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Saudi Arabia Encourages Citizens To Leave Lebanon After Bombings

Saudi Arabia encourages its citizens to leave Lebanon after bombings

Saudi Arabia is telling its citizens in Lebanon to get out after a double terrorist bombing outside the Iranian embassy earlier in the week and escalating tensions with the Islamic group Hezbollah. Hezbollah, the Shiite militant group, has indirectly placed blame on Saudi Arabia for two attacks on Tuesday in which suicide bombers detonated themselves… Read more »

Sri Lanka War Crimes Probe Headed Toward Showdown [Video]

Sri Lanka Put On Notice Over War Crime Probe

Sri Lanka has been put on notice by British Prime Minister David Cameron. He says the nation’s probe into war crimes are not moving quickly enough. Cameron has called on the international community to conduct its own probe into allegations of atrocities committed by the Sri Lanka government during the country’s long civil war. President… Read more »

Pink Star Diamond Sells For Record $83 Million At Auction

Pink Star diamond sells for record $83 million

The Pink Star diamond has sold for a record $83 million at auction in Geneva. The diamond was sold to New York diamond cutter Isaac Wolf, who renamed the gem the Pink Dream. The $83 million price tag included Sotheby’s commission. The winning bid was for $74 million (68 million Swiss francs). “Ladies and gentlemen,… Read more »

Philippine Typhoon Haiyan: How Can I Help?

Philippine Typhoon Haiyan Help

As typhoon Haiyan moves into Vietnam, it has left a trail of devastation behind in the Philippines. Around the globe, people are coming together asking the question, “how can we help?” At The Inquisitr we want to make you aware of a few organizations that you might be able to connect with. Do you know… Read more »

Al Qaeda-Linked Terror Group Leader, Nasiruddin Haqqani, Killed

Nasiruddin Haqqani Terrorist Army

An Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist network leader, Nasiruddin Haqqani, was shot dead in Pakistan on Sunday. Unidentified gunmen attacked the senior commander on the street in the evening, killing him in a residential neighborhood of Islamabad. Haqqani’s death was confirmed by Pakistani Taliban leadership and an intelligence official, reports New York Post. Bystanders recall the shooting… Read more »

Iran Nuclear Talks End With No Deal, Though Officials Still Hopeful

Iran Nuclear Talks No Deal

Three days of intense talks about Iran’s nuclear program ended early Sunday with no deal. However, key players insisted that the process is moving in the right direction. Iran Foreign Minister Javad Zarif commented, “I think we are all on the same wavelength, and that’s important.” CNN reports that the inclusion of top diplomats like… Read more »

Super Typhoon Haiyan’s Death Toll Could Pass 10,000, Officials Say

Super Typhoon Haiyan New Death Toll

The death toll in the Philippines from Super Typhoon Haiyan could pass 10,000, according to a senior police official on Sunday. The storm, which could be the strongest to make landfall in recorded history, devastated coastal towns and the capital of Leyte province. Haiyan destroyed about 70 to 80 percent of the area in its… Read more »

M23 Rebels Crushed By Congo Army, Hutu Rebels Are Next

M23 Rebels Crushed By Congo Army, Hutu Rebels Are Next

The Democratic Republic of Congo army claims they “crushed” the M23 rebels during a recent battle. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the United Nations reports many massacres in the Congo by rival warring groups. The M23 rebels are reputed to be a movement of mutineers from the Congo army. The uprising allowed other rebel… Read more »

Mass Grave In Bosnia Yields Hundreds Of Remains

Mass Grave In Bosnia Tomasica

Forensic experts are excavating what could be the largest mass grave in Bosnia, filled with victims of ethnic cleansing during the former Yugoslavia’s bloody civil war. To date, the largest mass grave in Bosnia was at Crni Vrh in Srebrenica, where 629 bodies were discovered. The massacre in Srebrenica is the most notorious atrocity carried… Read more »

Reported Madeleine McCann Suspect Died Four Years Ago

Madeleine McCann Reported Suspect

A reported suspect in Madeleine McCann’s disappearance died in a tractor accident in 2009. Portuguese police are reportedly investigating a new lead involving a former employee of Ocean Club, where McCann disappeared. Portugal’s Correio da Manha newspaper cited police sources in its report, which explained that the new line of inquiry focuses on an unnamed… Read more »

Israeli Airstrikes Blast Syrian Military Bases

Israeli Airstikes Target Syrian Missile Locations

Israeli airstrikes conducted on Wednesday were carried out on two military bases in Syria. The strikes were confirmed by U.S. officials to CBS News national security correspondent David Martin. The airstrikes both occurred near Damascus and the coastal city of Latakia. The presumed targets were missiles believed to be headed to Hezbollah militants. During the… Read more »