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8.4 Million Children Suffer From Malnutrition In Indonesia

Malnutrition In Indonesia

Malnutrition is a major and growing concern in Indonesia. In fact, more than 8.4 million children suffer from chronic malnutrition, which causes them to be stunted or excessively small for their age. Stunting due to malnutrition is responsible for reducing a child’s productivity. In addition, children who are stunted because of malnutrition are more susceptible… Read more »

Ecuador To Decriminalize All Illegal Drugs?

Coast Guard Seizes 28,000 Lbs Of Cocaine During 18 Interdictions

Ecuador is making plans for an historic ammendment to decriminalize all illegal drugs. Ecuador is hoping that move will stem the country’s massive prison problem. The bill’s author, Carlos Velasco, chair of the Ecuadorian congress’ Commission of the Right to Health, stated “treating the drug phenomenon in a repressive way, as was done in the… Read more »