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Remembrance Day 2014: Holocaust Survivors Will Never Forget

Remembrance Day 2014: Holocaust

Holocaust survivors mark Remembrance Day 2014 on Monday, when Israel stops for a moment to pay respect to the more than six-million Jews that were exterminated by Adolf Hitler during World War II, one of the darkest hours in history. As citizens remember not only the victims that perished by the systematic extermination of Jews… Read more »

North Korea Calls South Korea President A ‘Whore’ After Obama Visit


North Korea described South Korean president Park Geun-Hye a “crafty prostitute”, with US president Barack Obama as her “pimp”. The insults were thrown shortly after the latter’s visit to the first-world Asian country last week, according to The Guardian‘s latest report. North Korea, headed by Kim Jong-Un, made it clear that the nation was not… Read more »

Two Ugandan Men To Face Court On Homosexuality Charges


Two Ugandan men are expected to defend themselves in court after being charged for homosexuality. A 24 year old businessman, Kim Mikusa, was charged with “having sexual knowledge of a person against the order of nature” after prosecutors confirmed Wednesday that they have gained enough evidence against him and Jackson Makusa, who is 19 years… Read more »

S Korean Ferry Disaster Causes One Suicide and Three Arrests


The Captain, a female third mate, and a 55-year-old helmsman have been arrested following the ferry disaster in South Korea. Five charges were filed against 68-year-old Ferry Captain Lee Joon-seok, including negligence of duty and violation of maritime law. The charges against the other two crew members were not revealed. What is known about the… Read more »

United Nations Base In Sudan Attacked, 58 Killed, 100 Injured

UN Peacekeepers

A United Nations base in South Sudan was attacked, leaving 58 people killed and another 100 people injured during the attack. According to the Washington Post, an angry mob of youths attacked the United Nations peacekeeping mission’s camp in Bor in Jonglei state on Thursday. Ethnic Nuers, about 5,000 of them, fled there after fighting… Read more »

Did Palestinians Plan The Riot At The Holy City Of Jerusalem?

Palestinian protesters and Israeli police clash at Jerusalem holy site

The riot in the Jerusalem, as The Inquisitr reported on, may not have been a very ugly one, but it has nonetheless provoked a lot of thoughts regarding the way the Islam’s holy site is managed or controlled for visitation. The riot police on Wednesday were called in to disperse a mob of angry Palestinian… Read more »

Islamic Group In Nigeria Abducts 129 Girls From School

Nigeria Bombing In Abuja

Just eight of 129 teenage girls kidnapped late Tuesday from a Nigerian school in the country’s northeastern region had managed to escape as of late Wednesday. The fate of the rest still remains uncertain. After more than a year of enduring near-daily bombings by the Islamic militia group known as Boko Haram, observers in Nigeria… Read more »

Monster Great White, Dubbed ‘Joan Of Shark’, Closes Australian Beach

Australia great white shark 'Joan of Shark'

A monster 16-foot Australian great white, which the locals are calling “Joan of Shark,” was detected by a satellite monitoring device dangerously close to the country’s southwest coast, forcing authorities to close a popular beach. The electronic tag attached to the Australian shark sent signals alerting beach-goers to stay out of the waters on Wednesday…. Read more »

Transgender Gets Legal Status In India, But Gays and Lesbians Don’t

Indian Eunuchs Get Official Recognition

India has elementally redefined ‘Gender Recognition’ for its official purposes. Transgender now has been legally recognized as a third gender besides male and female. However, in a cruel twist of irony, gays, lesbians and bisexuals still do not have any recognition. India’s Supreme Court has passed a landmark judgement officially giving recognition to transgenders as… Read more »

Pakistani Cannibal Arrested After He Admits To Eating Dead Baby


Pakistan seems to be a hot source for odd news of late! In the latest such news, a convicted cannibal from the small town of Darya Khan in Pakistan has been re-arrested two years after his release from jail for committing the same crime. The cannibal in question is Mohammad Arif, 35. His brother Mohammad… Read more »