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January Jones Doesn’t Wear Panties For Jimmy Fallon

January Jones

January Jones decided a VPL (Visible Pantie Line) would spoil the appearance of the revealing jumpsuit she chose to wear on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show last Friday. But it’s no problem to dispense with panties, especially since the headlines next day are guaranteed. The media has an extraordinary obsession with underwear – especially the… Read more »

Are Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Getting Engaged? [Rumor]

Mila And Ashton

Are Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis getting ready to get hitched? the rumor mill is heating up that the two of them are getting ready for the big announcement any time now. Ashton Kutcher has made it no secret that he wants a family and kids and Mila Kunis has expressed similar desires. The time… Read more »

Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher Enjoy Some Wrestling Before Christmas

Mila kunis wrestling

Who knew that the That 70′s Show stars Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were fans of wrestling? The happy couple were spotted in the stands of the Carver-Hawkeye arena enjoying the match between Iowa and Penn State. They watched eagerly while media cameras watched them and snapped away. The couple have been together for a… Read more »

Mila Kunis: Pregnant With Ashton Kutcher’s Baby?

Mila Kunis pregnant?

Rumors are spreading that Mila Kunis may be pregnant with boyfriend Ashton Kutcher’s baby. The rumors were fueled when Kunis was photographed wearing a baggy, midsection-concealing sweater while out shopping with Ashton’s mum. Mila and Diane were doing a spot of last minute Thanksgiving shopping at a grocery store in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Also,… Read more »

Ashton Kutcher Is Currently The Highest-Paid Actor On TV

Ashton Kutcher Two And A Half Men

Regardless of how much you absolutely hate Two and a Half Men, Ashton Kutcher is still the highest-paid actor presently doing his thing on television. According to the annual list released by Forbes, the former That 70′s Show star earned approximately $24 million for his role on the long-running sitcom between June 2012 and June… Read more »

Roseanne Barr Claims Ashton Kutcher, Chuck Lorre Steal Jokes

Roseanne Barr Twitter

Roseanne Barr firmly believes that Ashton Kutcher and Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre are a pair of low-down joke-stealing thieves. It’s no secret that Barr doesn’t care for Lorre. Their feud reportedly dates back to his days as a scribe on her hit sitcom Roseanne. Since the comedienne isn’t one to let… Read more »

Mila Kunis: From Her First Kiss To Marriage

Mila Kunis Engaged

Mila Kunis and her love affair with Ashton Kutcher is what fairy tales are made of. If you discount the current situation Mila finds herself in with Ashton and his ex-wife Demi Moore. The Inquisitr reported the details of the so far undecided divorce agreement between Kutcher and Moore, which has the latter asking for… Read more »

Mila Kunis Tells Ashton Kutcher: ‘Give Demi Moore The $25 Million’

Mila Kunis pregnant?

Mila Kunis has been dating That ’70s Show co-star Ashton Kutcher since the beginning of 2012. She now says she is “sick” of the ongoing divorce settlement battle raging between Kutcher and his ex-wife, Demi Moore. The background of Kutcher’s divorce from Moore is based on allegations that he cheated on her. The couple formally… Read more »

Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Engaged? Not Quite, Sources Say

Mila Kunis Engaged

Despite what you may have read online, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are not engaged. Although nothing about the engagement has been confirmed or denied by either the actor or the actress, a sources close to the couple say previous reports are incorrect. Kunis might be sporting a gold band on her finger, this doesn’t… Read more »

Some Points To Make About Ashton Kutcher’s ‘Jobs’ [Review]

Jobs Film Review

By now you might be aware that Ashton Kutcher is playing the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in the Jobs biopic. It’s pretty hard to miss, besides early rumblings of disbelief when the news was announced, and its closing at Sundance, Open Road Films has taken a pretty penny out to promote director Joshua Michael… Read more »

Ashton Kutcher And Josh Gad Talk ‘JOBS’ Biopic

Jobs, Apple co-founder thinks Ashton Kutcher fell a bit flat

Ashton Kutcher (Steve Jobs) and Josh Gad (Steve Wozniak) will debut their new biopic, JOBS, on August 16, and now they are sitting down to talk about the highly anticipated flick. The biopic follows Steve Jobs as he founds Apple in his garage and then loses control of the very company he built. Jobs would… Read more »

‘The Butterfly Effect’ Reboot Already In The Works

Ashton Kutcher

Do you need further proof that Hollywood is out of fresh ideas? The Ashton Kutcher flick The Butterfly Effect is already getting the reboot treatment. Although the first entry in the series was released in 2004, apparently that’s long enough for someone to consider remaking the flick. Writer-director Eric Bress, who penned and helmed the… Read more »

Tyra Banks And Ashton Kutcher Have Invested In ‘The Hunt’

Tyra Banks Invests In The Hunt Shopping Website

Supermodel Tyra Banks and Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher have now both invested in personal shopper website The Hunt is a platform that allows shoppers to search for outfits they find on social media sites. Customers point to photos they find on Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, and various photo apps, and… Read more »

New Trailer For ‘Jobs’ Premieres On Instagram

Summer of 2013 movies to come in August.

A new trailer for the upcoming indie, Jobs has made its debut on the popular social media sharing site Instagram, which recently introduced a new feature that allows users to not only share photos. but videos. Keeping the innovative topic of the film, the studio released the trailer on Instagram, a move that marks the… Read more »

‘Two And A Half Men’ Adds Gay Character To Cast

Two and a Half Men

Since the announcement that there will be another season of Two And A Half Men, there’s been some shake-ups. One of those shake ups, and improvements if you ask us, is the introduction of a gay character. The gay character in question on Two and a Half Men will be the addition of Charlie’s daughter…. Read more »