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Disney’s Animal Kingdom Is Now Selling ‘Poop’ For Guests To Eat!

Disney Tree of Life

For numerous decades, Disney World has been known as the “happiest place on earth,” a moniker earned for being the destination for more family vacations than any other destination in the world. What keeps Disney World on top is their ability to relate and adapt to the times. Just recently, for example, they’ve opened up… Read more »

Mayor Sings ‘Let It Go’ After Losing A Sports Bet

'Let It Go' sung by Calgary mayor.

Even though you’re probably tired of hearing “Let It Go” by now, especially if you have kids, get ready to listen to it one more time. The latest rendition of the hit song from Frozen comes from Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi. What’s one way to make the NHL playoffs even more exciting? By making a… Read more »

Disney Anti-Feminist? Black Widow Replaced By Captain America

Disney replaces Black Widow with Captain America

A new Hasbro toy, based on Black Widow’s exploits in Avengers: Age of Ultron, doesn’t feature the red haired Avenger, but has instead been released with Captain America. The toy is based off the Avengers scene where Black Widow drops out of a jet on a motorcycle and helps Captain America save the day, but… Read more »

New ‘Tomorrowland’ Trailer Released


The third trailer — as well as some promotional posters — for Disney’s upcoming film, Tomorrowland, have been released, and so far, Twitter has been blowing up about how excited people are for the film after seeing the trailer, due to the fact that the trailer gives us a glimpse at one of the most… Read more »

Woman Suing Disney Claims That They Implanted Her With A Chip

Woman suing Disney implanted chip Julie Lynn Hooker

Many people believe that Disney has some type of hold or power over them because they keep wanting to go back again and again. They know in reality that they just enjoy the experience, but one West Virginia woman feels differently about it. She is suing Disney because she claims that the company implanted a… Read more »