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The Inquisitr Gaming MMO Update For January 2013

January 2013 MMO Update

The new year has arrived and online gamers are once again faced with the dilemma of which MMOS to play. There are so many great games to choose from and whittling down the list can be a difficult and painful decision. Players must decide if they will focus on just one game or play several… Read more »

THQ Sale Denied As More Potential Investors Line Up


When troubled publisher THQ announced that it was filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy late last year, the company stood to get off relatively easy if the “stalking horse” bid from private equity firm Clearlake Capital Group was allowed to go through. Unfortunately for THQ, it won’t. Yesterday, we reported that the companies THQ owes money… Read more »

Sony Patent Looks To Block Used Games On Future Consoles

Playstation 4

The publication of a recent patent application suggests that Sony is looking to block people from playing used games on upcoming consoles. Rumors that game companies are looking for a way to crack down on second-hand games is nothing new. However, this tech patent application suggests Sony is taking steps to prevent people from playing… Read more »

Microsoft Offering Compensation For Xbox Live Cloud Save Outage


Over the weekend, many of you likely fired up your Xbox 360 and put in your game of choice only to find out that Microsoft’s Cloud Save feature wasn’t working. For at least some of you, that meant you couldn’t access your save at all. Reports of errors when trying to access save files stored… Read more »

‘Tomb Raider’ Multiplayer Confirmed, Details Coming Soon


A day after Christmas, a listing from UK retailer GAME surfaced on the ‘net, claiming that Crystal Dynamics’ Tomb Raider reboot would include some form of multiplayer mode. Surprisingly, it turned out to be true. In an attempt to put speculation to rest, Crystal Dynamics global brand director Karl Stewart confirmed that Tomb Raider will,… Read more »

‘Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’ Releases New Dungeon Video


Japanese game developer Square Enix is continuing the struggle to salvage a quality MMORPG from the disappointing mess that was Final Fantasy 14. In an effort to regain the confidence of the loyal audience that played Final Fantasy games for decades, the company is hard at work on Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn. The… Read more »

‘Medal Of Honor: Warfighter’ Website Removes Gun Store Links

Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts (EA) has reportedly removed all links to gun shops from the official Medal of Honor: Warfighter website. Although logos and descriptions associated with the weaponry remain, the links are no longer working. BBC News explains the decision to remove the content from the EA website was likely a response to the National Rifle… Read more »

‘Dead Space 3’ Demo Coming To Xbox Live, PlayStation Network Next Month


Considering that Dead Space 3 introduces a number of new gameplay mechanics to the third-person shooter / survival horror franchise, some of you might want to give the game a try before throwing down your hard-earned money when the game releases this February. Starting next month, you can. This morning, Electronic Arts and developer Visceral… Read more »

Gamers End Of The World Confessions: Ooops, We Are Still Here

Gamers Share Their Misdeeds Before The World Ends

Thanks to our good friends at Kotaku and writer Patricia Hernandez, we thought you might enjoy the end of the world confessions from gamers around the planet. Fortunately, the world did not end on Friday, and we can continue to play our favorite games. However, the folks who posted their final confessions might wish they… Read more »

‘BioShock Infinite’ Won’t Use Games For Windows Live, SecuROM


The first two BioShock games received PC ports that were, at best, unremarkable. At their worst, they were downright broken and/or lacking in essential features. Fortunately, 2K and developer Irrational Games don’t plan on allowing that to happen again with BioShock Infinite. In a recent “Ask Me Anything” thread on Reddit, lead developer Ken Levine… Read more »