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Chicago Cell Phone Victims ID’ed, Survivor ‘Never Felt So Helpless’

Chicago cell phone tragedy victim

The Chicago River drowning victim who died attempting to retrieve his dropped cell phone from ice floating on the frigid waters was “an extremely intelligent individual” who loved learning trivia, taking part in online role playing games and, though he didn’t graduate from college, was finally getting his life on the right track. That description… Read more »

Chicago Tragedy: 2 Die Trying To Save Cell Phone In Icy River

Chicago River tragedy

The Chicago River was the site of a bizarre tragedy early Monday morning when a 26-year-old man and his 21-year-old girlfriend died after the man dropped his cell phone into the ice-encrusted waters — then tried to save it. A third man also dropped into the frigid river and is now listed in stable condition… Read more »

Woman With The World’s Largest Butt Speaks [Video]

Sarah Massey

Sarah Massey has an amazing title that very few people in the world could compete with. The 33 year old mother from Chicago has the world’s biggest butt! The Guinness Book of World’s Records does not recognize categories like world’s biggest butt so there is no verification by them, but several authorities on the category… Read more »

Famous Chef Charlie Trotter Found Dead In His Chicago Home


Famed chef Charlie Trotter was found dead Tuesday morning, according to a family friend and police sources. At 10:45 a.m. an ambulance was called to Trotter’s home in the 1800 block of North Dayton Street. Trotter, 54, was found by his son Dylan. Dylan discovered his dad unconscious and not breathing. A friend, Carrie Nahabedian,… Read more »

Chicago Refugee Family Now Homeless In Wisconsin, But Not Being Shot At

Chicago gun violence

During morning patrols, a police officer discovered a family of 10 huddled under a makeshift shelter of blankets on the street. They were war refugees in a way, but this sad story doesn’t come from Syria… it comes from Madison, Wisconsin. The Smoking Gun reports that the group were “shocked” by the officer’s concern for… Read more »

Chicago Shooting: 13 Injured, Mayor Speaks Out

Chicago Shooting 13 Injured

At least 13 people are reported to have been injured during a shooting that took place on Chicago’s South Side Thursday night, one of those victims included a 3-year-old boy. As stated earlier by The Inquisitr, the shooting took place at about 10:15, Thursday evening. The incident occurred at a basketball court near Cornell Square… Read more »

Chicago Shooting: 12 Wounded Including Preschooler

12 shoot in Chicago, including preschooler

Twelve persons were reportedly shot last night in a Chicago park at about 10:15. Victims included a three-year-old who was shot in the face. The initial report was that there were eleven victims of the mass shooting. According to the Chicago Tribune, “Three of the victims, including the child, were taken to local hospitals in… Read more »

All Bacon Restaurant: Exactly What It Sounds Like, Glorious


Chicago, IL – Bacon lovers are encouraged to pay the Windy City a visit to check out a new all-bacon restaurant. It opened recently, after Chef David Burke finally wrapped his head around the secret of all life… bacon truly does make everything better. Burke’s Bacon Bar is the latest innovation from the famous chef,… Read more »

Bears Sign RB Curtis Brinkley, No Official Announcement Yet

Curtis Brinkley With The Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears have signed running back Curtis Brinkley, according to sources close to the deal. The Bears are set to take on Brinkley’s former teammates the San Diego Chargers on August 15 at 7:00 pm. Brinkley, if all goes as planned, will be on the sidelines and in the game against his former teammates…. Read more »

First Medical Marijuana Clinic Opens In Chicago

Medical Marijuana Clinic Opens Doors In Chicago

A medical marijuana clinic opened in Chicago this week. It is the first such dispensary in Illinois. Named Good Intentions, interested people can visit the clinic in the Bucktown neighborhood, on North Ashland Avenue. But don’t get too excited yet, Chicago residents. Even though Illinois became the 20th state in the US to legalize medical… Read more »

Feces Shooting Victim Expected To Survive

Feces Shooting Victim In Arizona Hospital

The “feces shooting” victim in a Phoenix, Arizona dispute is expected to survive, according to a recent report from AZ Central. The dispute arose when a property owner found the 26-year-old victim sleeping on his property at Phoenix’s Warehouse District and asked him to leave. On closer observation, the property owner noticed feces close to… Read more »

Lucy Lawless To Star In ‘Chicago’

Lucy Lawless Chicago Musical Production

Actress Lucy Lawless is taking to the stage for a three-night production of the hit musical Chicago. The 45-year-old actress will play “Mama” Morton in the production which will take place at the famous Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Also appearing in the production is True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer who will play Billing. Comedian Drew… Read more »