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Social Media Posts Can Be Covered By Insurance Policies

Social Media Posts Covered By Insurance

Social media posts have a huge impact on people. In fact, social media is revolutionizing the way humans communicate. On a daily basis, millions of people use social media for personal and business reasons. A countless number of businesses and individuals, including children around the world, belong to a variety of social networks where they… Read more »

Facebook DeepFace AI Learning Your Face In Every Uploaded Photo

Facebook DeepFace AI

Untold amounts of photos are uploaded to Facebook every day. Most of these photos have pictures of you or others in them, and Facebook’s DeepFace AI program is matching these photos with a 97.25 percent accuracy rating. The potentially disturbing fact is that even if you are not tagged in the photos, DeepFace is still… Read more »

Vine Kids: New Video-Sharing App Promises Friendlier Content


The popular video-sharing app Vine has unveiled a kid-friendly version of its software, according to a new report from The Guardian. Known as Vine Kids, the app aims to filter out inappropriate content, making it more suitable for children. The social media tool became the subject of controversy recently when news began to surface of… Read more »

Facebook News Feed Has Gotten Better Thanks To Special Focus Groups

FAcebook News Feed Keeps Getting Better

Facebook’s news feed has always been the social media site’s crowning jewel. This is the function that allows people to stay on the site after they have posted their favorite photos of their kids or commented on their friend’s favorite photos of their kids. Now the Facebook news feed is getting a rather serious overhaul… Read more »

Facebook Amber Alerts May Start Appearing In Your News Feed

Facebook Amber Alerts

If you have a Facebook page, you might start to see Amber Alerts popping up in your news feed in the near future. TIME reports that Facebook will begin publishing Amber Alerts on the news feeds of its users. This type of strategic move will effectively turn the social media platform into an effective tool… Read more »

Mark Zuckerberg Freedom Of Speech Post Prompts Outcry From Banned Groups

Mark Zuckerberg: Freedom of speech. Facebook users: Where?

Mark Zuckerberg’s freedom of speech stance struck many Facebook users as being at odds with their own experiences this weekend. In the wake of the Paris attacks, Zuckerberg posted the following. “A few years ago, an extremist in Pakistan fought to have me sentenced to death because Facebook refused to ban content about Mohammed that… Read more »

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day: #LEAD Hashtag Gets Hijacked

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day hashtag hijacked

Friday, January 9 has been named as Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, or LEAD. However, those who’ve been expressing their displeasure with the way police departments have handled certain cases lately aren’t taking a break from that expression. Instead, they’ve hijacked the hashtag #LEAD that was started for the pro-police campaign, and are using it to… Read more »

Is Facebook Trying To Get You To Friend Your One-Night Stands?

Facebook One Night Stand

Thanks to Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other forms of social media, people are connecting in a way they’ve never connected before. Long lost friends are finding each other after so many years. Family members that live many miles, and many days away from each other are able to catch up. People are even able… Read more »

Teacher’s Letter To Facebook: See One Teacher’s Complaint To Facebook About Her Students’ Risqué Selfies, Letter Goes Viral

Melissa Bour letter to Facebook

Teachers all over the country have admitted that they secretly investigate the social media accounts of their students. One teacher recently admitted that she’s no different from many others, but what she discovered was quite shocking. Apparently, her sixth grade students see no problem or potential danger with uploading risqué photos to Facebook. So, she… Read more »

Twitter Down; Hackers Claim Credit; Phishers Take Advantage

Twitter is down, but doesn't appear to have been hacked.

Twitter has been down to one extent or another tonight for many users. It didn’t take long for scammers and phishers to step up and take advantage of the crash, either. For some users, Twitter seems to be completely down or down on some platforms. Others are just seeing odd glitches — a tweet just… Read more »

Facebook ‘Year In Review': The Popular App Has A Bit Of A Dark Side

Year In Review

The Facebook “Year In Review.” Chances are that you have already seen more than your fair share of these presentations pop up in your recent Facebook feed. On the surface, the Facebook “Year in Review” post is a creative and clever idea that seems appealing to the average Facebook user. Facebook’s Year in Review feature:… Read more »

Spam-mageddon: Instagram Followers Disappear In Purge

Instagram purges all fake followers from its site.

Social media has been going crazy, after Instagram held a purge of all the spam-bots and inactive accounts on its site. People have been taking to Twitter, and other social media sites, lamenting their loss of followers. Many of those people don’t seem to realize that the only followers removed from their accounts are the… Read more »

Mark Zuckerberg Says They Are Thinking About A Dislike Button

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, answered quite a few questions during a Q&A at the company’s headquarters Thursday, but one question piqued the interest of those who still admire Facebook, and that revolved around the idea of a dislike button. While many have lost faith in Facebook, there are still many who use it… Read more »

Andrew Shipp, GoPro Social Media Manager, Shares Great Marketing Tips

Andrew Shipp

Andrew Shipp, the social media manager for GoPro, has been able to master a versatile and creative approach to keeping followers excited and engaged about his content. What many business owners and brand marketers have dreamed of accomplishing with their social media profiles, Andrew Shipp has already been able to accomplish and so much more… Read more »