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Benjamin Netanyahu Responds After ‘Chickens**t’ Insult By Senior U.S. Official

White House

This week has been very serious pertaining to United States and Israel diplomacy. From what other news outlets have reported, United States President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have a relationship that is in a “full-blown crisis.” The Inquisitr previously reported that the deterioration of diplomacy is not just from their disagreements,… Read more »

Unlikely Love Story: Woman Falls For Sperm Donor

Aminah Hart

This Australian couple did everything backwards. Aminah Hart had Scott Andersen’s daughter before they even had their first kiss — or even met! After losing her two boys to a rare, genetic disorder, Aminah decided to try in vitro fertilization, or IVF, using sperm from a donor. The procedure worked, and Aminah gave birth to… Read more »

Egypt Lost A Whole Train For 8 Years, But Will Now ‘Rescue’ It

Egypt Lost A Train For 8 Whole Years, But Will Now Bring It Back

Trains are one of the largest lateral vehicles that are in existence today. These exceptionally long mechanically beasts lumber steadfastly on a set of tracks and never wander off like trucks or Lorries. Hence it comes as a surprise when such vehicles are reported lost. One such locomotive lost by Egypt has just been recovered,… Read more »

‘Gay Wedding’ Video Lands Eight Men In Egyptian Prison

Gay Wedding Arrests: 8 Men, 3 Years Each

A “gay wedding” video has landed eight men in prison due to the ruling of an Egyptian court, and the reason the men were arrested might shock you (unless you’re Bill Maher). Apparently, the eight men’s only crime was allowing their faces to be seen in the video (shared below). Of course, the Egyptian court… Read more »

Gaza Fires Rocket Which Strikes Southern Israel [Breaking]


Breaking news has just come in from the Israel as a rocket from Gaza was fired at southern Israel. According to articles by both Channel NewsAsia and France 24, the rocket hit the Eshkol area in Southern Israel on Friday, October 31. This is the first rocket to strike the country since September 16, in… Read more »

Volcano Erupts In Costa Rica, Turrialba’s Biggest In 150 Years


Costa Rica’s Turrialba Volcano started erupting Wednesday night, covering cars and homes in ash in the nation’s capital of San Jose. Turrialba Volcano is located in the northeast of the Cartago province. Although, the current eruption is Turrialba’s largest in 150 years according to the National Seismological Network, no injuries have been reported. According to… Read more »

The Relationship Between The U.S. And Israel Now At A Full-Blown Crisis

White House

The current relationship between the United States and Israel currently has been very complex and, at times, incompatible. With several news outlets reporting that U.S. president Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu express disdain for each other, people are wondering how long relations between both countries can remain civil. The Inquisitr reported on times… Read more »