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Concealed Carry: Crime Rate In Chicago Drops Once Permits Are Issued

second amendment

Concealed carry permits increase self-defense abilities and prompt crime rate drops, according to Second Amendment advocates. The violent crime rate in Chicago has dropped since such permits became legal to issue late last year. City officials credit “better police” work with the drop in violent crime and theft in the city. One significant important crime-deterring… Read more »

ISIS Terrorists Threaten United States Soil Over Twitter

ISIS Attacks Chicago

The Sunni radicals, who are a part of the Islamic State, sent threatening messages over Twitter about the city of Chicago and United States soil. The United States government is asking that all local police departments be extremely vigilant and on the look out for possible ISIS threats, especially around Chicago and Washington D.C. The… Read more »

Chicago Protesters Call Obama ‘Worst President’ And Cite Modern Day Slavery

illegal immigrants

Chicago protesters deem President Barack Obama the “worst president ever elected.” South Side black residents gathered over the weekend to register their disgust with President Obama. One black male protester said Bill Clinton was the “African-American president,” not Obama. The South Side Chicago protest was held in front of the city’s police department headquarters. The… Read more »

‘Star Wars’ Museum Finds A Home, Find Out Where

mark hammil with gerorge lucas on the set of star wars

After much uncertainty, Star Wars creator George Lucas found a home for his museum, and the choice may come as a surprise to some. The famed director was looking for the perfect spot to display his very large memorabilia collection. The top two contenders were Chicago and San Francisco, but Lucas finally decided on the… Read more »

Illegal Immigrants: Chicago Test Questions Yanked After Political Bias Backlash

joe arpaio

Illegal immigrant questions on a Chicago achievement test were yanked after being deemed politically biased and “incendiary.” Seventh grade students at one of the largest school districts in the country were read “anti-immigration commentary” posed by a fictitious George Bush administration official and a conservative writer with a fake name that closely resembled that of… Read more »

Gun Control Laws Are Stupid! This Is Better.

gun control

Today I woke up and, like most people I know went straight to Facebook to see how everyone I know was doing. While I was yawning and skimming over the content, I saw a picture that I read, then verified via other online sources to be an undoctored and legitimate piece. Before I go on,… Read more »

Chicago Cell Phone Victims ID’ed, Survivor ‘Never Felt So Helpless’

Chicago cell phone tragedy victim

The Chicago River drowning victim who died attempting to retrieve his dropped cell phone from ice floating on the frigid waters was “an extremely intelligent individual” who loved learning trivia, taking part in online role playing games and, though he didn’t graduate from college, was finally getting his life on the right track. That description… Read more »

Chicago Tragedy: 2 Die Trying To Save Cell Phone In Icy River

Chicago River tragedy

The Chicago River was the site of a bizarre tragedy early Monday morning when a 26-year-old man and his 21-year-old girlfriend died after the man dropped his cell phone into the ice-encrusted waters — then tried to save it. A third man also dropped into the frigid river and is now listed in stable condition… Read more »

Woman With The World’s Largest Butt Speaks [Video]

Sarah Massey

Sarah Massey has an amazing title that very few people in the world could compete with. The 33 year old mother from Chicago has the world’s biggest butt! The Guinness Book of World’s Records does not recognize categories like world’s biggest butt so there is no verification by them, but several authorities on the category… Read more »

Famous Chef Charlie Trotter Found Dead In His Chicago Home


Famed chef Charlie Trotter was found dead Tuesday morning, according to a family friend and police sources. At 10:45 a.m. an ambulance was called to Trotter’s home in the 1800 block of North Dayton Street. Trotter, 54, was found by his son Dylan. Dylan discovered his dad unconscious and not breathing. A friend, Carrie Nahabedian,… Read more »