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Guantanamo Bay Closing? Obama In ‘Final Stages’ Of Shutting Down Gitmo

gitmo closing

Obama is closing Guantanamo Bay? Barack Obama is reportedly close to fulfilling the campaign promise of closing Gitmo. A plan for shuttering the facility in Cuba will soon be presented to Congress, according to the White House. Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Guantanamo Bay serves as a “particularly effective recruiting tool” for terrorists. The Obama… Read more »

Al Gore Slams Obama, Calls Arctic Drilling Plan ‘Insane’ [Report]

Al Gore Obama

In a scathing interview with the Guardian, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore slammed Barack Obama’s Arctic drilling plan, describing the venture as being insane. “I think Arctic drilling is insane. I think that countries around the world would be very well advised to put restrictions on drilling for oil in the Arctic ocean,” Gore… Read more »

Obama Commutes 46 Sentences In Effort To Make Justice System ‘Fairer’


President Barack Obama commuted the sentences of 46 convicted felons in an effort to make the U.S. justice system more “fair.” A total of 14 of the criminals were serving life sentences. Obama said the “punishments didn’t fit the crime,” when signing the order to free the prisoners. Some senior White House officials have reportedly… Read more »

Ellen Pao Declares Resignation As Reddit CEO Following Sustained User Backlash

Ellen Pao Resignation As Reddit Chief Executive After Bowing To User Backlash

Reddit CEO Ellen Pao has resigned from her position today as backlash against recent changes made to the website reaches new highs. Ellen’s decision to resign comes following a user-made petition to have Pao removed from office that quickly gained over 200,000 signatures as fury dominated the forum-based media site. San Francisco-based site Reddit made… Read more »

Franklin Graham: God Could Smite Obama With Lightning For Lighting Up White House With Gay Pride Rainbow Colors After S.C. Ruling On Same-Sex Marriage


Pastor Franklin Graham, son of world-famous evangelist Billy Graham, has advised President Barack Obama to have extra lightning rods installed on the roof of the White House because God might send lightning bolts to smite him. According to Graham, God is angry with Obama for “arrogantly flaunting” his support for sinful behavior by displaying rainbow… Read more »

Bill O’Reilly And Megyn Kelly Go On Obama-Bashing Tirade

Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly

Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly doubled down on Barack Obama last evening, with both bashing Obama for comments made at the G7 summit. The O’Reilly Factor quoted the president about not having a plan to combat ISIS. “When a finalized plan is presented to me by the Pentagon, then I will share it with the… Read more »

This Five-Year-Old’s Letter To The President Focuses On The Big Issues

This letter to the president from a 5yo girl will make your day.

A five-year-old girl, Yasmeen, wrote a letter to the president, and it’s going viral, thanks in part to President Obama’s new Twitter account, and in part to the letter itself. Yasmeen’s aunt tweeted photos of the letter to President Obama’s @POTUS handle, and he tweeted back to agree with the kid’s policy suggestions, drawing more… Read more »

Bill O’Reilly Blasts New York Times’ Charles Blow For False Accusations

Bill O'Reilly

Bill O’Reilly never likes when he is misquoted and he didn’t hold back Thursday evening on his show when talking about New York Times reporter Charles Blow, who wrote about O’Reilly’s alleged hatred towards poverty-stricken individuals. “Charles Blow, who writes for the New York Times, put forth another deceptive column about the incident. Using out-of-context… Read more »

President Obama Tears Fox News A New One For Stereotyping The Poor

President Obama Fox news

It would be fair to say that President Barack Obama is no fan of the Fox News network. President Obama was speaking during a panel discussion on poverty at Georgetown University when he took his latest swipe at the right wing Fox News network. USA Today reports that on this occasion Obama criticized Fox News… Read more »