocked when he saw the… Read more »

James Franco Posts Gay Centric Photos In Response To Gawker Gossip

James Franco

Most celebrities like to deny romances, and then there’s meta-artist James Franco. In the years leading up to his skyrocketing as a pop culture figure, Franco has had to endure constant speculation about his love life. This includes many outlets questioning his work that consistently features the actor playing gay icons. Over the last two… Read more »

NYFF: James Franco Talks Necrophilia For ‘Child Of God’

Filmmaker James Franco

As a filmmaker James Franco is fearless, as he’s chosen to model most of his body of work after unadaptable works of literature. For Franco it’s a testament to his spirit as a fearless creator, which usually sees the MFA-meta actor having the arduous task of adapting the most daunting American classics to the screen…. Read more »

James Franco Wishes He Was Gay [Video]

James Franco

James Franco got roasted on Comedy Central, and predictably, it was all gay jokes as far as the eye can see. While Franco had to bend over for the roast, an event in which insults are the name of the game, the star is no stranger to gay rumors. And while Franco says he isn’t… Read more »