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Sony PS4 Event In Animated Parody [Video]

Sony PS4 Console Mocked In Animated Video

Next Media Animation, a Taiwanese animation studio, has released an animated video mocking the Sony PS4 event. Sony made its next-generation console announcement at a press event in New York on Wednesday, but the PlayStation 4 console wasn’t revealed, something which left many consumers disappointed. The Inquisitr published an article regarding Sony’s delayed unveiling in… Read more »

PlayStation 4 Unveiled: Gamers Disappointed By Sony Plans

PlayStation 4 Unveiled: Gamers Disappointed By Sony Plans

The PlayStation 4 was unveiled at the PlayStation Meeting yesterday evening. Many PS4 rumors were confirmed including the higher-powered graphics processing specifications, although some surprises were in store. But many critics and gamers were disappointed in Sony’s plans for the PlayStation 4. UPI claims that “many watchers were disappointed. Critics agreed that the graphics on… Read more »

Sony Playstation 4 Rumor Round-Up

Sony PlayStation 4 Rumors

The Sony Playstation 4 is expected to be announced on February 20, 2013. In anticipation of that release, we have collected some of the most widely spread rumors pertaining to the devices features, pricing, release date, and more. Sony will show off its new gaming console at 5pm Central time via Sony Playstation 4… Read more »

Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation Wins National Writing Award

Assasins Creed 3 Liberation Writing Award

Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation released to moderate reviews thanks to its breathtaking imagery, a decent but sometimes inconsistent gameplay engine, and fairly addictive storyline. Despite some shortcomings, the game is also apparently well writte,n according to the Writers Guild of America (WGA). Assassin’s Creed 3 was awarded this week with the “Outstanding Achievement in Video… Read more »

Final Fantasy Remake For Vita Resurfaces


Sony and Square Enix released video of their latest Final Fantasy remake earlier today. The remake of Final Fantasy X was originally announced at the Tokyo Game Show in 2011, and little evidence of the title’s development has surfaced until now. According to Famitsu, this video was unveiled at the Vita Heaven event that took… Read more »

Playstation 4 Controller: Yet Another Prototype Revealed [Photo]

PS4 Controller Prototype Photo

Playstation 4 controller prototypes are becoming a daily occurrence. Yesterday our very own David Cornell revealed a leaked prototype with a new topside touchpad, and today we have another new PS4 controller to report. Spotted by a forum user at GameTrailers, the new controller features a similar topside trackpad while adding what appears to be… Read more »

‘Animal Crossing: New Leaf’ Gets June Release Date

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo has announced that Animal Crossing: New Leaf will be released for the Nintendo 3DS this summer. The latest installment in the beloved franchise has been available in Japan since late last year. According to Joystiq, the company finally dropped dates for the game’s release in the United States and the UK. Animal Crossing: New… Read more »

PlayStation 4: Prototype Controller Revealed [Picture]

PlayStation 4 prototype controller revealed

The PlayStation 4 prototype controller has been revealed, confirming the touchpad interface among other updates. There’s a lot of things on the controller that ring of familiarity as well as some new and interesting features. The directional pad on the left, for one, seems to showcase bigger buttons that sit closer together than those on… Read more »

Xbox 360: Microsoft Founder Comments On Last Five Years

Microsoft Xbox 360 founder says last five years were painful to watch

A Microsoft founder has commented on the last five years of the Xbox 360. Nat Brown, a Microsoft engineer, helped start the Xbox project and says he named the console, and he has reprimanded the company’s current direction. Brown said the last five years of Xbox 360 have been “painful to watch.” According to IGN,… Read more »

EA Announces Freemium ‘Tetris Blitz’ Game For iOS, Android

Tetris Blitz Freemium Game From EA

EA on Wednesday announced Tetris Blitz, the first ever freemium Tetris game to reach the open market. Tetris Blitz puts a new spin on an old favorite. According to Electronic Arts: “This lightning-fast, “Blitz”-style game challenges players to race against the clock and contains fresh new features and stunning visuals for the ultimate Tetris experience…. Read more »

Valve Fires Two Dozen Android, Hardware Staffers

Valve Layoffs

Gaming company Valve has fired several dozen employees from its Android and hardware divisions. While an initial report from Gamasutra claimed “several” employees had been terminated, new reports are suggesting upwards of 25 employees were given the boot. A tweet from hardware designer Jeri Ellsworth confirmed the layoffs with a simple note: “Yup. Got fired… Read more »