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North Korea: Kim Jong-Un’s Sister Marries Senior Official’s Son


Reports have confirmed that the sister of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un tied the knot last week with the son of a senior official of the Worker’s Party. Kim Jong-un’s younger sister, Kim Yo-jong, has reportedly married the son of one of the most trusted officials in North Korea, Cho Ryong-Hae, confirmed New York Times Friday…. Read more »

ISIS Sex Slaves Escape Rape Through Last Resort By Killing Themselves

Yazidi Woman

One of the biggest atrocities happening in the Middle East today is the modern-day slavery of women, especially Yazidi women. Because of past reports, it is now known that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) capture these women and turn them into sex slaves. The Inquisitr reported numerous times on the situation pertaining… Read more »

ISIS Governor Abu Taluut Killed In Christmas Day Airstrikes

Abu Taluut Killed

ISIS governor Abu Taluut, also known as Hassan Saeed Al-Jabouri, was killed in coalition-led airstrikes on Christmas day, CNN reports. Abu was governor of the Islamic State-led Mosul region, and had been active only 25 days after U.S. airstrikes killed his predecessor, Radwan Taleb Al-Hamdouni, earlier this month. Saluut was “killed 18 miles south of… Read more »