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Ed Sheeran Pooped His Pants During Live Performance

Ed Sheeran sharted onstage.

How much information is too much when it comes to Ed Sheeran? Apparently, bodily functions aren’t on his list of taboo discussion topics, because he recently admitted to doing something that few people are willing to admit doing themselves. Fox News 411 reports that the I Was Made to Love Her crooner has over-trusted at… Read more »

Hugh Jackman’s Wife Forbids Actor To Work With Sexy Actress

Hugh Jackman and wife

Throughout their marriage, Hugh Jackman’s wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, has been a good sport. She’s seen her husband drooled at by fans, and has witnessed his star rise, but there’s one thing she won’t tolerate coming between them — Angelina Jolie. Hugh Jackman and his wife, Deborra, joked around when they sat down with Australia’s Today… Read more »

Hugh Jackman On Wolverine, Deadpool, Coffee, And Climate Change

Hugh Jackman has announced his final appearance as Wolverine.

Since the first X-Men came out in 2000, Hugh Jackman has been instantly recognizable as Wolverine. Now the actor has stated that his 2017 appearance in the currently unnamed Wolverine sequel will be his last as the iconic character. Hugh Jackman has joked with the Huffington Post that his reason for leaving the part has… Read more »

‘Pan’ Movie Pics Gives First Look At Hugh Jackman As Blackbeard

Pan Hugh Jackman

Warner Bros. has held out for a long time, but the studio has finally given the first images from the upcoming film Pan, the origin story of Peter Pan. With that, fans get their first look at Hugh Jackman as the evil and villainous Blackbeard, and he looks awesome in all his twirled-mustache glory. Entertainment… Read more »

Hugh Jackman Recovering From Third Skin Cancer Treatment

Hugh Jackman's Audition Tape

Hugh Jackman has been diagnosed and treated for skin cancer for the third time in one year. Jackman, the X-Men: Days of Future Past star, is recovering from a third skin cancer treatment. Jackman’s rep told E! News that the 46-year-old actor was “recently treated for his third basal cell carcinoma in 12 months.” The… Read more »

Fear Makes You Use Sunblock

Sunblock applied to the shoulders.

With the summer in full swing, people will be spending extended periods of time cooking under the sun. Most medical professionals advise you use sunblock for any amount of time in sunlight, but a recent study shows that it’s fear that motivates people to wear sunblock more than anything else. According to the New York… Read more »

The Hottest Summer Blockbuster: X-Men: Days Of Future Past (Video)

X Men Days of Future Past

If you enjoy sensational, thrilling, action-packed time travel movies, then X-Men: Days Of Future Past will be the film for you. Director Bryan Singer shows off his exceptional talent as he brings together a balance of humor, action, and serious drama, according to And it all starts right from the X-Men’s hair-raising opening scene…. Read more »

X-Men: Days Of Future Past: First Reviews Are In

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Its a busy time for X-Men fans. With the release of the highly anticipated next installment of the series, “Days Of Future Past,” only two weeks away, the film’s promotional machine is in full swing. On top of the cast’s appearance on Good Morning America and Hugh Jackman’s turn interviewing himself, early reviews have started… Read more »

Hugh Jackman Interviews Himself For ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’

Hugh Jackman Days Of Future Past

Hugh Jackman found a very unique way to help promote X-Men: Days of Future Past. Instead of sitting down with some random reporter during his press junket for the upcoming superhero epic, Jackman decided to take matters in his own hands. Through the magic of “time travel,” Hugh was recently able to interview a younger… Read more »

Rooney Mara Cast As Tiger Lily In New Peter Pan Movie

Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara is known for her extreme transformation into Lisbeth Salander, the tattooed, pierced, eyebrow-less female lead in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Her next role, however, may be more challenging: a Native American girl from a beloved children’s book. The Hollywood Reporter writes, that the 28-year old actress is in negotiations with Warner… Read more »

Hugh Jackman Still Having Doubts About Wolverine Return

Hugh Jackman unsure of playing Wolverine again

Hugh Jackman is once again questioning whether he wants to play Wolverine for another sequel. X-Men: Days of Future Past will mark Jackman’s seventh appearance as Wolverine. The Aussie actor played the character in the original X-Men trilogy, which began in 2000, and made an uncredited cameo in the 2011 prequel, X-Men: First Class. He… Read more »