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The Gaming Arena Is Now Filled With More Women Than Men

Women Gamers Not Outnumber Male Gamers

Gaming has been an avid pursuit of boys and men. Companies like Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and others have traditionally created games that appealed primarily to the male demographic. Quite recently the Inquisitr reported a remarkable increase in female gamers. The fairer gender was increasingly keen to play premium games, apart from trivial ones on their… Read more »

‘Madden NFL 15’: Ray Rice Removed By EA Sports Over Violent Video

Ray Rice

Madden NFL 15 gamers won’t be seeing Ray Rice any longer. EA Sports, the maker of the football video game, is removing the troubled Baltimore Ravens player from its format after the National Football League suspended Rice Monday when a troubling video surfaced of Ray allegedly punching and knocking out his wife, Janay Rice (formerly… Read more »

Forrest Gump Is Running Again — In A Video Game! (Video)


What better way to mark the 20th anniversary of the Oscar-winning film Forrest Gump than with his own IOS game! Forrest Gump must have seen this coming down the pike, when he said, “Lieutenant Dan got me invested in some kind of fruit company. So then I got a call from him, saying we don’t… Read more »

Google Buys Streaming Site Twitch for $1 Billion

google buys twitch

It was rumored back in March that Twitch, the popular game streaming website, would be bought out by YouTube, but it looks like the deal finally went public on Friday. Venture Beat reports that Google officially bought Twitch for a cool $1 billion. While neither Twitch nor Google have commented — specifics about this merger… Read more »

GTA V Releases “I’m Not A Hipster” Update, “Heist” Gameplay Leaked

grand theft auto v updates released

Seems like there’s plenty of content still to come for Grand Theft Auto V. The massively popular Rockstar game just released its latest update this weekend, the anticipated “I’m Not A Hipster” update, that included new cars, clothes, and hairstyles, and most importantly, 10 new jobs. The jobs released with this update include mission titles… Read more »

Mario Kart 8 And Mercedes Team Up For Awesome New DLC

Nintendo and Mercedes team up to bring new kart to Mario Kart 8.

Mario Kart is a fun racing game franchise that allows players to pelt each other with shells of various colors and bananas, as well as many other strange bits of ammo. In the new version, Mario Kart 8, gamers get to go one step further and customize their karts in a way that has never… Read more »

Google-YouTube Is Totally Buying Twitch For $1B. Here’s Why


Get ready to have Google Now suggest ways for you to not suck so bad at Spelunky. According to new reports, Google’s YouTube is in talks to buy the Twitch video game-streaming service for a cool billion. This is the sort of thing where neither company will say anything until the ink is well dried… Read more »

Our Favorite Gaming April Fools’ Jokes for 2014


Our favorite gaming April Fools’ jokes for 2014 is awash with both funny quips and some astonishing productions that make us wish they were real. The gaming jokes have become something of a social marketing push, but the April Fools’ jokes for gamers in 2014 do not disappoint. Read on to find out favorite jokes… Read more »

PS4 Games: The Five You Need To Buy


PS4 games promise to be something special in terms of graphics quality and playability but with all the games on the market which are the “must-have” PS4 games that you’ll want on your shelf? The PS4 is a console focused primarily on gaming and has been totally redesigned from the inside and outside. The eight-core… Read more »

‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Gameplay Trailer Arrives Online [Video]

GTA V Trailer

Rockstar has unveiled the first Grand Theft Auto V gameplay trailer. The nearly five-minute video gives fans of the franchise an opportunity to see how the game performs. The clip first introduces prospective players to the world in and around Los Santos. Fans of the series will be able to traverse cities, wilderness, and all… Read more »

‘SimCity’ Offline Mode Could Become A Reality

Maxis Electronic Arts

An offline version of SimCity might be on the away after all. The folks at Electronic Arts drew the ire of many gamers when it forced them to play the latest version of the city simulator online. After a considerable amount of backlash, it would seem the developers are thinking about adding an offline mode… Read more »

Ellen Page Claims ‘The Last Of Us’ Ripped Off Her Likeness

Naughty Dog The Last Of Us

Ellen Page believes Naughty Dog ripped off her likeness for the video game The Last of Us. When you compare the Hard Candy actress to the character found in the recent game, the similarities are hard to deny. Page definitely has a unique look, one that appears to have been borrowed for Naughty Dog’s latest… Read more »