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‘GTA V’ Is Truly One Of Gaming’s Greatest Sandboxes

GTA 5 Mt. Chiliad

As I sat my GTA V Online character on the top of Mt. Chiliad with a few friends, I marveled at how the game brought us here. We started in Vespucci Beach on mountain bikes and rode all the way to the peak of GTA V’s tallest mountain. All because we can. Nothing in GTA… Read more »

‘GTA V’ PC Launch Issues Point Towards Disturbing Trend

Grand Theft Auto 5 GTA 5 PC 4K

Grand Theft Auto V launched this week, and what was supposed to a celebration in the best of PC gaming became just another checkmark on a list of recent buggy launches. Assassin’s Creed Unity, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Driveclub: all games that have launched with horrific results in terms of consumer ability to play… Read more »

Some Reasons To Be Excited For ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ On PC

Grand Theft Auto 5 On PC Releases Tuesday

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5 releases this week on PC (21 hours from publication time, actually), and gamers on PC have a lot to look forward to. Earlier, the Inquisitr looked at some of the PC exclusive features that would make Grand Theft Auto 5 enticing to fans. However, more information has been released with… Read more »

‘GTA V’ Will Unlock Early For Some PC Users

New GTA V PC Screenshot 4K Resolution

For fans eager to get their hands on GTA V for PC, the wait is almost over. In fact, according to multiple reports, Grand Theft Auto fans won’t even have to wait until the April 14 in their timezones. VentureBeat is reporting that the GTA V’s digital “switch” will be turned on at midnight April… Read more »

‘Call of Duty: Black Ops III’ Teased, Reveal Date Set

Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 III Teaser Reveal

Activision released a new teaser for the upcoming entry in the Call of Duty franchise due later this year, and it all but confirmed that Treyarch is working on Black Ops III. While the official name and reveal hasn’t actually happened, the teaser doesn’t leave much to really speculate. After the trailer was released, Activision… Read more »

Don Mattrick Resigns As Zynga CEO, Founder Mark Pincus Back In Role

Don Mattrick Mark Pincus Zynga CEO

Zynga is going through some changes again. Announced via a press release Wednesday, Don Mattrick has resigned his position as CEO of the online game company. Founder Mark Pincus has stepped back into the CEO role, the position he vacated for Mattrick in 2013. Mattrick’s resignation from Zynga is effective immediately. The Facebook game juggernaut… Read more »

‘GTA V’ For PC Will Be A 65GB Download

GTA V PC 4K Screenshot Michael De Santa

Rockstar Games has updated its store page for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V PC version, stating that GTA V will use quite a bit of hard drive space. GTA V was always going to be a large game, but the hard drive space required dwarfs many games currently available. Requiring 65GB of space, GTA… Read more »

‘GTA V’ PC Trailer: Los Santos in 60FPS Looks Stellar

GTA V PC Screenshot PC

For those looking to catch a glimpse of Grand Theft Auto V running on PC in 60 frames-per-second, your wait is finally over. Rockstar Games released the long-awaited launch trailer for the upcoming PC version of GTA V, touting the computer version’s ability to play in what has become the industry standard for frames-per-second. The… Read more »

‘Dying Light’ Alters Game Physics For April Fool’s Day [Video]

Dying Light April Fools Day Update

For fans of Dying Light still parkouring throughout Harran, be prepared for some changes. Coming tomorrow, April 1, Techland will be altering the physics in Dying Light, allowing players to perform super-human feats the likes of which they’ve never seen. Being presented as a batch of contaminated Antizin, the in-game medicine that curtails the zombie… Read more »

‘Mortal Kombat X’ ESL League Announced, FATAL 8 Coming April

ESL Pro League Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X and ESL are kicking off the MKX Pro League this April, announcing an exhibition tournament to showcase competitive Mortal Kombat X on the big stage. Dubbed “FATAL 8,” NetherRealm and ESL have invited eight of the world’s best Mortal Kombat players to showcase their moves on the upcoming entry in the series…. Read more »

Playing ‘Call Of Duty’ Is A Sign Of Neglect, Teachers Claim

Call Of Duty Considered Neglect?

According to the headteachers in Cheshire, allowing your child to play Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto V and similar titles is a form of child neglect. Let that sink in for a minute. In a letter sent to parents by the Nantwich Educational Partnership, 16 schools have come together and deemed that the consumption… Read more »

Telltale Teases ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode 3, Will There Be Dragons?

Telltales Game Of Thrones Episode 3 The Sword In The Darkness Dragons

Telltale teased the next installment in their Game of Thrones series with a image released via their Facebook. The next episode, titled “The Sword in the Darkness” shows a massive dragon shooting flames. While “The Sword in the Darkness” hints the next Game of Thrones Telltale game might spend some time at the Wall, the… Read more »

‘GTA V’ Online:Tips To Prepare For Upcoming Heists

GTA V Heists Online Tips And Tricks

For those counting, heists launch in Grand Theft Auto V in six days. Players have spent hundreds of hours honing their skills in GTA V’s online mode, but what about those who are just now busting into the social version of Los Santos? Thanks to the Internet, you can get a head start in GTA… Read more »

Nvidia Shield Microconsole May Finally Disrupt Console Market, If It Works

Nvidia Shield GRID Games

Nvidia made a splash at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday night. By announcing their new Nvidia Shield Android TV console, Nvidia talked a big game in terms of delivering PC-level gameplay experiences in a small, affordable form-factor console. Nvidia may have finally introduced an Android TV micro-console that has some staying… Read more »

‘Mad Max’ Release Date Revealed, Last-Gen Versions Canned

Mad Max PC PS4 Xbox One Game September 1

The upcoming Mad Max game by Warner Bros. has been given a release date, thanks to an in-depth reveal with Game Informer. Mad Max has been given a release date of September 1 and will only be releasing on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The previous gen versions of Mad Max have been cancelled as… Read more »

Future ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Games May Have More Modern-Day Elements

Assassins Creed Unity ACU Modern Day Elements

Assassin’s Creed has always been a game series that strives to have two identities. The first is the core gameplay experience with the player taking the role of the assassin. The second is its connection to the modern world, whether through Abstergo kidnapping, to using the Animus to create video games. Recent Assassin’s Creed titles… Read more »

‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Heists: 5 Things We Know About Them

Grand Theft Auto V Heist Online Chopper Getaway

Grand Theft Auto V just revealed the release date for their upcoming heist missions in GTA Online. The complex missions that have been promised since GTA V released on consoles back in 2013 have been dated for release March 10. But what do we know about them? Here are a few things about GTA heists,… Read more »