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Actor Omar Sharif Has Died Aged 83 [Breaking]

Omar Sharif

Actor Omar Sharif, best known for the classic films Doctor Zhivago and Lawrence of Arabia, has died today at the age of 83. Born Michel Demitri Chalhoub in Egypt on April 10, 1932, Omar Sharif earned a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for his role as Sherif Ali in the 1962 epic movie Lawrence of… Read more »

Whale Inside A Whale, Eaten By Shark, Discovered In Egypt

The basilosaurus skeleton represents the only complete specimen ever uncovered worldwide.

Scientists have uncovered what amounts to an ancient turducken in Egypt, documenting the fossilized remains of a whale inside of another whale, which was then eaten by sharks. The discovery was made in a region known as the Valley of Whales, according to the Huffington Post. A 40-million-year-old, 60-foot-long basilosaurus was discovered, with the fossilized… Read more »

Egypt Jails Students For Mocking ISIS


Egypt has jailed four students for a video made in jest, mocking ISIS on the charge of “insulting Islam.” According to reports, the four students, aged 15 to 16, in Egypt are facing up to five years in jail, while a fifth child is on the run. A school teacher is also facing seven years… Read more »

Egypt: Al Jazeera Journalists Released On Bail

Al Jazeera Journalists Freed

A court in Egypt has ordered the release on bail of two Al Jazeera journalists, at the start of their retrial on the charge of spreading false news to help a terrorist group. Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed were imprisoned in June along with their Australian colleague, Peter Greste, who was released on February 1…. Read more »

Khentakawess III: Archaeologists Discover Tomb Of Unknown Egyptian Queen


Archaeologists have unearthed the tomb of Khentakawess III in Abusir, Egypt. Although she was previously unknown to historians, inscriptions in the queen’s tomb suggest she was married to Pharaoh Neferefre. Also known as Raneferef, Neferefre ruled Egypt for approximately five years during the Fifth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom. The specific period of Neferefre’s reign… Read more »

One Million Mummies? Egypt’s Ministry Of Antiquities Begs To Differ

Antiquities Department Unhappy Over Discussion Concerning One Million Mummies

Recent reports that a team of archaeologists from Utah’s Brigham Young University have begun excavating an ancient cemetery containing one million mummies has Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities begging to differ. He’s also threatening to stop the researchers from continuing their work, but not for the reason you might suspect. The cemetery, Fag el-Gamous, and a… Read more »

ISIS Claims Credit For Killing William Henderson, American Oil Worker

Ansar Beit al-Maqdis

ISIS-linked group Ansar Beit al-Maqdis has claimed responsibility for the killing of William Henderson. The American oil worker is a Texas native. Henderson’s passport and work ID badge were posted on the official ISIS Web Forum on Sunday. William Henderson, 58, worked for Apache Corporation out of Houston for 28 years. Henderson’s August 6 death… Read more »

Egypt Lost A Whole Train For 8 Years, But Will Now ‘Rescue’ It

Egypt Lost A Train For 8 Whole Years, But Will Now Bring It Back

Trains are one of the largest lateral vehicles that are in existence today. These exceptionally long mechanically beasts lumber steadfastly on a set of tracks and never wander off like trucks or Lorries. Hence it comes as a surprise when such vehicles are reported lost. One such locomotive lost by Egypt has just been recovered,… Read more »

‘Gay Wedding’ Video Lands Eight Men In Egyptian Prison

Gay Wedding Arrests: 8 Men, 3 Years Each

A “gay wedding” video has landed eight men in prison due to the ruling of an Egyptian court, and the reason the men were arrested might shock you (unless you’re Bill Maher). Apparently, the eight men’s only crime was allowing their faces to be seen in the video (shared below). Of course, the Egyptian court… Read more »

Journalists Join Egyptian Hunger Strike To Free ‘Political Prisoners’


Egyptian journalists have joined a hunger strike movement seeking the release of political prisoners, according to multiple news organizations. The total number of journalists joining the movement stands at seven, with a focus on a strict protest law put into place by the Egyptian government, The Associated Press reported. What has driven even more focus… Read more »