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‘Dukes Of Hazzard’ Was A Racist Show, Columnist Concludes

Dukes Of Hazzard

The Dukes of Hazzard was a racist show, according to one columnist for the Huffington Post. John Wellington Ennis, director of the documentary PAY 2 PLAY: Democracy’s High Stakes, penned the provocative piece and unleashed it on the world Friday. Since that time, he’s received a lot of pushback, but what exactly has so many… Read more »

New Jersey Boy Defends American Flag In Heroic Patriotic Act

Shpejtim American Flag

One New Jersey teen boy is taking a stand this week in defense of the American flag. To offset the negative attention created by the burning of the American flag in Brooklyn, Shpejtim Zenelaj has been proudly, yet quietly, holding an American flag and a handmade sign that reads “Honk for the U.S.A” in view… Read more »

NASCAR: Confederate Flags Are Not To Be Displayed By Fans

NASCAR Confederate flag

NASCAR says Confederate flags will no longer be allowed at their events. On Thursday, NASCAR’s national series tracks announced that they are asking their fans to refrain from displaying the Confederate flag, following the deadly, racially-motivated attack at a South Carolina church two weeks ago. The race facilities have promised to provide the most “welcoming… Read more »

Mike Rowe Reveals His Feelings About The Confederate Flag Controversy

Mike Rowe opens up about the Confederate flag

TV personality Mike Rowe has expressed his thoughts on social media about the ongoing Confederate flag controversy which became a national issue after the horrific Charleston shooting. Mike Rowe has more than once used his Facebook platform to respond to fans’ questions about current issues from a non-ideological, non-partisan perspective. In this instance, a fan… Read more »

Confederate Flag Parade Crash Sparks Viral Video And Free Speech Debate

confederate flag parade

A Confederate Flag parade, featuring more than 150 pickup trucks and other vehicles, resulted in a crash that was ultimately turned into a viral video. The parade took place in Dalton, Georgia. Local police officers were blocking intersections for the parade, as is commonplace for any such event, but the traffic assistance did not thwart… Read more »

Sean Hannity Wants To Ban Rap Music

Sean Hannity wants to get rid of hip hop!

Fox News talk show host Sean Hannity is making controversial comments in wake of the recent uproar surrounding the Confederate flag. The conservative pundit, angered at the fact that people want the flag removed from government buildings, wants to ban rap music in retaliation. The Huffington Post shares the bizarre audio of the host talking… Read more »

#TeachingRacism Trends On Twitter, Revealing How Society Ingrains Stereotypes

#TeachingRacism? Trend hits Twitter

The hashtag #TeachingRacism trended Sunday evening, created by Ryan Dalton, a teacher, writer, and activist who says he wanted to collect stories that explain how racism is taught from one generation to the next, intentionally or otherwise. The hashtag caught on quickly, and became a top trending topic. From Christopher Columbus to the Confederate flag,… Read more »

Franklin Graham Joins Call To Remove Confederate Flag

Franklin Graham: take down the Confederate flag

Franklin Graham has angered some followers this week by calling for the removal of a Confederate flag on government property. The Confederate flag on the South Carolina State House’s Civil War Memorial has been the subject of debate and controversy, and some surprising voices have weighed in for the removal. Now, a well-known Carolina-based Evangelical… Read more »

Walmart Apologizes For ISIS Cake, Explains What Went Wrong [Video]

Walmart, ISIS Cake Explanation

The Walmart ISIS Cake that kicked up a storm on the Inquisitr and social media yesterday now has an official apology. Randy Hargrove of Walmart Stores issued a statement, reported by the Daily Caller, late Saturday night that said the following. “Our local store made a mistake. The cake in the video should not have… Read more »

Confederate Flag At South Carolina Statehouse Briefly Taken Down

Confederate Flag

The Confederate flag was taken down from the South Carolina statehouse by a woman who apparently felt the state’s legislature wasn’t working fast enough. Reports began surfacing early Saturday morning that an unnamed black woman and a male compatriot took it upon themselves to remove the Confederate flag from the pole that sits in front… Read more »

Rainbow Flag Should Be Next To Go, Says Conservative Commentator

Rainbow Flag Should Be Banned?

The Rainbow Flag, or LGBT Pride Flag as it is also known, has been the latest “offensive” symbol to come under attack after the furor sweeping social media involving the Confederate flag. Conservative pundits, many of whom are upset at the targeting of a flag that they say represents Southern Heritage instead of racism, have… Read more »

NASCAR Releases Statement In Support Of Confederate Flag Removal From SC State Capitol


The political debate surrounding the Confederate flag has contributed to several companies’ decision to announce the discontinuance of Confederacy-inspired merchandise. Now, another notable business is speaking out in support of Gov. Nikki Haley’s stance where the flag is concerned. According to USA Today, NASCAR has released a statement supporting the removal of the Confederate flag… Read more »