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Sixteen-Foot Cannibal Crocodile Makes Meal Of Six-Foot Rival [Photos]


A photo shows the moment that a monster 16-foot (5m) saltwater crocodile, known to tour guides at Australia’s Kakadu National Park as “Maxi,” devoured a 6-foot (2m) rival while tourists looked on in shock and awe. The shocking photo of crocodile cannibalism, taken during a Yellow Water Cruise at the Kakadu National Park in Australia,… Read more »

Tiger Shark Bumps Diver’s Camera Off Australia

Rerekura noted that the shark was intimidating, due to its size and the animals' reputation.

An underwater cameraman recently filmed his unusual encounter with a four-meter-long tiger shark off the coast of Australia, as the animal swam directly for him and bumped into his camera. Documentary filmmaker Andre Rerekura, who hails from Perth, according to the Daily Mail, was working with a group of freedivers off the coast of Western… Read more »