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GMO Contamination Lawsuit Failure Renews Farming Fairness Debate

steve marsh

Steve Marsh, an Australian organic farmer in Australia, just lost his GMO contamination lawsuit. Farmers, biotech companies, and food safety advocates from around the world have watched the case evolved over the past four years with high anticipation. Marsh maintains that GMO canola had blown onto his land, contaminating his organic crops and destroying his… Read more »

Janelle Monae Cancels Australian Tour

Monae and Kimbra.

American R&B and soul singer Janelle Monae has canceled all shows on her Australian tour due to an unexpected illness. Monae had to back out of her first two shows with New Zealand pop star Kimbra, according to The New Zealand Herald, initially postponing the rest of her shows until she could get medical attention…. Read more »

Australian Arrested For Fatally Raping And Assaulting A Toddler

Child Abuse & Rape

In what could be described as one of the most gruesome and inhuman crimes, a 23–year old Australian man has been arrested with charges of fatally raping and assaulting a child. While cases of child abuse are unfortunately very common, this attack was on a mere 2 year old child. Australian police arrested the man… Read more »

Giant ‘SOS’ Sign Saves Five Stranded Australian Castaways!

SOS Sign Australia

Five Australian snorkelers trapped on a tiny rocky outcrop, 20 miles off the coast were rescued after they drew a large SOS sign over the sand bar, reports NyDailyNews. The SOS sign was spotted by rescue helicopters scourging the area for the missing people. The castaways were part of a group who were on a… Read more »

Honeybees In Australia Suffer Record Shattering Deaths

australian honeybees

Honeybees in Australia are suffering the same dire situation as their insect cousins in the United States and in England. The beekeeper industry is urging lawmakers to enact more stringent biosecurity measures the protect the pollinates from an immediate and devastation pest. Australian honeybees are being destroyed by the Varroa mite in record numbers, according… Read more »

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: More ‘Pings’ Inspire More Optimism


Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 seemingly vanished into thin air over a month ago, proving once again that truth is often stranger than fiction. Also proven once again is the relentless optimism of searchers who, despite lead after lead and hope after hope being crushed, continue their diligent and professional work in their search for Flight… Read more »

Four-Year-Old Child Dies After Being Forced By Mother To Ride A Motorbike

child killed on moterbike 2

A four-year-old child from Australia died in a hospital after she was forced by her mother to ride a motorbike, ABC News Australia reports. Chloe, the four-year-old girl, was repeatedly forced to ride a 50-kilogram motorbike while her mother, Ashley Jean Polkinghorne and her partner Benjamin Robert McPartland, filmed the child crashing into walls and… Read more »

Bruno Mars Leaves Down Under In A “Frenzy”

bruno mars on tour down under

Bruno Mars and his Jungle Men continued grooving through their Moonshine Jungle Tour, wrapping up the Australia/New Zealand leg with a sold out Saturday Night crowd at Auckland’s Vector Arena – A crowd that Grammy winner Mars and his very capable band worked into a “frenzy”, according to the New Zealand Herald. Following an illness… Read more »

‘Stay In School’ Viral Video Ending Shocks The World


The Stay in School viral video has everyone talking – and if viewers watch it through to the end they will find out why. Folks who cover their eyes during horror flicks may want to step away from the computer screen during the final 30 seconds of the Learn for Life Foundation of Western Australia… Read more »

Funniest Complaint Letter EVER: Hold Onto Your Sides

angry man

Rick Waskin decided to complain in style after enduring a, more than slightly, unpleasant flight next to an obese gentleman. He was flying between Perth and Sydney and was stuck, ‘somewhere underneath… Jabba the Hut’ Read, laugh and share – this’ll make you laugh or cry, but probably both. Dear Jetstar… Do you like riddles?… Read more »