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United Kingdom Decrees New Regulations On Porn, People Protest With Facesitting

Strip Club legs

According to historians, professions centralized on the pursuit and utilization of sex are the oldest in the world. Whether it’s prostitution, pornography, or any other occupation of said nature, they’ve existed during the empiric rules of Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome, dynastic rules in China, the Renaissance, historic America, and many other time periods —… Read more »

AirBnB Apartment Owner Sentenced For Raping U.S. Tourists

AirBnB listed property owner raped two American tourists in Barceloneta, Spain

A Colombian national, who rented a room in his Barcelona apartment to two American tourists through the AirBnB website, has now been convicted of raping the women. This week, a Spanish court sentenced him to almost 12 years behind bars for his crime. The two unnamed women, aged 24 and 26, rented the room in… Read more »

Muslim Scholar’s Tweets Causes A Stir In Saudi Arabia

Muslim leader sparks controversy when he says women are not required to cover their faces in public.

Saudi cleric caused a stir and received death threats after posting comments about women’s veils on Twitter. Muslim scholar Ahmad Aziz Al Ghamdi was recently asked by a woman if she had to wear the traditional face veil when sharing a picture of herself on social media. Being the former head of the Commission for… Read more »

Denmark Formally Claims The North Pole – Russia Might Not Be Happy

Russian Ship At North Pole

Denmark formally claimed the North Pole, thanks to a continental ridge that connects Greenland with the northern Arctic ocean. Canada and Russia also have eyes on the region, which is gradually becoming more valuable as global warming promises to clear trade lanes of ice and make access to oil and gas resources easier. According to… Read more »

Scotland In A Deep Freeze Inspires Mountaineering Photographers

Scotland gets hit by massive winter storm.

The people of Scotland woke up to a massive dose of winter, as they tried to dig their way out of the deep freeze that swept the nation with record breaking temperatures and massive amounts of snow. The familiar green hills of Scotland turned into a blanket of white in this sudden winter wonderland, as… Read more »

Taliban Attacks Show Shift In Tactics In Afghanistan

Taliban attack in Afghanistan

Two days of multiple Taliban attacks in Afghanistan have left two American soldiers, an Afghani official, and 18 others dead, as the Taliban shifts tactics during the coalition’s withdrawal. The attacks, which took place Friday and Saturday, were claimed by the Taliban as their own, officials in Afghanistan report. The Taliban attack began Friday, when… Read more »

North Korea: Increased Cell Phone Usage Signals Change


“As much as technology is an instrument of control, connecting people to outside influences is bound to accelerate cultural changes.” These words are those of Christopher Mims, contributor to the Wall Street Journal, who, after closely observing and researching the mysterious North Korean lifestyle and the manner in which its citizens and government utilize technology… Read more »

Saudi Arabia: Women Arrested For Violating Driving Ban

Activist filmed herself driving in Saudi Arabia before her arrest.

In Saudi Arabia, where it is illegal for women to be behind the wheel, two women have been arrested for driving their cars. Two activists for women’s rights in Saudi Arabia were arrested for violating the ban against female drivers in the muslim nation, and authorities have extended their time in jail. One of the… Read more »

Top Al Qaeda Leader Killed In Pakistani Raid, Say Reports

Al Qaeda Leader Killed

The Army of Pakistan claims that it’s killed al Qaeda leader Adnan G. El Shukrijumah, whom the Federal Bureau of Investigation has indicted for a role in at least one terror plot to attack the United States and the United Kingdom. Shukrijumah, 39, was born in Saudi Arabia and moved to the United States, with… Read more »

Spanish Theatre Group Ingeniously Bypasses Tax Hike By Selling Porn

Primas de Riesgo Featured

When it comes to performing arts, it has seen an increase in popularity as of late. Thanks to more sociological, hard-hitting plays such as Rent, Wicked, and Book of Mormon, younger generations are now relating to the content and flocking in high numbers just to watch. The Inquisitr also reported on how performing arts are… Read more »