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Nintendo Launches Official E3 2013 Website

Nintendo unleashes official E3 2013 website

Nintendo has launched its official E3 2013 website. The first adapter to the next generation of consoles, Nintendo has been suffering with consumer apathy toward their Wii U. Most Nintendo gamers have been sticking with their Wii and 3DS due to seeing no point in owning Nintendo’s latest console. Even an impending price drop wasn’t… Read more »

EA To Make Online Passes For Old Games Free


As if the recent news that Electronic Arts would be dropping Online Pass requirements for its future titles wasn’t surprising enough on its own, EA today confirmed that it will be discontinuing Online Passes for older titles as well. In other words, buying a used EA game – or borrowing one – from here on… Read more »

‘The Last Of Us’ Season Pass Details Revealed

'The Last of Us' Season Pass benefits revealed

Season Pass details for The Last of Us have been revealed. The Last of Us is a game about a man who made a promise to get a teenage girl away from the totalitarian state laws governing a shelter after the zombie apocalypse wipes out most of the US. Joel is the protagonist who leads… Read more »

‘Project Titan': Blizzard Making Big Changes

Blizzard makes big changes to 'Project Titan'

Blizzard has confirmed that its “Project Titan” is undergoing major changes. The mainly PC developer Blizzard is known for its top-down MMORPG and real-time strategy titles. A few years ago, you could barely go online without hearing about World of Warcraft, Blizzard’s magnum opus in the MMORPG world. Diablo has turned heads itself, mostly due… Read more »

Xbox One Will Reportedly Be Region-Locked

Xbox One unveiling

Hopefully you weren’t counting on the Xbox One to be region free, because Microsoft has reportedly confirmed that their next console will be following in its predecessor’s footsteps, and will also be region-locked. The news comes by way of a report from Digital Trends, who claims that a Microsoft representative confirmed that the Xbox One… Read more »

‘Planetary Annihilation’ To Enter Alpha Phase Next Week


Planetary Annihilation, the crowd-funded RTS from Uber Entertainment inspired by RTS classic Total Annihilation, will soon be entering into its alpha phase, the developer recently announced over on its Kickstarter page. If you’re an early backer who threw down $90 or more, that means you’ll soon get the chance to see for yourselves what the… Read more »

Xbox One: Microsoft May Be Lying About Its Cloud

Xbox One cloud may be just a big lie says Jonathan Blow

Microsoft may be lying about its Xbox One “cloud.” The Xbox One manufacturer has been going on and on about its cloud and the “infinite power” therein. The developer behind Braid and The Witness begs to differ. According to Microsoft, the Xbox One cloud is supposed to make for enhanced, superior games and Jonathan Blow… Read more »

‘Destiny’ PC Port Hasn’t Been Ruled Out, Bungie Says


During the big Xbox One reveal we found out that Destiny, Bungie’s all-new shooter franchise, is also coming to Microsoft’s latest console, and that wasn’t exactly a big surprise. What is somewhat of a surprise, however, is that a PC version of Destiny hasn’t been ruled out. In an interview with IGN, Bungie senior writer… Read more »

Xbox One: Microsoft Partners With Sky For TV

Xbox One has Microsoft partnering with Sky for TV subscriptions

Microsoft is partnering with Sky to bring TV subscriptions to Xbox One. One thing we heard a lot at the Xbox One reveal this week was plans to make the console a TV streaming device, and, up until now, we didn’t know how that was going to happen. Apparently at the time, neither did Microsoft…. Read more »

Xbox One May Have Sold Wii U Better Than Nintendo

Xbox One does more to sell Wii U than Nintendo

Xbox One may have done more to sell Wii U than anything Nintendo has done. The Xbox One reveal opened a lot of eyes and turned some heads. Unfortunately for Microsoft, some gamers are turning their attention to the Wii U after some details were released and questions were left unanswered. As we know already,… Read more »

Xbox One Kinect Is Awesome

Xbox One Kinect is amazing

Xbox One got one thing right at the reveal yesterday. The Kinect is awesome. At Microsoft’s reveal event yesterday, one feature of the Xbox One gained an almost universally positive response. The Kinect, although mandatory for the Xbox One, is amazing. Kinect used to be just some gimmick that Microsoft made for the Xbox 360… Read more »