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Mozambique Will Be Free Of Landmines By The End Of The Year


After more than two decades since the end of their civil war, Mozambique is set to declare itself landmine-free by the end of this year, 2014. Mozambique’s anti-landmine efforts, actively supported by many concerned organizations around the world, have made this huge humanitarian breakthrough possible. Jared Bloch, spokesperson for the International Campaign to Ban Landmines,… Read more »

Fidel Castro’s Limousines Ply The Road As Humble Taxis In Havana

Fidel Castro limousines

Fidel Castro, one of the world’s most powerful dictators, ironically seldom traveled locally in one of his many limousines which were considered luxurious at that time. Though now that the “Comandante” has been dethroned, his limos now serve the people of Cuba, in a manner of speaking. A fleet of black, boxy, Soviet-made limousines that… Read more »

Ukraine Separatists Receive More Russian Tanks, Troops Mass On The Border

Ukraine Separatists Receive More Russian Tanks, Troops Mass On The Border

Ukraine separatists have received even more Russian tanks, and the possibility of peace is being threatened. In a related report by The Inquisitr, representatives for Vladimir Putin have claimed that “Russophobia” over World War 3 starting is causing the Western media to write articles that vilify Russia’ action in Ukraine, including the annexation of Crimea…. Read more »

ISIS vs ISIL – Which One Is It?


ISIS refers to the “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria,” and ISIL refers to the “Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant.” Both acronyms point to the exact same thing – a jihadist militant group hell-bent on implementing an Islamic caliphate throughout the Middle East. The irony is that according to Quartz, the group’s real… Read more »

ISIS Supporters Mock Michelle Obama After Huge Weapons Capture

ISIS Supporters Mock Michelle Obama

ISIS supporters have taken to tweeting to mock U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama, reports the Gateway Pundit. The tweet in question, which has reportedly been seen on numerous jihadist websites and Twitter accounts, features Michelle Obama holding up a sign that reads ‘#BringBackOurHumvee.’ The tweet mocks Michelle Obama for the ‘#BringBackOurGirls’ hashtag she released last… Read more »

Russian Tanks Enter Ukraine, Officials Claim

Russian Tank

CNN is reporting that the Ukrainian Interior Minister, Arsen Avakov, has issued a statement accusing the Russian government of ordering tanks to enter Ukraine through a border checkpoint controlled by pro-Russian separatists. According to CNN, Avakov’s statement described two columns of armored vehicles entering Ukraine and claimed that two tanks split off from the main… Read more »

Under Attack [Update]: Pakistan’s Jinnah Airport In Karachi

Karachi Airport Under Seige

UPDATE, noon June 9: More than 20 are dead in the latest death toll at Jinnah International Airport in Pakistan. Pakistani security forces fought through the night to finally kill all of the 10 attackers, who invaded the airport the day before with grenade launchers and automatic weapons. The Pakistani Taliban has announced its participation… Read more »

Operation Blue Star: 30 Years Later, Many Wounds Still Remain

rare photos from operation blue star

Operation Blue Star took place 30 years ago, but memories of the Indian conflict that left hundreds dead, resulting in a year of turmoil, still remain sharp in India. On June 6, 1984, the Indian Army opened fire on one of the holiest sites for the nation’s Sikh community, the Harmandir Sahib(also known as The… Read more »

Nepal Flooded With Over 2,000 Tree Huggers (Literally)

hippie tree hugger header

If you can’t see the forest through the trees in Nepal it may be because there’s too many people blocking the view. Over 2,000 people showed up Thursday to show our oxygen producing plant friends some love. The crowd was mostly made up of uniformed students, but included among them were 20 parliament members and… Read more »

Meet Claudia Ochoa Felix: The Most Dangerous Woman In The World

Claudia Ochoa Felix Dangerous

Gentlemen, Claudia Ochoa Felix is the type of woman your mother warned you about! Why? For starter’s, this 27-year-old Kim Kardashian lookalike reportedly just took over Los Ántrax, a hit squad that carries out executions on behalf of the Sinaloa cartel. Plus, according to the Telegraph, Claudia Felix carries a custom pink AK47. Last but… Read more »