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‘Ultra Street Fighter IV’ Announced, Trailer Released [Video]

'Ultra Street Fighter IV' lands release trailer

Ultra Street Fighter IV has been announced, and the trailer released! What for some is the best fighting game released in a long time is getting not only a physical copy and a DLC update for existing versions, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, but also five new characters and six new stages to brawl… Read more »

‘Killer Instinct': Glacius Shown Off For The First Time At EVO 2013


When Killer Instinct was first revealed at E3 last month, the only two characters on display were series staples Jago and Sabrewulf – but at EVO 2013 this weekend, developer Double Helix pulled back the curtains on Glacius, another fan favorite from the classic fighting game franchise. Over the weekend, EVO 2013 attendes have been… Read more »

‘Rabbids’ TV Show Stars Infamous Video Game Characters

'Rabbids' TV show features video game characters

A new Rabbids TV show is set to star those loveable video game characters that Rayman introduced. It looks like the “raving” Rabbids are coming back, even before the TV show was announced. If you’ve seen Despicable Me 2, you noticed that when the Minions were turned into purple monsters, they acted a lot like… Read more »

‘Jeopardy’ ‘Zelda’ Question: Answers Rejected [Video]

'Jeopardy' 'Zelda' question rejected

A Jeopardy Zelda question’s answers were rejected and broke many a heart! The Final Jeopardy question: “The title Princess of this game, which launched a best-selling franchise, was named for F.Scott Fitzgerald’s wife.” Two of the three answers given were the name of the Princess, but not the title of the franchise, ending in them… Read more »

Xbox One: Some Removed Features May Be Coming Back – Eventually


Some of the features that were removed from the Xbox One following Microsoft’s policy reversal may be coming back at some point in the future which, for those gamers angry enough over their removal to start a petition, we imagine should be good news. In an interview with IGN (via VG247), Xbox One chief product… Read more »

‘Pokemon X And Y': Evil Team, Legendary Monster Details Revealed

'Pokemon X and Y' evil team and Legendary Pokemon details revealed

New details surrounding Pokemon X and Y have been revealed for the evil team and Legendary Pokemon! It’s that time again. It’s time to break out your Pokeballs and catch all of the new info surrounding the 3DS’ upcoming killer title Pokemon X and Y! In previous reveals here on The Inquisitr, we revealed the… Read more »

‘Minecraft’ Developer Hit With Cease-And-Desist Order Over Community’s Use Of ‘Putt-Putt’ Name


Mojang, developers of the wildly popular sandbox game Minecraft, have apparently been hit with a cease-and-desist order from mini-golf franchise owner Putt-Putt over the use of the company’s brand in Minecraft. The problem is, the order is referencing community-created content. Minecraft creator and Mojang’s own Markus “Notch” Persson posted an image the cease-and-desist letter on… Read more »

The Fighting Game Genre: Entering The Third Dimension And Beyond

The fighting game genre enters the third dimension and beyond

Here is how the fighting game genre entered the third dimension … and beyond! Fighting games had a hayday in the days of the arcades, but the popularity of the genre began to fade as consoles took over and gave other genres a spotlight. The introduction of the Xbox and the PlayStation made 3D gaming… Read more »

Fighting Games: A Brief History Of The Genre

A brief history of the fighting game genre

Here’s a brief history of the fighting games genre. Fighting games weren’t always a popular genre, as the first game of the type was Heavyweight Champ in 1976. If you don’t remember it, it’s probably because it wasn’t that great of a game. It wasn’t until almost 20 years later that Capcom take the concept… Read more »

Ryan Davis, Video Game Journalist, Dies Mysteriously At 34

ryan davis cause of death

Ryan Davis, a media personality in the gaming vertical, has sadly passed away at the age of 34 — though a cause of death for the young journalist has not been released. The death of Ryan Davis was confirmed on a site he co-founded, Giant Bomb, by Product Manager Matthew Rorie. Rorie simply said of Davis’… Read more »

‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Gameplay Trailer Arrives Online [Video]

GTA V Trailer

Rockstar has unveiled the first Grand Theft Auto V gameplay trailer. The nearly five-minute video gives fans of the franchise an opportunity to see how the game performs. The clip first introduces prospective players to the world in and around Los Santos. Fans of the series will be able to traverse cities, wilderness, and all… Read more »

‘Saints Row IV’ May Be The Last Game In The ‘Saga’

'Saints Row IV' may be the last game in the 'saga', says Volition

Saints Row IV may be the last game in the “saga.” Some of those who grew up with Saints Row games are probably sick of the direction the series took last time, as it was initially about rival gangs. Now it’s become a game about the President in virtual reality fighting anal probes. The sheer… Read more »