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Louis Tomlinson Makes A Video Plea For Two-Year-Old Cancer Sufferer

Louis Tomlinson One Direction

Big-hearted One Direction star Louis Tomlinson has made a video plea to help raise money for a 2-year-old cancer sufferer. Unreality TV reports that Louis was made aware of toddler Ruby Young’s illness and stepped in to help. Ruby is suffering from a rare and aggressive form of stomach cancer called neuroblastoma. Kent Online says… Read more »

Beaches Closed After Dolphins Are Attacked By Sharks

Local beaches close after numerous dolphins are killed by 2 sharks.

Newcastle beaches in Australia have been closed by local authorities for the seventh day in a row after two great white sharks were spotted nearby, engaging in a series of ferocious attacks on local dolphins. Local officials shut down the beaches and issued safety warnings for people to stay out of the water after two… Read more »

Adorable Koalas Need Mittens To Help Treat Paws Burned In Bushfires

Jeremy Receives Treatment

Animal welfare groups in Australia have launched a public appeal for cotton mittens to be made to help treat koalas that got their paws burned in devastating bushfires raging in South Australia and Victoria. South Australia has suffered conflagrations in the bushfire season with more than 30 homes destroyed and 134 people injured. Some of… Read more »

Crocodile Attacks Handler In Australian Wildlife Park

Jenkins' wife noted that her husband misjudged the crocodile's speed.

An animal handler who owns a Queensland wildlife park was attacked by a crocodile during a show this weekend, suffering substantial injuries to his head and left hand. The attack took place at the Snakes Downunder Reptile Park and Zoo, which is located near Childers, south of Bundaberg, according to the Daily Mail. Ian Jenkins,… Read more »

Steven Van Lonkhuyzen And Sons Found Alive In Australian Outback

Australian Outback

Steven Van Lonkhuyzen and his sons survived 10 days in the Australian outback. Although they were exhausted, Steven, 37, Ethan, 7, and Timothy, 5, did not suffer any serious injury or illness. The harrowing journey began with a wrong turn. Van Lonkhuyzen and his sons were taking a road trip near Expedition National Park when… Read more »

Catch And Kill Order Issued For Great White Shark Near Warnbro Beach

The shark has lingered around Warnbro since late last month.

Australian authorities are attempting to euthanize a great white shark that has frequented the waters off Warnbro beach, issuing a catch and kill order after the animal was deemed a threat to public safety. In a statement released Friday afternoon, Australia’s Department of Fisheries asserted that efforts to move the great white out of the… Read more »

Sydney Hostages: Police Storm Cafe, End Siege

Police in Sydney stormed the cafe, bringing an end to a hostage crisis.

Police stormed a cafe in Sydney where a gunman had been holding more than a dozen hostages, bringing an end to a siege that had lasted 16 hours. According to The Daily Mail, Police used automatic weapons and stun grenades in the assault. Three people were removed from the scene on stretchers, although it was… Read more »