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Second Major Earthquake Hits Chile At Magnitude 7.8 [BREAKING]

chile earthquake 2nd

Just a day after a massive 8.2 magnitude earthquake hit off the coast of Chile near Iquique, the coastal area of the South American nation was once again rocked by an earthquake, this one measuring 7.8. The first quake, which generated a tsunami and resulted in the death of six and damage along the coastline,… Read more »

Panama Earthquake 2014: Tsunami Warning Risk Higher After Chile Aftershock?

Panama Earthquake 2014: Tsunami Warning Risk Higher After Chile Aftershock?

An earthquake hit Panama earlier today after the South American country was already under a tsunami warning. Considering that this new tremor was only a 5.8 magnitude it’s possible it’s related to the Chilean earthquake felt further down along the South American coastline. In a related report by The Inquisitr, the 8.2 magnitude Chile earthquake… Read more »

Chile Lifts Tsunami Warning, Six Killed In 8.2 Magnitude Earthquake

chile earthquake coastline

The Tsunami warning for Chile, Peru, and Ecuador following the 8.2 earthquake that rattled the northern city of Iquique has been lifted. At least six people were killed when buildings collapsed on them or they suffered from heart attacks during the massive quake late Tuesday evening local time. The Chilean government has declared Tarapaca, Arica,… Read more »

A YouTube Ban Expands Turkey’s Internet Crackdown

YouTube Ban in Turkey

A YouTube ban has been put in place by the Turkish government because of an audio recording leaked on the site. This seems to be business as usual for the Turkish government. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened in the past to shut down both YouTube and Facebook. An anonymous YouTube user posted… Read more »

Chile: Bachelet Wins Presidency, Aims To End Inequality

michelle bachelet-wins-presidency

Chile welcomes Michelle Bachelet for the second time as the narrow country’s newest president following an unpopular presidency by outgoing Sebastian Pinera, reports BBC. Bachelet served her first term as president in 2006 but was barred by Chile’s constitution to run for a second consecutive term. In 2013, she filed her candidacy under the Socialist… Read more »

Killed Jordanian Judge Threatened Israeli Soldiers, Witnesses Say


A Jordanian judge was shot dead by Israeli soldiers at the King Hussein Bridge after he allegedly threatened the troop with a metal bar and tried to grab the gun of one of the soldier, New York Times reports. According to Colonel Yaron Beit-On, officer-in-charge of the Israeli troops in the Jordan Valley, witnesses recounted… Read more »

El Salvador Elections: Will An Ex-Guerilla Commander Become President?


El Salvador is the center of South American politics Sunday as the rivalry between left-wing Farabundo Marti National Front (FMLN) and right-leaning Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA) intensifies with the nationwide casting of votes in the country. With 50 percent of the votes already counted, current projections point to a possible win for FMLN presidential candidate,… Read more »

South Africa, Rwanda Feud Heats Up With Expelled Diplomats

South Africa and Rwandan feud heats up

South Africa and Rwandan relations have taken a turn for the worst as both countries have expelled the others’ diplomats. The feud, which is rapidly escalating is over the murder of a former Rwandan government official who was killed in South Africa’s capital of Johannesburg three months ago. Bloomberg news reports that Rwanda’s foreign minister… Read more »

North Korea To Hold ‘Elections’; Kim Jong Un’s Candidacy Announced


North Korea prepares for an act of “single-minded unity” as the country holds their elections this weekend, Reuters reports. State-controlled news outlet KCNA announced Thursday that preparations for the elections, held every five years in the country, are “gaining momentum” as voters enlist their names in the electoral list of their districts. Majority of the… Read more »

Lawyer Throws Ink At Tycoon Accused Of Fraud

Subrata Roy

A lawyer threw black ink at an Indian tycoon accused of multibillion-dollar fraud on Tuesday. While he threw the ink, he screamed, “He has cheated and robbed us!” According to MSN Money, Tycoon Subrata Roy, who is the head of the Sahara India conglomerate, was entering the Supreme Court building in New Delhi with scores… Read more »

Hong Kong Outranks Major Asian Cities In Global Cost-Of-Living Survey


Hong Kong is the 13th most expensive city to live in according to the latest survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The survey, covered by the South China Morning Post, concluded that Hong Kong outranks several major cities in Asia like South Korean capital Seoul at rank 15 and Chinese mega-city Shanghai at rank 21,… Read more »

Singapore: World’s Costliest City

Singapore Skyline Featured

The city-state of Singapore is now officially the costliest, or most expensive, city to live in the world. This news was released in the 2014 Worldwide Cost of Living survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) which, by what The Wall Street Journal reports, a relocation tool that compares the cost of living between 131… Read more »

Sarah Palin – Obama’s ‘Mom Jeans’ Don’t Match Up to Putin

Sarah Palin - Did she predict that Obama would fail when dealing with Russia?

Sarah Palin will never be confused with a Barack Obama supporter. The one-time Republican, Vice Presidential contender has pounced on the current situation in the Ukraine as an opportunity to criticize President Obama. Palin is of the belief that Obama’s weak image has emboldened world leaders to do as they please, such as Russia’s Vladimir… Read more »

Saudi Arabia Imposes Partial Ban On Energy Drinks

sports drink ban saudi arabia 1

Saudi Arabia issued Monday a partial ban on all energy drinks in the kingdom, Al Arabiya reports. The ban would prohibit the sales of energy drinks in government offices and hospitals. It would also prevent school canteens in Saudi Arabia from selling energy drinks to students and school personnel. The decision resulted from a cabinet… Read more »