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Star Wars; The Old Republic Reveals Future Plans At E3


The E3 audience rippled with excitement on June 4, 2012, when Bioware co-founder, Dr. Ray Muzyka, revealed his company’s plans for Star Wars; The Old Republic (SW; TOR). Hoping to regain the initial enthusiasm that led to a record breaking one million subscribers for the game’s debut in December, 2011, the folks at Bioware have… Read more »

E3 2012: Microsoft Shows First Halo 4 Campaign Footage


To kick off its E3 2012 press conference, Microsoft showed off one of its most, if not the most hotly anticipated titles of the year: 343 Industries’ Halo 4. Microsoft’s press conference kicked off with a live action trailer for Halo 4, which neatly transitioned straight into our first glimpse at Halo 4‘s singleplayer campaign…. Read more »

Dota 2 Confirmed To Be Free To Play, Dota Store Launched


it was expected that Valve would be launching Dota 2 as a free to play game, but now it’s official: Valve confirmed that Dota 2 will be free to play, and now we can get an idea of what sort of microtransactions we can expect to see at launch. Rather than following in the footsteps… Read more »

Amazon Instant Video Now Available To Xbox Live Gold-Level Subscribers

Amazon Instant Streaming - Xbox 360

Amazon on Tuesday released the Amazon Instant Video streaming media platform for Xbox Live gold-level subscribers. Using the system gamers now have access to more than 17,000 streaming videos that can be watched on Microsoft’s console. To use the system customers must subscribe to the premium Xbox service and they must be an Amazon Prime… Read more »

Max Payne 3 PC Specs Revealed


You may have to wait a few extra days for Max Payne 3 to make its debut on the PC platform, but in the meantime you can at least get an idea of how well the game will run on your PC thanks to the newly-revealed PC specs. Judging from PC World’s interview (via VG247)… Read more »

New Wii U Controller Spotted On Twitter, Quickly Removed [Pic]

Wii U Controller Redesign

Nintendo’s Wii U is expected to reach retail locations in time for the holiday shopping season, perhaps even by summer or fall and in the meantime it looks as if Nintendo may have slightly altered the final Wii U console controller that will ultimately be sold with the company’s new console. Nintendo is expected to… Read more »

Halo 4 Limited Edition Revealed Along With New Multiplayer Info


The big Halo 4 announcements are undoubtedly reserved for this year’s E3, but Microsoft was willing to throw Halo fans a bone today by detailing the Halo 4 Limited Edition and dropping a few additional details on the game’s multiplayer. The Halo 4 Limited Edition will run you $99 and includes quite a lot of… Read more »

Diablo III Gets Off To A Rocky Start


Last night at 12 a.m. pacific, Diablo III was finally unleashed in North America after over a decade since the release of its predecessor–and, just as about everyone predicted, the launch wasn’t exactly smooth sailing for Blizzard. Diablo III fans across all regions–Asia, Europe and the Americas–were struck with all sorts of errors, from the… Read more »

The Hottest MMORPGS To Play This Summer – Aion


There are so many MMORPGS to choose from that deciding which games to play this summer can be difficult and confusing. To help our readers sort through all the clutter and make the choice a bit easier, we decided to share our picks for the very best online games. This week we will begin with… Read more »

Blizzard Entertainment And Valve Settle “Dota” Trademark Lawsuit

Defense Of The Ancients Trademark Lawsuit

Valve Software and Blizzard Entertainment have settled a lawsuit over the ‘Dota’ label. Under terms of the agreement the Defense of the Ancients name will be used by both company’s in different ways. For example Valve will be able to use toe ‘Dota’ label on a commercial level for products such as the upcoming action… Read more »

Assassin’s Creed III: First Gameplay Footage Released


Ubisoft promised that we’d get to see the first Assassin’s Creed III gameplay footage if the publisher received enough “Likes” on its Facebook page, and now the publisher has made good on its promise. Yesterday, Ubisoft finally released our first taste of Assassin’s Creed III gameplay, and there’s a whole lot to take in. The… Read more »

The Hottest MMORPGS To Play This Summer – Tera


Today we will be revealing the third of our selections for the hottest MMORPGS to play this summer; Tera. Out of the many games to choose from, this brand new MMORPG from South Korea’s BlueHole Studios offers gamers something completely new and different. Tera has introduced the most innovative and unique combat system ever seen… Read more »

Angry Birds Franchise Tops One Billion Downloads


You probably don’t need anyone to tell you that the Angry Birds franchise is a monumental success–chances are, you know of at least one person who has played it at some point–but these numbers may still surprise you. Just a few days after Rovio reported an 800 million download count for the Angry Birds franchise,… Read more »

BioShock Infinite Delayed Into Early Next Year


I hope you weren’t counting on playing BioShock Infinite at any point this year. If so, you’re about to be disappointed. 2K Games sent word today, directly from creative director Ken Levine, that BioShock Infinite will be missing its intended October release date. Instead, BioShock Infinite will now release on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox… Read more »

The Hottest MMORPGS To Play This Summer – WOW Mists Of Pandaria


April showers have ended, May is in full bloom and warmer days are rapidly approaching. While the summer is all about school vacation, sports, picnics and fun at the beach, it also provides many of us with extra time to enjoy our favorite online games. Players and fans of MMORPGS (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game)… Read more »

Spec Ops: The Line Demo Out Now On PSN, XBL


Spec Ops: The Line is scheduled to hit PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 late next month, but publisher 2K Games is giving you the chance to try out the singleplayer portion of the game early by way of a Spec Ops: The Line demo, which is out now on PSN and XBL. For Xbox… Read more »