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Dennis Rodman Re-Visits North Korea For ‘A Good Time’

North Korea Dennis Rodman Visit

North Korea’s tattooed fanboy has returned for a visit. Former NBA star Dennis Rodman has touched down in the communist country for “a good time” with best buddy Kim Jong-Un. Rodman landed on Tuesday in the capital of Pyongyang, North Korea. You might recall that in February Rodman attended a Harlem Globetrotters match in the… Read more »

Walkie Talkie Building Is Melting Cars In London [Video]

walkie talkie

You don’t need to travel into the future to witness the unbearable horrors of a death ray. You just have to get to London. A 37-story skyscraper in London known as the Walkie Talkie building is reportedly melting cars in the city’s financial district. Several people reported that the bright glare from the Walkie Talkie… Read more »

Number Of Syrians Displaced By Civil War Tops Seven Million

Seven Million Syrians Displaced

The number of Syrian residents displaced by the civil war has hit a new number of seven million. The number is equal to almost one-third of the nation’s population, according to the United Nations. The latest figures come from the UN, which is also seeking to determine if a chemical weapons attack happened in Syria… Read more »

Mohamed Morsi Will Stand Trial For ‘Incitement To Murder’

Morsi Charged Murder

Egypt’s ousted President Mohamed Morsi will stand trial for “incitement to murder” along with 14 other members of the Muslim Brotherhood political party. Morsi was ousted by protesters and the Egyptian military on July 3 and has been detained ever since, though his location is not known at this time. The move underscores another massive… Read more »

Fukushima Water Leak Labeled Level 3 Incident

Fukushima Storage Tank Leak Upgraded

The severity of the leaking water tank at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant was upgraded by the country’s nuclear regulator to Level 3 on an international scale for radiological releases. While higher than previous known leaks, the level isn’t close to the Level 7 classification given to three meltdowns at the plant in March 2011 directly… Read more »

Beijing Independent Film Festival Shut Down By Police

BIFF Shut Down

Beijing Independent Film Festival was forced by police to shut down operations on Friday. According to reports, authorities arrived at the event with a cease and desist notice shortly after the opening ceremony had concluded. Although people traveled from around the world to attend the festival, police effectively shut everything down before it could get… Read more »

Radioactive Groundwater At Fukushima Creeps Toward The Sea

Radioactive Groundwater Fukushima Ocean

Radioactive groundwater is slowly creeping toward the Pacific Ocean from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. The water is part of an underground reservoir of contaminated water that started spilling from the plant’s reactors two years ago. The nuclear plant has been crippled since a massive tsunami, triggered by an earthquake, struck Japan in… Read more »

Zombie Pigeons Being Reported In Russia

Zombie Pigeons Of Russia

The Flying Dead are upon us! Citizens in Russian have recently started reporting “Zombie Pigeon” sightings in Moscow. The birds are being called Zombies because they appear extremely lethargic and show no signs of fear. Moscow resident Umid tells Europe Radio Liberty: “When I walk to work I usually see pigeons running and jumping around…. Read more »

North Korean Prison Camps’ Horrors Revealed To UN By Defectors

North Korean Prison Camp Survivors Remember Executions, Starvation

North Korean prison camps and their horrors were explained to a United Nations committee by a group of escaped prisoners on Tuesday. Slave labor, beatings, torture, and brutal executions were all part of daily life in the camps, the defectors told the public. Their statements were made in South Korea, the first ever made before… Read more »

Death Toll Rises To 52 In Philippine Ship Collision

At Least 52 dead in philippine ship collision

UPDATE – At least 52 people have been reported dead after a ferry and cargo ship collided in the Philippines on Friday. According to the Wall Street Journal, 52 dead have been recovered in the waters off the Philippine central island of Cebu, said the Philippine Coast Guard. So far, Philippine authorities and fishermen have… Read more »