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Denny’s Turns Hit Rap Song Into Effective Marketing Tool

Denny's flicka da wrist

Denny’s Restaurants might be striving to set a new standard for social media marketing – especially based on the high response rate of one of the company’s most recent tweets. On Tuesday, the South Carolina-based family restaurant chain used a popular rap song as an effective social media marketing tool by slightly tweaking the song’s… Read more »

Sex Abuse Victims Search For Support And Justice On Facebook

Sex Abuse Victim Matt Lauzon

A childhood sex abuse victim turned to social media for justice. Boston entrepreneur Matt Lauzon alleges he was sexually abused at the age of 13 or 14 in Biddeford, Maine. Matt Lauzon, a 30-year-old who founded tech companies Dunwello and Gemvara, claims a local man who lived across the street from the little league baseball… Read more »

Pinterest Just Entered A Partnership That May Put Facecbook In Jeopardy


The five-year-old social media site, Pinterest, just entered a partnership with Apple. The union is thought to be a threat to many social media sites, mostly Facebook. The first noticeable change to Pinterest was the adding of app pins. Originally on Pinterest, users could only pin photos. Now, users can pin links to individual iOS… Read more »

Good Advice In 4 Words? Viral Hashtag Causes Flood Of Tweets

good advice

Good Advice in 4 Words. As a simple phrase, it seems like the perfect thought to share during an intense trivia game. It might even work very well as a very, very short self-help book. As a viral hashtag on Twitter, however, it was the dynamite that led to a social media explosion on Twitter… Read more »

YouTube Launches #DearMe Campaign For International Women’s Day [Video]

YouTube launches #DearMe for International Women's Day

In honor of International Women’s Day, YouTube launched the #DearMe campaign earlier this week, asking social media users what advice they would give to their younger selves. YouTube enlisted the help of some of its biggest stars, including Michelle Phan, to help kick-start the campaign, and started a Tumblr page on which users could create… Read more »

Mystery Priest Takes Snapchat Confessions Against Catholic Church Rules

Priest Uses Snapchat For Confession

The photo messaging app, Snapchat, is used for many reasons, from innocent conversations to the exchanging of sexy photos. Snapchat is unique in that, once opened, the messages only last a short time, and then disappear. This creates a false sense of security for Snapchat users, leading to the sharing of information that otherwise may… Read more »

Social Media Rejection Really Does Hurt

Social Media Rejection

Social media rejection really does hurt. Most people think being rejected or ignored in person is worse than being unwanted or unnoticed online. However, people can actually feel worse from being rejected online, according to scientific research. In a 2012 study published in Computers in Human Behavior, researchers found being excluded socially hurts the same,… Read more »