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Facebook Rainbow Filter: Another Psychological Test?

Facebook Experiment

Facebook’s rainbow filter tool allows users to add some color to their profile photo, and display their support for LGBT rights. Although more than 26 million people have used the filter, some sources suggest the “Celebrate Pride” tool is part of a social experiment. It is unclear whether Facebook offered the feature in an attempt… Read more »

Denny’s Turns Hit Rap Song Into Effective Marketing Tool

Denny's flicka da wrist

Denny’s Restaurants might be striving to set a new standard for social media marketing – especially based on the high response rate of one of the company’s most recent tweets. On Tuesday, the South Carolina-based family restaurant chain used a popular rap song as an effective social media marketing tool by slightly tweaking the song’s… Read more »

Sex Abuse Victims Search For Support And Justice On Facebook

Sex Abuse Victim Matt Lauzon

A childhood sex abuse victim turned to social media for justice. Boston entrepreneur Matt Lauzon alleges he was sexually abused at the age of 13 or 14 in Biddeford, Maine. Matt Lauzon, a 30-year-old who founded tech companies Dunwello and Gemvara, claims a local man who lived across the street from the little league baseball… Read more »