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Journalists Join Egyptian Hunger Strike To Free ‘Political Prisoners’


Egyptian journalists have joined a hunger strike movement seeking the release of political prisoners, according to multiple news organizations. The total number of journalists joining the movement stands at seven, with a focus on a strict protest law put into place by the Egyptian government, The Associated Press reported. What has driven even more focus… Read more »

Gaza Cease-Fire Extended, But Peace Is A Long Way Away

Israeli soldiers carrying a coffin of a fallen comrade.

Israel and Hamas have agreed to extend a truce, and it appears to be holding despite a precarious start, CNN is reporting. Late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, the two sides exchanged rocket fire, raising fears that the new cease-fire would not hold. However, the brief exchange did not escalate into more violence, and… Read more »

Muslim Brotherhood Banned In Egypt


The Muslim Brotherhood political party has been banned in Egypt after a court ruling, accord to BBC News. The party, which came to power after the Arab Spring following the ouster of long time Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, is now banned from participating in parliamentary elections in the Spring, the British news agency said. “The… Read more »

Father Claims Kingdom So His Daughter Can Be A Real Princess

Heaton traveled to Africa and planted a flag his children designed, claiming Bir Tawil and naming his daughter a "princess"

A father from Virginia has gone to extreme lengths for his daughter, flying to Africa and claiming a “kingdom” between Egypt and Sudan so that she can be an actual princess. Jermiah Heaton, a father of three from Abingdon, Virginia, was playing with his daughter, Emily, when she asked him if she would ever be… Read more »

Hamas: Egypt Gets Involved In Israel-Hamas War

Egypt has opened the Rafah Crossing to allow injured Gazans to enter Egypt.

Hamas can now send those wounded in the Israel-Hamas war to Egypt through the Rafah Crossing, according to a report in the L.A. Times. This represents a turnaround from Egypt’s previous policy towards Hamas and is somewhat surprising in light of ongoing hostilities between Egypt and Hamas, which has been tied to the Muslim Brotherhood…. Read more »

Egypt Sees Deadly Violence On Revolution’s Third Anniversary [Video]

Cairo Sees Protester Deaths

On Saturday, Egypt was plagued by violent clashes between anti-government protesters and security forces, killing dozens and injuring many more. At least 29 died in the violence on Saturday, on what was the third anniversary of Hosni Mubarak’s removal from power in Egypt, the January 25 revolution. Those in Egypt who cheered the fall of… Read more »

Obama Satan Pic Picks Up Steam Amid WWIII Fears

Obama Satan Pic From Egypt Hints At Waning Influence

An Obama Satan pic has been making the rounds on Facebook, but this time the starting point has nothing to do with right wing detractors, nor tea party members of Congress. It’s Egypt. According to alternative news site Before It’s News, the widely read Al Wafd media outlet in Egypt originally published the pic depicting… Read more »

Dalga, Egypt Torched By Muslims, Christians Threatened With Death

Dalga, Egypt Torched By Muslims, Christians Threatened With Death

Dalga, Egypt – Muslims favoring Morsi took over the town of Dalga in Egypt after ex-President Mohammed Morsi was removed from power. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Egypt ousted Mohammed Morsi with the help of the military, an action that was popular with the majority of the Egyptian people. Mohammed Morsi will stand trial… Read more »

Mohamed Morsi Will Stand Trial For ‘Incitement To Murder’

Morsi Charged Murder

Egypt’s ousted President Mohamed Morsi will stand trial for “incitement to murder” along with 14 other members of the Muslim Brotherhood political party. Morsi was ousted by protesters and the Egyptian military on July 3 and has been detained ever since, though his location is not known at this time. The move underscores another massive… Read more »

Egypt In State Of Emergency As Death Toll Passes 500 [Video]

Muslim Brotherhood call for day of rage on Friday.

Egypt has declared a state of emergency after violence on Wednesday. Over 500 lives have been lost after the Egyptian military forces broke up groups of pro-Morsi in aggressive purges. Some of the worst violence so far has come from the nation’s capitol, Cairo, where at least 200 have been killed. Estimates of the current… Read more »

95 Killed In Egypt During Pro-Morsi Camp Military Purge

95 killed in Egypt

Egypt has issued a state of emergency Wednesday after 95 pro-Morsi supporters were killed in what is being called a “chaotic bloodbath.” Reuters reports that Egyptian troops opened fire on demonstrators sympathetic to the ousted Morsi, killing 95 and wounding 874. A state of emergency was issued starting at 10pm on Wednesday, and to last… Read more »