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Is Facebook Hiding My Posts? The Problem With Facebook [Video]

Is Facebook hiding your posts? Unless you are paying for others to see them, then they are probably not being seen.

Many Facebook users are concerned the social media juggernaut is hiding their posts from friends and followers. It turns out they might be right. While Facebook has led the social media revolution over the last few years, they are facing a problem. How will Facebook monetize their site without alienating their users? According to Veritasium,… Read more »

Facebook: Young Users See The Site As ‘Dead And Buried’


The Global Social Media Impact Study funded by the European Union has found a very disturbing trend for Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. Among older teenagers, the prevailing opinion is that Facebook is “not just on the slide, it is basically dead and buried”. Teens are now being drawn to social networks they find simpler, like… Read more »

Facebook ‘Sympathize’ Button Could Become A Reality

Facebook Sympathize Button A Possibility

Could a sympathize button be making its way to Facebook? While it may not be right away, Facebook has said that they are toying with the idea. We’ve all had those moments: a friend or loved one expresses sadness at a recent family member passing, or just overall upset because of a bad experience during… Read more »

Instagram Rumored To Add Private Messaging By End Of The Year

Instagram Private Messaging

Instagram is rumored to be close to adding a private messaging feature into its photo-sharing app, and this new feature could be made available as soon as the end of this year. According to Gigaom, “well-placed sources” tell them that the company is gearing up to launch the new private messaging feature inside its ever… Read more »

When 3,500 Strangers Comforted Dying Man With #SkyBluePink Campaign

Sky Blue Pink campaign comforts dying man with 3,500 messages.

A dying man in Nebraska was comforted by 3,500 strangers he never knew as his family kicked off the #SkyBluePink campaign after he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Brian Curtis decided to forgo chemotherapy, as he also suffered from Parkinson’s disease, and doctors gave him about a year to live. His son Brandon, 30 started… Read more »

Facebook Users Can Post Beheading Videos, Finally


Facebook is again allowing users to post violent videos after a temporary ban. The original ban came after gory videos showing decapitation circulated on the social media site. Complaints lead these types of videos getting banned in May, but beheading fans can breathe easy this week. As CNN Money reports, Facebook isn’t exactly encouraging users… Read more »

Facebook Down, Hilarity Ensues

Facebook Down, Now What?

Facebook down! Whatever shall the world do! Facebook users everywhere had trouble accessing the social media website Monday morning, meaning they couldn’t get their morning “likes,” comments, and status updates in before having to start their busy day. According to NBC News, many users received the following message after trying to do almost anything on… Read more »

Dating App ‘Carrot Dating’ Compares Women With Dogs [Video]

Dating app 'Carrot Dating' compares women with dogs

Dating app Carrot Dating tells us that women are like dogs. You read that right, and we wish we were joking. The man behind the dating app is also one of the founders of the website, a dating site that suggests striking a deal for a romantic encounter. Brandon Wade has a seemingly misogynistic… Read more »

Twitter, Comcast Partnernship Brings The ‘See It’ Button This Fall

Twitter, Comcast, NBC Universal deal brings "See it" button this fall

Twitter, Comcast, and NBC Universal are bringing users the “See It” button later this fall, Comcast announced on Wednesday. The groundbreaking partnership will allow users to watch live streams on smartphones or tablets just by tapping on the button which will be embedded in certain tweets, effectively turning users phones into a remote. The feature… Read more »

William John Swainson Gets a Google Doodle On 224th Birthday [Images]

William John Swainson gets a Google doodle for his 224th birthday.

William John Swainson is honored with a Google Doodle today, on the anniversary of his 224th birthday. The British ornithologist was known for the quality of his illustrations after becoming the first Englishman to publish works of natural history on birds and shells. In case you’re wondering, ornithology is a branch of zoology that focuses… Read more »

George Takei YouTube Channel ‘TakeisTake’ Has Begun [Video]

George Takei YouTube channel 'TakeiTakes' launches

The new George Takei YouTube channel has been launched. It’s called TakeisTake, and it’s basically the video equivalent of what you might expect from the Star Trek alumni. In the first episode of George Takei‘s new YouTube channel, Takei takes on Google Glass and even features some interesting cameos such as iJustine and Lamarr Wilson…. Read more »

Selfie Time! Pope Is Dope Posing At Vatican Crib

selfie pope francis

Pope Francis paused for his first selfie this week at a Vatican event. The Pope’s selfie wasn’t actually taken by the new recruit best known for his humble leanings and regard for the common man. But for all intents and purposes, His Holiness posed for one with a small group of teens in the seat… Read more »

New Virus Uses Facebook To Steal Passwords, 800,000 Users Affected

Facebook virus affects 800,000 Google Chrome and Firefox users

If you are a Facebook user, this information might be of interest to you. A new virus is hitting users, 800,000 of them, by stealing their passwords. According to Italian security investigators, the malware hijacks Facebook accounts and also users browsers. The researchers found that the virus appears as a link in your email or… Read more »

Why RIP Neil Armstrong Is Trending One Year Later

RIP neil armstrong

Famed astronaut Neil Armstrong died… but back in 2012, so while it’s sad, it’s also not exactly news. And in whichever high esteem we hold Neil Armstrong for his lofty place in history and epic moonwalk, it seems our own memories are so short that we totally forgot he’s been dead for a year and… Read more »

Could Your Facebook Change Your Credit Score?

Could Facebook Affect Credit Scores

With social media, such as Facebook, being so influential in our every day lives, could that mean that who we associate with on these sites can play a role in our credit scores? According to CNN, it definitely could! CNN reported that “a handful of tech start-ups are using social data to determine the risk… Read more »

Angelina Jolie Death Hoax Facebook Scam Warning

Angelina Jolie death hoax

A tasteless Angelina Jolie death hoax reportedly circulated around Facebook on Thursday night. David Emery, who reports on urban legends and hoaxes for, said that the Angelina Jolie death hoax is actually a rogue app that tries to trick Facebook users into allowing it to access their account. The Jolie death hoax looks like… Read more »